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So, why was Sanae labeled a slut?
It's not just here, there's an unusually high number of doujins of her acting like a complete and utter whore.
Not that the others don't have art doing the same, but Sanae's ratio is too high.

So, where did this start?

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Something about red light districts, interviews, human world and a lawn gnome

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holy HELL for some reason that picture makes me feel like cunt punting a bitch

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>high number of doujins

There, who else would pose in such lewd fictions but a slut?

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Her living ancestor had 50 children and ate over a thousand dicks.


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The epic wars between the Sakuyafags and Sanaefags continue... Sakuyafags call sanae a Slutto, Sanaefags call Sakuya a Paddo.

And everyone calls Aya a major slut because she has two games.

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>Kochiya Sanae sux

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What about Youmu?

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I dunno. I don't want a stage five boss war because I love them all.

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>Kochiya !SAnaeIsuxU
>Kochiya Sanae I Sux U

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There are various reasons.

One of them and the most known was the fact that ZUN said that Sanae may have had a number of boyfriends in the real world, the other being her ancestor being known to be the only Touhou who is confirmed to not be a virgin. Also one popular doujin which I can't remember right now mentioned the phrase ''Sanae is a good girl''.

Of course, it's all a joke, but those who are fans of Sanae take it dead serious for some reason, despite it being said time and again that it's made to troll them.

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Training hard to beat Sanae.

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>and a lawn gnome
...uh, what

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Right before the events of MoF she was still living in real life Japan.
And no rl girl would still be a virgin by age 17.

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So many doujins around me

I want to be in it all

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You know, it's not the first time this image had been posted, but it is the first time I've realized I don't have that one just below the Shubesuta doujinshi in the front left.

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Don't like.. Shrine maidens lose their power when they get their hymen torn?

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Sakuya is a much better character, she's also surrounded by a much better cast.

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I think Sanae has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that it doesn't work that way.

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>ZUN said that Sanae may have had a number of boyfriends in the real world
Citation? I keep hearing about this.

Not gonna touch the topic of Suwako's virginity. To much trouble.

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Butthurt Sakuyafags.
No, seriously.

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Maybe she regenerates her hymen?

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It better not be the case. I will be disappointed if it's true.

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What's the context behind this picture?

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Sure thing Sanaefag, only one problem, the slut jokes started BEFORE UFO, way back to MoF.

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Training to get in another game.

It worked.

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Sanae's trying to fit in to Gensokyo, so she's hanging out with Reimu and Marisa, who are tricking her into doing weird stuff for their amusement.

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Don't attempt somersaults on asphalt.

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Prove it.

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For some reason I now see Sanae charging up some sort of super destructive kick.

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Oh those silly Gensokyoans and their weird habits

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That looks like Aya.

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>Hong Meiling pasting Sanae slutty doujins
>it didn't fit one post

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And now I'm seeing her launching said kick, only to trip and fall flat on her face.

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What a lewd position, any healthy young male could charge an attack against her womanly place at any moment, she's too defenseless!

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She'll get it right one day. I believe in her.

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See >>7393225

It's a trap for Slutfags.

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Who are you quoting ?

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>but those who are fans of Sanae take it dead serious for some reason, despite it being said time and again that it's made to troll them.
It's impossible to have a Sanae thread here without it being hijacked by pictures of her being a slut. A joke, I can understand, but it got to the point that she is nothing but a slut.

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She's my slut ;3
I love her regardless

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Fuck off weeaboo. Cry more.

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>A joke, I can understand,

No you don't, you people never do, otherwise you wouldn't complain all the time or parody the whole slut thing. And image dump threads always have meme pictures, like it or not. All you people have to do is ignore the comments, but of course that will never happen seeing as how some people are too sensitive.

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A reference assassin has been dispatched.

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Hope you understand that's the smiley retards use when they feel insecure about what they are going to say. Which means you're probably an insecure little sod in real life. Go cry more in a corner.

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Why's the binding on the right?

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Yes sir, I'm sorry for arguing with you. You know best, so I will not refute. I'm not even a Sanae fan, I was just stating what I saw, by the way. Either way, I'm sorry for being so wrong.

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Can't we all just get along?

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I want to, but not everyone else does. It hurts because both Sakuya and Sanae are in my top three and everyone talks about some silly war.

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I bet those are tears of semen you've saved up!

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So, why is /jp/ trying to force me to like Sanae?

Wny do people actually care that some people dislike her and call her a slut?

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Because the people who don't like her and/or call her a slut won't leave the people who do like her and/or don't call her a slut alone.

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Oops. Unzan's hand slipped.

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so slutty~

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>it didn't fit one post

Analogy much?