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>This is a picture of "Rei" off on a trip.
>She's always flying in the video games.
>The theme is "Be careful of smoking too much tobacco or opium."
>If you've ever done it before, you should stop now.
>Anyway, I wanted to use bright colors for this...

TL;DR: ZUN says: stop doing drugs.

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>implying alcohol is not worse

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It's not better or worse. Both drugs and alcohol are good in moderation, the problem is everyone is a retard and does not know what moderation is. Smoking tobacco is pretty shitty, though. I don't get the appeal.

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That's not the point. He wants alcohol to reign supreme.

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Wait, this isn't Marisa?

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Those hands, those fingers!

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He should seriously let someone else to the character art. He's not a very good artist.

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But then they wouldn't have charm, they would be souless.

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Terrible != charming, unless it's by a child.

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That's just, like, your opinion, man.

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Why exactly? The drawings leave their intended impression and their pose and movement is quite clear. From an artistic perspective, they're not half bad. So, what's your point?

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ZUN art lost its charm in TH13.


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Nah, I'd go with ZUN's drawings.

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The proportions are fucked, and no style isn't an excuse for that when you're trying to use an anim style. What is the intended impression? Disgust? Then I suppose it does it's job. No perspective, no proper foreshortening, again style isn't an excuse for lack of technical skill.

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yeah i find his art terribly bland after after MoF

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ZUN's art remind me of old arcade flyers, for some reason.

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A thread about complaning about ZUN's art?


Surely this is just someone who just learned about Touhou, I hope.

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alphes > TH13 ZUN art (except Yuyuko)

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It IS awful though, why would more experience with the series change that? I've played most of the games, I'm more of a CAVE fan though.

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>The proportions are fucked
They don't have to be perfect to make sense.
>anim style
Herp derp
>No perspective, no proper foreshortening
Herpa derp derp, again they're not needed.

You sound like a person who has eaten way too much stock, corporate waste of imagination and ink.

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Complaining about ZUN's art is like complaining to a midget for being short.

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Art is all in perspective. Just because Person A hates it doesn't make it universally bad. Nor does Person B finding the same drawing charming make it change anything other than their opinion.

The thing is, despite how... unique ZUN's drawing is, his work inspired so much fan related material. So much in fact, that Touhou won a world record.

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>This time I drew a shrine maiden in the middle of training.

>Even though mountains are usually off-limits to females.
So she's training to ease the desire to go there as a last resort.
>Or just training in general, like a shrine maiden does.
>Hmmm, I'm starting to draw more properly. But anyway, I don't really like
doing anime-style coloring so I used a more hand-drawn method.

Oh, ZUN, you god.

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Then what is the point of discussing culture at all? You can't claim it's a style as style is what you develop after technique. Even abstract painters very often have a background in traditional art and have very accomplished technique(well the good ones anyway). I think people are just blinded by their worship of the series and ZUN or are just used to it because I can see no other reason anyone would like his shitty art. He could probably get a fan to do the art for him for free.

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Your idea of art is outdated.

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So if you didn't know about/weren't a fan of Touhou/ZUN and you found these drawings on some random deviantart you wouldn't think "Oh these are pretty terrible"?

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Maybe YOU'RE the one blinded by the generic anime type art.

I personally love his art, and it's not just because I like ZUN or his games. His art is unique. There's a nostalgic charm to it of an innocent (or not so innocent?) little girl. As he said it himself, "If I drew like the professionals, they would loose their sense of charm. Besides, don't you find such things adorable?"
I know I do. And the fact that he made a new trend with his type of art proves that it's quality work and other people like it too.Your opinion is wrong.

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Culture, from what I have been taught, is primarily talked about through the expressions of opinions and feelings. You can be inspired by the simplistic aspects, or learn from the more complex.

ZUN's art style is infact a style. While it may not have everyone praising it, it does have a lot of mimics. Does that constitute the artwork being a style? Maybe, maybe not.

I like ZUN's work in general because he shows devotion towards his series. The fact that Touhou series is the work of one man and receives this much attention is amazing.

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But we're not discussing culture at all, nor do we want to.

>I think

There's your problem, opinions. Now realize people have different opinions and stop complaining, you sound like someone from /k/.

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>drugs ... are good in moderation
No. Only as medicine for illnesses/pain relief, and none of these "medicinal marijuana" or medicinal whatever bullshit excuses.

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Who says he doesn't have technique?
From what I see, it looks like he puts in quite a bit of effort into it. It's all hand-drawn, too. And the expressive tones he uses with the colors are amazing!
Stop belittling his art so much just because you can't appreciate it.

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Too biased against deviantart to judge. But if I saw them stand-alone, yeah, I would appreciate them. There is a lot of art that works even though it doesn't give a "proper" impression of what it depicts.

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I don't particularily enjoy factory-made-magical-girl anime art style either that is technical proficiency without style or originality. But there should be some modicum of proficiency involved when creating art even if it's simplistic or nonfigurative. I even feel the games would be improved if they WERE made by someone unoriginal but technically proficient as game art generally is function before form. Obviouslt function AND form would be the best option but this is just function nor form.

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Ok, you said that's what you think, why are you still complaining? Why are you still posting?

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Why do I give a fuck what zun thinks, the only reason I buy his shit is so that he will keep supplying the fans with characters to bastardize and eroticize.

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Really? I get the feeling he doesn't works at all in his drawings. Most of the worse mistakes on it could easily be fixed by paying attention or redoing the drawing a bit again and again.

I got more the feeling that he just does a sketch and then paints, no working hard on them. That's why I can't love his art at all, it feels lazy to me, not because it's badly done.

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1)ZUN's art is accepted by fans?
a) yes
b) no


Goal achieved.

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On the topic of ZUN art...
What's /jp/s verdict on TH13's art? I think it looks bland and uninspired, especially the playable character art.

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Seems sterile to me.

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>I even feel the games would be improved if they WERE made by someone unoriginal but technically proficient as game art generally is function before form.
If that happened, nobody would have noticed the games. I'm not sure if I'm repeating what you said, but ZUN art already is function before form. If ZUN was going for the stereotypical anime style, he would have gone for form before function, meaning he would have chosen something more appealing to the average eye. Yet, this almost looks like placeholder art. However, that is what makes it work, it gains significance through its functionality alone. It doesn't attempt to appeal to you, and yet that's what is so appealing about it.

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I like Yuyuko's art. The rest of the characters feel under par overall.

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Because I was under the impression that a board was for discussion and conversation not a hivemind jerking eachother off. If you just plainly state OPINIONS=!FACTS there's no point in discussing anything.

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Stop trying to demand to see that generic work in his style. He doesn't like it and he won't do it that way, and that will never change.
You're looking for the wrong things in his style. You need to stop looking at things like shading, foreshortening, perhaps anatomy, lightning and perspective. What you should focus on to appreciate his type of art is color, suggested theme, and originality. As well as other things such as the unique dress and clothes he uses as well as the background, stroke pattern, and shape. There is no 'spotlight' you'd normally find in generic anime, where you look at one aspect and ignore almost everything else.

And there is no "right opinion". Your opinion is no better than mine, because it's still just an opinion. That being said, if you're so closed-minded that you can't even remotely enjoy this fine piece, you don't deserve to.

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Yuyuko is pretty good.

Also, slightly unrelated, I downloaded the image rips and the facial expressions aren't on the faces, they are completely separate files. The picture I am posting with is Yuyuko.

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Also here is Youmu.

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But you can't have a ''true opinion'' on the topic of the quality of someone's art, that's just personal preferences and you can't force yours unto others, that's just being an arrogant cunt.

Look what happened with Seihou, ZUN made someone else do the generic Anime artstyle and it looked like an absolutely monotonous crap.

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Make your own Futaba reaction faces! Oh god no.

By the way, hasn't the fact that even though ZUN's art may suck, he's a good character designer been accepted by everyone already? You don't get billions of fanart by making characters like Amanita Sanchez, after all. or do you
By the way, I really really like his UFO art, and not on a so bad it's good way.

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Continuing from >>7388199

Also, you seem to think that something that is "lazy" or "badly drawn" is bad in itself.
Is caveman art bad? What about ancient tribal art? Neither are meant to be elaborate or proportionate, yet both are significant aspects of art. Thing is, both were made to serve a certain purpose, not just FOR THE ARTZ. Function is not negligible in art, in fact it can be one of its main elements or even provide art. ZUNart is loved exactly because it serves the function of being in the games.

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Why is Stage 5 Nazrin so cute? I swear, this is the best piece of art ZUN has ever done, with or without help.

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Lazy and badly drawn IS bad in itself, I doubt most historical art that has been preserved and appreciated was just drawn by some random guy scribbling. It probably held high significance and a lot of effort was probably put into it. The historical aspect is also important and therefore it's not really comparable. I don't particularily mind his art within the games as bullets/backgrounds/effects look pretty decent but to say his art is good is a bit silly to me. Function in my mind when it comes to game art is either incredibly simplistic and without ambition or proficiently made but unoriginal then form could be applied and we would get something like Odin Sphere.

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>Lazy and badly drawn IS bad in itself
That's why I quoted both terms, ZUNart is neither. > I doubt most historical art that has been preserved and appreciated was just drawn by some random guy scribbling. It probably held high significance and a lot of effort was probably put into it.
Just like ZUN puts effort in his own art. His capability might be limited, but the effort is there.
>incredibly simplistic and without ambition
why do you keep thinking these two always have to go together? You really sound like someone who hasn't seen enough non-corporate works.

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You're implying ZUN is lazy and badly drew it, aren't you.
Suppose that he purposely left in those, as you put it, "bad" techniques to serve a purpose and achieve a certain feel to it? I saw him drawing Marisa, and I must say, he's VERY careful as to where and how he puts the strokes.

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I guess his art could be said to be functional, but then focusing on it in itself is a bit silly. What do you mean by non-corporate? I've been to plenty of art museums in many countries. But I guess I'm not that seasoned when it comes to anime/manga art.

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>ZUN says: stop doing drugs.

Why is he so moé?

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>focusing on it in itself is a bit silly
No, it isn't. Nor is it unimportant. If it has any significance, it's worth digging it out. Don't forget that a lot of artistic masterpieces were considered lowbrow before they earned their rightful status.
>I've been to plenty of art museums in many countries.
I'm not questioning that.
>But I guess I'm not that seasoned when it comes to anime/manga art.
Whether we like it or not, anime/manga art, no matter how "corporate" and "non-artsy" it might seem, has become its own school of art. That means a lot of variables of that school are popping up and many more are going to in the future.

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ZUN's style in UFO was cute. I don't like how much it looks in DS/TD.
But that's just my opinion.

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I'm not gonna say you're necessarily wrong but I don't think ZUNs art has enough originality or artistic merit to overcome the lack of worksmanship in it. I chiefly enjoy manga styles because some of them contain astounding technical proficiency I'm not questioning that it has potential as a legitimate art form, even more so than western comic-book styles.
See, one can have differing opinions and discuss them without necessarily conceding one's view or it degenerating into namecalling.

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ZUN makes touhou for his own amusement.

He likes making the art in his games, why would anyone want him to stop?

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because really, all touhou is to ZUN is a hobby

if he were banking off of the series he'd have quit his day job by now

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I'm sure every major game company has already been up his ass to buy the rights from him.

I don't see him selling out any time soon, do you?

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I see what you're trying to say. Still, I think that the different style he has developed is compensating for that very "lack of worksmanship", as you call it, in the generic anime style. Essentially, the whole style is driven by that limited technical proficiency or lack thereof. I think that just the fact that he has shifted from the flow, yet the turn he has taken still works (that is, people still like it) adds a lot to it. And I'm sure if you give it some time, you'll see what I'm getting at. This is kind of a harsh beauty, you really have to approach it differently to appreciate it.

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Never. He's not even remotely interested in it.
I respect how he treats it.

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I like ZUNs art in general. His works are in some way helping me to stay in good mood.

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>a board was for discussion and conversation not a hivemind jerking eachother off

You were correct, that's why people are discussing with you, instead of jerking you off. Problem?

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I'll take whatever drugs I want, fuck you ZUN.
Smoking makes you cool, and smoking makes you rule.

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Is there not a remote chance that ZUN was just joking a bit?

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Alrighty then. How about this. Someone who thinks ZUN should use someone else's art for the games, give me some that is easily renderable (or already uses a transparent background). I will toss that shit in the game once we get a consensus on what art to use.

Subterranean Animism. Go.

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Er, not transparent.

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whoever drew Immaterial and missing power should be beheaded

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>I think people are just blinded by their worship of the series and ZUN
I get this same feeling.

>Why do I give a fuck what zun thinks, the only reason I buy his shit is so that he will keep supplying the fans with characters to bastardize and eroticize.
And this.

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you fags sound like autists from da

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Stupidest fucking thread on /jp/.

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I can't believe you let this idiot clown troll you so long, /jp/.

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