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What do you guys think of playing a Touhou horror game based off of Amnesia - The Dark Descent? This is something I'm thinking of making.

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Dunno, might be fun.

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I can't play horror games because I don't like to be scared.

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Grimdark Touhous. I'm in.

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looks interesting.
but if you use Reimu as the main character people a going to bitch and complain about not being able to fight back. better us a normal human from the village.

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I am a huge coward. Like, so cowardly that I close my eyes when I think a surprising or potentially frightening scene is about to occur in a movie.

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I'll play it if its good. Perhaps a setting like Fatal Frame would be nice.

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ill play it. but what does the gohei do in amnesia? the lamp?

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How can it be Touhou if you can't shoot? And how do you make fairies and other enemies scary?

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Add jap horror into it. That ring bitch is pretty creepy. Also,

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>And how do you make fairies and other enemies scary?

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>I'm thinking of
Yeah, a lot of people do that, but nevert make anything.

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It might be really cool, but only if the designer resists the urge to use a touhou for a main character

Seriously, grimsokyo can be pretty fucked up

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Thinking about it, playing a fairy would work. They're even smaller than usual and still not that strong.

Actually, here's an idea. You play as one of the Fairy Trio. In total they have the ability to manipulate what is seen, change what is heard, and radar. All together it's pretty fullproof. However what if you were only one of them?

You would choose one of the fairies at the start of the game and your goal would be to rescue the other two from some scary place. As Sunny Milk, you could make yourself invisible as well as things such as doors to misdirect things you're running from, but can hear you.

As Luna Child you could make yourself silent so doing things such as opening doors or moving objects wouldn't attract enemies. To misdirect enemies she would cause distraction noises in areas she wants them to move towards or to just lure out whatever may be waiting to get a good look at it.

As Star Sapphire you would have radar. No stealth capabilities for her, but knowledge of whatever's lurking around.

For a superhard mode you'd play a regular fairy. For a supereasy mode you'd play Cirno.

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There would be a fear meter which when filled would cause your power to not be reliable and just cause you to make a lot more noise overall. When it's filled is pretty much a run run run situation where you need to find a hiding place fast.

Also since Star Sapphire is considered the most sensible and levelheaded of the three she'd lack a fear meter and be able to get away easier than the other two.

I ponder why I'm thinking so much about this idea. It's very unlikely anything will ever be done with it.

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>Thinking about it, playing a fairy would work

No it wouldn't because fairies by definition are immortal. I know, >implying anyone cares about touhou canon and so forth, but come on. There is no fear when you are literally immortal

Just use a random faceless human from the human village. Getting lost in the woods and being stalked by Rumia? Stumbling into Yukari's gap-world? Finding yourself lost and alone in Hakugyokurou? This shit practically writes itself

You just need to make sure the protagonist has every reason to feel powerless and vulnerable. A fairy as a protagonist, while perhaps interesting from a gameplay perspective due to their powers, wouldn't give us the same sense of fear as being a human. Even if you want to argue that save-states make you effectively "immortal" anyway, there's a difference between being ACTUALLY, by-the-canon, immortal, and FEELING immortal due to meta shenanigans

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But that's not true.

Dying hurts, and faeries can die.

Plus the Three Faeries have totally been scared shitless by some of Gensokyo's finest.

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Make a Touhou horror game based off of Demons Souls, then we'll talk.

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I would play it, man.

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A game like that would be going back to the days when humans were hunting and killing Youkai before the Hakurei barrier was created.

If you were to get killed by a Youkai, your soul would return to the Nexus.

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Unfortunately, such a game would have none of the trappings that would make it recognizable as "Touhou." Enemies would need to be lesser youkai, battles would need to be martial, and the protagonist would likely be male (or at least need to possibility to be male).

It could work in the setting of your character being a 'runner' for the/a human village, escorting persons or delivering packages to various parts of Gensokyo. Using some simple magic to bind your soul to a location in the village so you have the ability to die during dangerous transports, you have the leisure to resurrect should death befall you, but not without failing escort missions or needing to collect packages and gear from your corpse. Multiple runners might work together for particularly dangerous missions, but none of the missions would be elimination - those are for the Hakurei to handle.

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I suppose we'll simply have to agree to disagree

It's not like we'll ever see a touhou horror game anyway ;_;

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My favorite kind of Touhous.

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I'm sure it will be as fun as the Touhou Harvest Moon game /jp/ was "making" a few months ago.

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>the protagonist would likely be male (or at least need to possibility to be male).

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Damn, for a second I thought the screenshot was a DooM mod, like that Ghoul Forest one.

Anyway, should a horror game be Touhounified, it probably should be Fatal Frame, you're Aya, you're in the netherworld/haunted house and kill ghosts screamer danmaku with your bullet sucking camera, like in the games.

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When you see it...

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mite b cool

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OP here. My idea of how this would work: I wanted to have Reimu as the main character because I wanted the game to be an alternate version of EOSD. Basically, Remilia lets out the red mist, etc. but then (for specific reasons I'll come up with later) she is transformed into a horrendous monster and basically goes crazy, taking out all the maids and everyone in the mansion. Reimu goes to her mansion to try to stop the red mist, only to find out what happens. So she goes through the mansion, trying to find a way to revert her to her normal self. With the help of Patchy maybe. In the end I also plan to have a cutscene danmaku battle after Remilia is returned to normal. And yeah, I pretty much am making this game at this point, 99% chance this game will be made as I have already made a full game (spanning about an hour gameplay) with this engine.

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Sounds nice Reimu is perfect for this. Cant wait to play Reimu hiding in closets.

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do it OP. i'll play it.

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But one of the things that make a horror game is the element of loneliness, that you're having to face whatever unspeakable horrors alone. Having another character show up as an ally screws it up, unless you decided to rip Amnesia off with the Agrippa thing (though even then, it had switched from scare-scare horror to gore horror)

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Nono, I didn't mean having her with you, the idea was having her notes sprawled around the mansion of her research on Remilia's condition.

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sounds like a good idea

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I think extra stage would work better for this. You know,

>Basically, Remilia goes out to visit Reimu, etc. but then Flandre goes crazy, taking out all the maids and everyone in the mansion. Reimu goes to the mansion because Remi pesters her to do so, only to find out what happens. So she goes through the mansion, trying to find a way to revert her to her normal self. With the help of Patchy maybe.

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I do love the idea of a miko simulator, but don't make it Touhou themed. Just use Japanese folklore. If you use Touhous it's just going to be all fan-gamey and unpleasant. Just no.