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ZUN is such a bad artist, and yet Touhou is so popular.
How is it such a bad artist can get so big?

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seriously what even is this?

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Gameplay and music maybe ?

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ZUN makes people happy!
Look at that pic, doesn't it make you happy?
I love you OP

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That's how.

In other news, dear blog, I replied to a thread on /jp/ today, as is required for all threads, no exceptions.

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how to ZUN
>bad art
>weeaboos everywhere
>repeat until too old

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Hey, don't you be dissin' Keine and her awesome motherfuckin' hat, yah hear?

People can easily over look "bad" art if what's associated with it is awesome, like story, gameplay, and music. This is true for many mediums.

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How to ZUN
>Draw lolis
>Get money

You don't have to be a good artist, just have to use your art/characters effectively. Shittier art than ZUNs gets sold.

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Well at least it doesn't look generic like most other art.

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lolis and an all female cast
also, H doujins

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but OP
that's what artistically gifted fans are for

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ZUN art it's the best art.

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>that's what tracing images is for

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OP is such a bad troll, and yet this thread is so popular.
How is it such a bad troll can get so big?

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by getting fed
take it easy bro

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>/jp/ - Otaku Culture
>1. All things otaku welcome!
>2. Every thread must be replied to.
>3. Every question must be answered seriously.

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that would imply effort on his part
why bother when he can do this shit and still get success :P

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No I'm saying that images is just traced from a real one.

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I'm not a troll.
His art is bad. How can you not deny it?
Yes, touhou is fun and yes, the actual designs are good but it's hard to enjoy the art of someone who's bad at it...

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As if painters didn't use models.

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that's just a niche in the touhou fandom though.

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ZUN should hire another artist to draw sprites like he did for Fairy Wars

who would be your top pick for a new game's artist, /jp/?

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honestly his art isn't that bad, its not great but its good enough
it could be this

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> bad art

I'm so fucking tired of these fucking secondaries

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That isn't him is it? There are so many fans copying his art style today that I can barely tell what is from ZUN or not.

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"I think they're cute. They're unique."
"If I were to draw like the professionals, they would loose their sense of appeal. Don't you find such things adorable?"

Well, I do. And I love them.

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secondaryfag detected

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Tony Taka, Shunya Yamashita, or Inuboshi

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Oh god. You're turning his holy work into semen. Stop it, /jp/. Have you no shame?

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congratulations! you won a cookie (::)

gomennasai if you don't like chocolate chip

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O god just stop now.

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How does that matter? We're talking about art style, not authorship, anything that applies to ZUN's art applies to his followers and vice versa. Especially since you yourself admit you can't tell the difference.

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>not who you replied to

I can tell the difference. ZUN's art in Photoshop is more refined.

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dat gradient fan

How does he come up with such an idea that makes his work shine so elegantly but naturally?

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asian dna

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How can you not think this is cute?

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did ZUN draw that?

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No, he did not.

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This thread reeks of secondaries.

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No, just look at it goddamn it's fucking obvious he didn't.

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Oh god, my heart! It's melting!
I wish he drew more like that.

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Huh. Cute.

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