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Which Touhou's diaper would you change?

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marisa because she is a sweet child and I wouldn't want her to go outside without a fresh nappy on, other than that I think sakuya because she lives a very stressful life and would appreciate a diaper change every once in a while, what about you OP?

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With that face there could be anything under that skirt and I would still hnnnngh.

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They probably smell like a mix of cinnamon and air wick.

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its pretty bad when touhou diaper thread is best thread on /jp/

heres a cute picture of baby Ran. Yukari must have hated changing her since I'm sure the poop got all over her tails as well. She was also probably a baby for a really long time since she has such a long lifespan

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Yes I would :3

I wish I had a diaper

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just look at her big puffy butt

sadly, this was not a porn/diaperlover doujin, she was just wearing a diaper for comedic effect I think

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People only use that smiley when they are insecure. They think a cute smiley will keep the bad humored people away so that they won't have to listen to insults. These are the most evasive people you can see.

Does it matter really? You're probably a loser in real life anyway lol.

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Looking. Looking at hard as I can.

I am not sure if I should fap or hnnng.

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Mama Ran is always so busy all week cooking cleaning and maintaining the border, but one night a month, I like to think that SHE get to pick what SHE does for fun, and that involves Chen, Yukari, and whoever else wants to come to Mayohiga, wearing diapers and letting Ran take care of them...for HER pleasure.

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:) That's quite the statement coming from someone i'v never met before. You can't define loser because it's derogatory. what you say means nothing.

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>You can't define loser because it's derogatory. what you say means nothing


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Kisume. Such a little Touhou must wear them.

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She lives in a bucket of poop.

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adorable baby ran...but shes not baby-sized

no diaper in sight though

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Which shitpost would you report?

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Heres one you don;t see posted much.

I don't understand why Keine would be one to wear a diaper and be babied but whatever its still cute.

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Baby Ran is so cute, even though she has little flipper feet. I think it's weird how shes a baby yet has all her tails.

Maybe she got zapped by one of Nitori's crazy rayguns that turns touhous into babies. That would be a really cute doujin.

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Sometimes when I see fluffy bloomers, I think they are puffy diapers. Just look at that naughty Chen shaking her diaper around.

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Chen panties, or Chen diaper cover?

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This picture still confuses me, and yet I have it saved...

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I imagine Ran being the go-to person in Gensokyo for all the touhous who have the urge to be babied. They call Ran and set up an appointment and they come over to Mayohiga while Yukari and Chen are gone and she diapers them and feeds them and rocks them back and forth to sleep.

In the morning, the touhou leaves, waving goodbye to Ran and thanking her for making them feel loved and stress-free for a single night.

The thing is, Ran is actually the one who feels she should be thanking them, as she is barren, and can never have a real child of her own. Ran's babysitting service is the closest she will ever get to feeling the love of a child.

As the client leaves in the morning and waves goodbye, Ran waves back, and sheds a single tear...

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I'd rather be the one getting changed.