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/jp/ fetish thread? /jp/ fetish thread.

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This is my fetish.

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you have a fetish for /jp/?

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This is my fetish. No, I don't mean girl with black guys, I mean girl dressing and acting like a slut.

Porn sucks since the clothes usually come off(if they even are slutty in the first place) and people start having sex. Ew.

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>X thread? X thread.
this kind of shit is /a/ style posting, get out if you can't form a better opening sentence.

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man, thats not awesome

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/jp/ criticizes the posting styles of /a/ and /v/, even though it constantly uses /a/ and /v/ memes like greentext stories, implying, textless anime screencaps, trollface, mfw, babbies, autism etc?

Smells like hypocrisy to me.

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Except we tell them to get out for that shit too.
Janitor, how did you miss this one on your rampage?

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Other than this stuff you listed is generally frowned upon in /jp/ and aren't commonly used at all.
>textless anime screencaps
And what the hell? Textless screencaps are meme now?

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Yep. Anime screencaps with text, without text, without anime...
Just to be safe, don't post any pictures. Who knows what might be a meme next.

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