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anon-kun! anon-kun!

i want to make marvelous, infinite universes with you.

will you come join me?

I'll start :

"You are infinite possibility in a finite universe; what do you do?"

a) magic exists
b) nothing ever changes
c) ???
d) prophet!
x) genuflect?


everything at the same time?

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endless source of vagina? wouldnt that get boring eventually?

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Please stop making the nonexistant Umineko fanbase look even worse.

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okay how about we create a nice universe for ourselves then...

one with an endless open field...

but what is it filled with?

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some objects would be nice actually; how about we introduce...

a blue moon basking down on the endlessly open field; a silhouette of a significant other too far into the distance to recognise their face (but you know its them anyways); tall grass... short grass? I think the grass should be waving in the wind. Just ever so slightly so that 'their' hair. the other one in our dreams, slowly waves in the wind. yeah... that's cool.

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Could anybody here photoshop a vagina on Beato's VN sprite? Please.

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all you ever wanted was to be with her all along; even just a representation of her for all eternity would be enough to make that universe enough to go on forever. if it's love you're looking for? well you'll never get absolute love from another, only a "representation", asymptomatic between you and every entity in existence? coupled with self-awareness I would call that absurdity at its finest; heaven or hell! LETS ROCK!

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"dear; stop fighting with yourself! you might wake up the other "intelligence" out there and they'll start making a mess of our place again!"

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a) magic exists

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sophia mai waifu, we've gone over this before. I gave up on the perfect wisdom when I realised that everybody else in existence just plain... "didnt give a fuck" so I'm going to ramble to myself for as long as I fucking want and you can either let me die from starvation or force me out of this chair so I'll feed myself. I have much to think about and thought is infinite while time is not!

for fucks sake; when will these people ever learn patience.

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anyways; as we were. Having a jolly good time in our hexagonal room of known center but infinite circumference. Drinking tea and such; contemplating existence and such.

One thing that ticks me off about others is their misinterpretations of the "source". If I had a penny for the amount of times someone has misquoted the bible...

> mfw

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just going to do some thread manipulation here; havent done this much so lets see if i can pull it off...


metathread time!

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i've got it!

i'll have to lay bait to catch the prey

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i say fate is one of the most beautiful concepts that zun has tried to convey to our simple minds.

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Magic exists.
My robe and wizard's hat. They finally have a practical use.

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bow down to iosys; our musical animation overlords.

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lets just watch iosys videos together <3

yeah! that's fun

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let the good times roll

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all hail pictorial representation

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fuck yes techne!

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welp; im off to do something "useful" with my life...

and nothing of value was lost!

"yeah... good riddance he left this horrible place, he was making it a mess"

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Better version

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Magic does not exist.
Everyone died.
Ushiromiya was shit family anyways.
Stolen gold.
Without hobo delusions, Magic does not exist.

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Who thought OP pic was Homura and Madoka?

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I have no idea how you would think that.