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Hey /jp/, do you think that everything that happens to you and around you is subtle impulse to help you decide on going to Gensokyo?

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Maybe. But I'm not completely sure. I'll find my answer in due time.

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No; world is meaningless shifting of particles.

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are you gay?

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But what if Gensokyo wants you to come?

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99.999% of a molecule is made of empty space. Nothing really exist.

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Strange question...

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Yukari trolled me hard with that one.

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Yukari will never dupe you into getting raped by some weird guy ;_;

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That sounds like a blessing to me.

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i think the real answer is that everything that happens to you and around you is subtle impulses representing the fact that you're already in gensokyo...

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...and to wake yourself from that terrible nightmare you are having right now you need to kill yourself...

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how is that a terrible nightmare, that's the most beautiful thing in the world.

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I got attacked by an owl last night.

Nothing subtle about that. But I'm enjoying life enough that I don't wish to end it and even if I did I couldn't because I would miss the end of whatever series I'm currently reading/watching.

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This world (our dream) is terrible and in order to return to Gensokyo (wake up) you need to kill yourself in this terrible dream!

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>They learned to think that dream and reality are the same thing, because of the scholars who thought such a thing, like you.
>They categorized dreams as physiological phenomena, the virtual image made by the brain.
>Reliable objectivity and ultimate truth are outside subjectivity. You say subjectivity is the truth? It's contradictory. The theory is wrong. Evidently, you think it a dream without recognizing the subjectivity.
>Dream and reality are different, so you can make an effort to change dream to reality. That's why kids are able to smile.
>Let's wake up! There's the changeability of strange dream. Change the world of dream to that of reality!

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looks logical to me.

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By owl?

You have to live in some really distant from civilisation place.

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If only it was possible to change my impossible dreams into reality.

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circular reasoning :
kgo! infinite potential!

"believe in me who believes in you"

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I was visiting my friend who lives by a large park.

I was about to get on my bike when I left his house and looked up at the phone lines "Thats a fucking owl holy shit" then it started flying towards my face and I thought there was no way in hell that its coming at me and now I have 6 talon marks around my left eye and a black eye.

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I'd like to think that my dedication in Gensokyo would be evident in how often I play the games and read the doujins.

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that will teach you for trying to fuck with wisdom incarnate.

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one would have to say that action outweigh words any day.

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...but you need to do something more to get your own silly hat...

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but what if his gensokyo doesn't have any silly hats?

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You should trust that trickster rabbit. She spread a lot of lies...

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i don't really know, but they'll never find Yukari (or Gensokyo) by digging up some old graves

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Its not gravedigging if you're looking for bodies.

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touhous cannot into portraits.

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I think we're already in Gensokyo - we just need to escape the rat-race of society and live a simpler and cleaner life, and magic will return to us. That's not to say abandoning technology - who'd wanna do that? - just abandon the bullshit social institutions that are holding us down as a species. Government, religion, classes, status, lifestyle expectations, all need to be thrown into a bonfire so that the flames will light our road to a better way of life - one that has room to breathe and a touch of magic again.
We can make out own Gensokyo, right here, right now. All w need to do is try.

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Yukari thread?

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Oh god YES

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