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Who is your favorite Touhou?

Mine is Chen!

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requesting that one picture where Chen is ballin' everyday and then there are stairs and Ran is all like
>I told you about the stairs, cat!
and then there are more stairs and Chen

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I know you have it

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I cry everytime I see chen without nails

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come on /jp/, just post the picture>>7331432

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do a super search or something

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They're retractable, stop crying.

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there is just something about derpy drawings that get me harder than a rock

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i fap to these kinds of pictures i might add

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The only good thing about this is that most of the people who like this hideous fetish is that they cannot draw, thus it is harder for it to propagate.

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You heard me.

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>hideous fetish
Now now lets not be hypocrites poke fun at other peoples fetishes alright. We all have some abnormalities.

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dude what the fuck

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You guys act like you have never seen something like this before. You really need to stick around more.

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Fuck you. My abnormalities are beautiful.

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Female Link intrigues me. I don't know how it would work, but I would be interested in finding out. It would also make for an interesting game, to mix up every sort of lore associated with the entire series.

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futa minus penis

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That actually surprised me. Although I could probably fap to it anyways.


I like Ike.

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I have always wondered how the Zelda series would have fared if Link was originally female. Back then, I was pleasantly surprised when Samus was a girl in Metroid 1 for NES. A girl Link would have been nice, too.

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OMG. moar please

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There would be infinitely more doujin, considering there's actual character interaction, unlike Samus, who interacts only with overwhelming firepower.

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Shut the fuck up kid.

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Sanae is always nice.

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Coming to you from a tomb world somewhere.

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why are you talking to yourself o_O

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It was a wonderful place, yes.

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Aya is so sexy!

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Mystia has enough nails stuff to cover that for me.
I've been following this guy on pixiv for a long time and he only gets worse as time goes on.

His decent into madness had been great to watch though.

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