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hai /jp, it's been a few months since my Hatsune Miku cosplay, glad to share 2 new photo shoots with you of my Orient Industry Silicone Doll. cosplay'n Yoko from Gurren Lagan and Baiken from Guilty Gear, enjoi!

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These threads are always so much fun. The Miku was better though.

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cant you shave off that line of plastic on her sides?

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Did these cost around 10k USD?

Also do you ever do lewd things to them?

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yes, pic related.

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What's the url to your gallery?
Also did you posted one with your penis in?

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wow, fuck real woman (Not literally!)

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Cum on her face and post pics

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gib monies pls or i repot u.

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link to Miku thread pl0x

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Someday one of these will be mine... someday...

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>Did these cost around 10k USD?

If you're going by the bullshit about how much to spend on a wedding ring, & depending on how much you're earning, a CandyDoll is cheaper than marriage. And she won't cost you more when she decides to divorce you to sleep around.

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gib monies pls or i repot u.

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keep posting, I am in love with this doll
can you share the Miku images? I want to see those panties

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Surely it doesn't take this long to cum on a doll's face.

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I would totally go for this if it came with a family set. I wouldn't care how expensive it is.

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>family set
you mean more than one?

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Ah, what is this feeling? Is this jealousy? Damn, I thought I purged this filthy human sin long ago.

Awesome stuff, OP. Be sure to share with us if you make something else.

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I mean like a mother, father, sister, etc. It would probably cost a shitload though.

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Why would you want a father? Are you gay? I can understand having an adult woman (for your wife) and a daughter or three, but wanting a dude doll? Faggot.

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Fuck you. I want a family and a sex doll.

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Fucking don't jump to the conclusions, anon.
The father doll is actually a crossdressing female doll. Get it?

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I think he wants to NTR the dad

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How about wanting a doll in general? Fucking faggots

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That or he wants to be NTR'd.

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It's kind of odd seing Yoko in such lifeless, sad poses. She's such a dynamic character.

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Hey, are you that black guy from Taboo?

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ever make any videos/photos of you fucking her? I'd like to see that.

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What do you mean sad? She's clearly smiling.

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I want a family where we could eat dinner, watch movies etc I wouldn't have sex with them. I just want the family I never had.

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sorry 4ch was acting up so i went to play starcraft =P
* continuing shoot

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my favorite pic of this cosplay =)

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I would quite literally cum my brains out like punpun with this, I'm jealous.

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that is the freakiest shit i have ever seen. to each his own i guess but...


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Face is a bit too uncanny valley for me.

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so jelly

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I didn't even realize this was a doll until I read the thread. Fucking hell...

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Hi businessman-sama, enjoyed your thread as always.

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Agreed. There's something just a little off putting about them. I wonder what the next generation of these things will bring though.

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Did you fix her nether-regions to look a little more realistic?

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What do they feel like? Is it like humans? Do they have bone structures?

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So where can I buys these? I looked at the wiki and it says they don't export

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yes, her bones are steel titanium, with joints at all the places there should be minus the toes and feet, she feels like.. a squishy silicone sex doll? not sure how to answer that cause it's unique, heating them up with a thermal blanket works wonders to add to the realism.

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meant to say fingers & toes. dur.

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But cold is more kinky.

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baiken cosplay starts now <3

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I have to say I couldn't do this, but this is the only time I've ever looked at a doll thread(admittedly I usually ignore them) and saw something I thought was worth money.

Good purchase, looks like it was money well spent.

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You never put your dick in her mouth motherfucker

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>steel titanium

Kinky dolls paving way for cyborgs. Fucking awesome.

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Too lewd.

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It's too bad the models with an oral orifice don't look as nice as the orient dolls. I really want one I can face fuck.

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Can you at least spoiler them?

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Where did you order this?

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kanojo toys online.

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this is a link to my album with several more pictures for each cosplay. I'll be around for awhile, but responses might be delayed ( watchin gintama )


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Not OP, but the only place I've found that ships to the USA is http://www.kanojotoys.com/shop/ . They go between you and Orient Industries much like any other proxy service.

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Record yourself fucking her, please.
You can pixel your face if you like, I just want to see her being dirty.

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I have always wondered, how do you clean those things?

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If Kanojo Toys isn't compensating you for this, they should. I'm surely not the only person here who's considering a personal loan for a new "fishing boat."

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So after you get one of these things did you start using it exclusively? Do you ever masturbate or use an onahole?

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this is a referral link u can use, it gives me 7% if u buy nething, but i don't rly care either way, i havn't gotten ne money from referrals, just countless hits =P


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<<" So after you get one of these things did you start using it exclusively? Do you ever masturbate or use an onahole? "

you would think that i do... first it was like 4-5x a week, now it's like 2-3x a week, 2D loli's are still a dominant force XD

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>u can use
>if u buy nething
i don't rly care
i havn't gotten ne money

Why do you type like a retard?

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>u can use
>if u buy nething
>i don't rly care
>i havn't gotten ne money

Why do you insist on typing like a retard?

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Go advertise your shop somewhere else shitbag.

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Wait, so my tax money probably paid for this guy's fucktoy?

>> No.7329207

Kanojo Toys seems a bit high for a proxy commission. I wonder if any other proxy services would let you order one of these though them though.

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Amerifat detected.

Enjoy your socialist shithole.

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bwuahahaha, well i do play league of legends.. i see the lines connecting =(

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the fuck am I reading?

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The Truth.

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Don't know if want...

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all autism tax r belong 2 me noaw. buy myself a loli next, k thx.

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Do you ever think of getting a Lala doll?

>> No.7329238

Why did someone put a dildo in tha tdoll then cover it in frosting?

>> No.7329242


'Cause all that war shit and 8 years of Bush did nothing towards the American economy...right....

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nah too cheap for me, i'd go with the candy girl jewel model thou, it's around 10k thou. lala is like 2-3k i think.

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you'll only encourage him

>> No.7329252

Reported for /b/ shit.

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y would you report me for that? are u that butt hurt over a doll?

>> No.7329266

Those aren't as loli though.

I was thinking of getting a Lala as a starter. I'm not sure if I want to spend that much yet.

>> No.7329267

Just reporting rule-breaking content. Also reported you just now for your meme usage.

>> No.7329274


Cheaper than getting married (and before anybody complains about the wedding cost range, if you can afford $10k on a doll, you're probably in the demographic who spends this kind of money on a wedding.)


"On average, US couples spend $24,066 for their wedding. However, the majority of couples spend between $18,050 and $30,083. This does not include cost for a honeymoon or engagement ring."

In my ZIP-code the average cost is $14,304 and $23,840. That's enough for one to two dolls, with no risk of divorce or financial indiscretion from the misses.

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butt-hurt threatened femanon detected.

>> No.7329280

Reported for child pornography.

>> No.7329287

Reported for CP again, through a proxy. (let's see if the mods get pissed enough to do anything)

>> No.7329289

Reported again. So you know, you actually are breaking global rules.

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Who says love dolls aren't otaku related?

>> No.7329297

lololol I'm not even that guy!

>> No.7329299

Did I say you are? Macro image replies are against site rules.

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roflroflrofl, u so mad.

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Reported. There are rule violating post in this thread. Do not bump this thread until they have been removed.

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You can choose between different bust sizes for Candy Girl, A or F

>> No.7329306

I wonder how long it will take the mods to ban this guy.

>> No.7329311

What like being NSFW? No one seems to mind when it's a Touhou thread.

>> No.7329312

Reported for bumping a thread containing post in violation of global rules number 6,7,3, and 5. Do not post in this thread or you WILL be banned.

>> No.7329313

Can we have more doll pics please? More specifically lewd ones?

>> No.7329314

I was under the impression that /jp/edos stuck to (no pun intended) ona holes, hug pillows, and plastic dolls. Actual expensive shit like this is the realm of bitter, married men.

>> No.7329316

Probably this rule. >Do not post the following outside of /b/: Trolls, flames, racism, off-topic replies, uncalled for catchphrases, macro image replies, indecipherable text (example: "lol u tk him 2da bar|?"), anthropomorphic ("furry"), grotesque ("guro"), or loli/shota pornography.

And to a lesser extent >The quality of posts is extremely important to this community. Contributors are encouraged to provide high-quality images and informative comments.

>> No.7329319

I've been using nokosage this whole time you idiot.

Also, you can't threaten to ban anyone, you don't have the power.

>> No.7329322

Reported for ban evasion. Post no longer, miserable curr! Off yo the likes of /b/ and /a/ with ye, where many more relavant to your interest topics are discussed, like middle school. I will report every port you make BTW.

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Are you new here from Gaia? Or are you playing the troll for shits and giggles.

>> No.7329327

anyone who can afford to spent 10k like that definitely doesn't belong to jp

>> No.7329325 [DELETED] 


Don't encourage him to post more non-/jp/ material. Fuckdolls are about as /jp/-related as threads about crossdreessing and onaholes. Neither has any reason to be here.

>> No.7329330

I've never been banned from 4chan...

>> No.7329333


I can get on IRC and tell the mods directly, would you like that? No? Then go back to >>>/v/ and >>>/a/ you retarded little piece of shit. I am tired of seeing your shitposts.

>> No.7329335

I knew this guy wasn't from /jp/. Seems like /a/ still loves to assume people are from Gaia, huh?

>> No.7329338

If you can, why haven't you?

>> No.7329343

Reported for needlessly thread containing low quality posts.

Yeah right, if you haven't then you have probably only been here for a day, what with posts like yours. Or you were on >>>/a/, or >>>/b/, where such low quality is tolerated. You are not welcome on /jp/.

>> No.7329347

I've been here since /jp/'s inception and long before that.

>> No.7329349

It would really suck if one day the guy who owns all this stuff stopped liking Miku.

>> No.7329353

Okay, I was trying to show you some mercy kid, so that maybe you could cut your loses and leave with only a permaban from /jp/, but I know the mods on #4chan, and chat with them often. Prepare to have a permanent global ban you stupid shitposter. You asked for it.

>> No.7329354


There are some /jp/ers who can afford these, it's not like the entire board is broke & NEET. Well, on my salary, I'll have to settle for a Venus 2000 instead.

>> No.7329359

Mods are friends with the likes of you? That's frightening.

>> No.7329361

>It's kind of odd seing Yoko in such lifeless, sad poses
Now she is just like us.

>> No.7329362

Awww, do you think that you are an "old-fag" just because you lurked /b/ in middle school during lunch. /jp/ is totally out of your league you child, don't even bother trying to post here. I'm still connecting to Rizon, so you have a few minutes left on 4chan. Spend them wisely.

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i find it funny that i am OP, and this conversation has carried on without me for the past 30 minutes in the dumbest possible way.

>> No.7329370

Let me fix his post, by bitter married man, he obviously meant bitter, lonely, salaryman

>> No.7329371

You're the one that brought it up, not me.

I could care less how long someone has been on 4chan.

>> No.7329372

This thread is a magnet for NSFW posts. Reported.

>> No.7329373 [DELETED] 


Your thread was not /jp/-related and should not have been created in the first place.

>> No.7329379

Great point, also reported for this reason.

Keep up the good fight.

>> No.7329382


gtfo of /jp/ you hypocritical cunt. We don't need you here.

>> No.7329378 [DELETED] 


Vocaloids and Gurren Lagann is /a/. Sex dolls, whether from Japan or not, are not /jp/ related. You're the source of the stupidity.

>> No.7329385

Wow now you can't even have a thread about sex dolls on /jp/. What the fuck is wrong with this place these days?

>> No.7329390

I can't believe this discussion is actually taking place...

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This thread is utterly fantastic.

Oh /jp/, what will we do with you.

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mfw everybody in this thread (including the dickless wonders abusing the report function) are b&

>> No.7329395

These threads always end in shitstorms. IIRC the last one had a femanon trolling everyone.

>> No.7329400

Reported for contributing to a low quality thread. Enjoy your ban.

>> No.7329406 [DELETED] 


Sex dolls aren't /jp/ material.

>> No.7329409

Take a look at >>7328974

Because things like that are posted and someone on /jp/ will respond to them in a way that makes the original poster feel threatened and retaliate with similar posts (>>7329201, >>7329224, >>7329228, >>7329261, >>7329279 ect) and the cycle continues.

Best way to avoid this is to not shitpost in the first place or ignore it.

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Summer started early.

>> No.7329415

>Sex dolls aren't /jp/ material.
butt mad femanon detected

>> No.7329416

wtf? sex dolls are awesome, fucking reported for being high standard fag

>> No.7329417

It's true they really aren't. I don't mind them being deleted but can't you just let us enjoy the thread in peace while it lasts instead of going buttmad crazy? Just report it and hide thread.

>> No.7329427



>> No.7329435

I never said sex dolls aren't related. Low quality and trolling posts aren't related.

>> No.7329436
File: 67 KB, 1158x717, cap2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My email to moot. Any suggestions?

The attachment is a screencap of this thread and the reportfags in it.

>> No.7329437

Bumping to see if I get banned.

>> No.7329439

These threads are /jp/ related for the same reason doll threads, Kigu threads, and figure threads are /jp/ related.

Also you are trying way too hard to fit in.

>> No.7329441

Stick a cactus up your ass and go back to /a/, you piece of shit.

>> No.7329443 [DELETED] 


I'm sorry that I would rather /jp/ be a worthwhile place to post and browse for the short time that I do visit since it's the only board on 4chan that I bother with. /jp/ is not the place for threads about sex dolls.

>> No.7329448
File: 134 KB, 1146x846, 1289802592834.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Okay, everybody. We're about to use my ironclad foolproof method of finding out whether or not you, yes, you are a shitty poster.

Did you make more than one metapost in this thread?

No: You're probably a shitty poster.
Yes: You're definitely a shitty poster. Get out.

Retards these days.

>> No.7329449


Literaly buttdevestaed and owned 4 lief.

>> No.7329450

Reported for bothering moot

>> No.7329452

I smiled.

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>> No.7329456


moot doesn't have time to waste on a small shitty board like /jp/ unless it is something really big, like meido using scripts to automatically delete Saten threads. I know it's hard (actually it really isn't hard at all) but please just ignore the shitty trolls and naysayers.

>> No.7329458

Fuck this, I'm going back to /bun/

>> No.7329460

I don't think they're trying to fit in. They realize they're wrong but are intentionally acting like jackasses to piss people off.

>> No.7329463


Fucking /bun/ devs never miss a chance to advertise their shitty normalfag, quasi-/a/ shithole.

Real /jp/ers go to /tohno/

>> No.7329474

Better not do that! Moot is not the cool guy we used to know, he is an asshole who is pissed off all the time now. He would probably just change our title and get /b/ to raid us before deleting us.

Really, don't trust him.

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>> No.7329482


Deleting /jp/ wouldn't really be all that bad of an idea.

>> No.7329488
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Fuck this, I'm going back to /n/

>> No.7329491

everyone beside /jp/ and /g/ (which everyone hates eachother) seems right.
and r9k..

>> No.7329499
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Pfff yeah, keep dreaming.

>> No.7329500

I don't understand this post.

>> No.7329512


I like this thread, op.

>> No.7329520

reportfag are you still here?

Those few minutes have lasted quite a while. That's fine though, tell the mods they can take their time.

>> No.7329537
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Oh /jp/, you always make my day.

>> No.7329545

By the time I'm through with you they'll have banned your entire ISP.

>> No.7329550

Several dickish posts have been deleted, but the thread itself remains. I like it.

>> No.7329559

Oh you!

>> No.7329660


I agree.


>> No.7329697

Is OP still here? Where do you buy your clothes?

>> No.7329708

>sex doll

>> No.7329708,1 [INTERNAL] 

I miss you ;_;