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I can 1cc them all except for 11 and 12. How far have you gotten?

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All the Windows games on Lunatic.

Don't let me discourage you, though. Keep playing, and, most importantly, have fun.

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1cc'd 6-8, 10-12 on normal
cleared 7,8,10,11 extra stages

no hard modos cleared..

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>All the Windows games on Lunatic.
>have fun.

I don't think everyone likes to auto-inflict pain to themselves like you, dood.

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I can almost beat EoSD in hard.

Wasn't a Touhou gameplay thread somewhere around here?

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It was getting huge, might as well start anew.

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>All the Windows games on Lunatic.
>have fun.

I don't think everyone likes to auto-inflict pain to themselves like you, dood.

I forgot:
03, 05 - 12.8, 1cc normal.
06, 07, 11, 12, 1cc hard.
09, the mugen ones, lunatic.
all windows extras completed... except Suwako.

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>auto-inflict pain
Well, if you ask me you GOTTA HAVE GUTS, DOOD.

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LLS, MS, EoSD, IN, and MoF normal beaten.
Tried some IN hard, but haven't gotten past Stage 4 without continues.
Flandre and Suwako beaten. I've made it to Mokou's last card. Died with something like 12 seconds to go. Been cock-blocked and burned out ever since.
Currently trying to unlock Koishi. I have little to no interest in UFO or PCB. Watching replays, I bet I could take down Ran and Yukari, but I have no desire to play that damn game through.
Favorite fights so far: Shinki, IN Stage 4 Marisa, Remilia, and Okuu.

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Fair enough.

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Oh and I made it to Remilia on hard mode. Got squished like a bug.

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>I don't think everyone likes to auto-inflict pain to themselves like you, dood.
No, it's fun! Fun, I tell you!


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...new player here.
what's 1cc?

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Complete the game without getting that continue screen.

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One Credit Completion, I think>

No continues.

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One Continue Clear

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1cc'd 7-8 and 10 on normal. I also beat 9 with Reimu and Reisen without continues but I don't think that counts.

I also beat IN's extra stage. I'm THIS close to 1cc IN on hard, I always lose when there are like 5 seconds remaining.

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yeah, haven't beat anything yet and not even close to 1cc.

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OP here. I got Suwako sometime in two years ago. Flandre was done in March after over 100 tries. I don't touch 9.

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wait, I'm getting confused. Wasn't "one coin clear" ?

of course it can be, pain is fun for masochist people.

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You don't insert coins to play Touhou, silly.

It would be most accurate to say "one credit clear", but really, who cares, everyone understands what 1cc implies.

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The term one coin clear refers to the arcade shooters while one continue clear refers to computer shooters.

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1CC'd hard mode LLS, MS, PCB, IN, SA, UFO, FW. Done all extras (pic related). I'd like to scorewhore more but I'm too apathetic.

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7, 8, 10 and 12.8 on Normal. That's about it so far. I'm close to beating 12, but I don't feel like playing it lately. I'm somewhat close but still less close to beating 11, and 6 makes me rage.

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Any tips for scoring better on SA?

I can get up to about 15000 graze, but I have to bomb quite a bit and give up some spellcards, and it really doesn't seem to help much with scoring (doesnt help that I keep dying). Do I just need to graze a fuckload more for it to really make a difference? there really aren't too many spots with a lot of point items in sa...

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Everything except for UFO Lunatic. Includes PC98, StB/DS, fighters, PoDD/FV whatever.

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If you're thinking that way then it only supports that you suck at scoring.

Never dying throughout the entire game and collecting all Faith possible is a main source of score. The other is grazewhoring. Do both, collect items at max value. Any spell that you aren't grazing should be captured.

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Normal 1cc's on LLS, MS, EOSD, PCB, MoF and UFO. So far the only Extra I've cleared is Ran, but I'm close to beating Yukari. I'm very close to beating SA too... a few more runs and I'll have enough practice to beat Okuu.

Next Extra boss to be beaten after Yukari will either be Suwako or Mokou.

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Don't die... just that.
Everytime you die the Itemvalue resets to its starting value (50,000 on normal)

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that's exactly what I said I am doing. if I'm grazing constantly obviously i'm collecting all the items at full value.

I guess I just gotta work on dying less. SA is too unforgiving in that respect..

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All of the main games on normal, and PCB and IN on hard.

I think I'd be able to beat MoF on hard if it wasn't for Kanako's last card. I just can't do it.

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Same here, except I've beaten Flandoll instead of Koishi. Almost there though, and am I the only one who feels like a circus animal leaping through rings of fire for her last one?

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I remember her last card. Oh my, do I remember it. You don't know humiliation until you bomb spam Kanako's last card only to find out she laughed at your attempts with invincibility, then lose five lives to her after trying to beat her normally. Good times.

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Koishi's? it's true..

strange enough, i find last spellcard the easiest out of all the extras. her other ones, not so much.

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I managed to capture her last card once, but never ever managed "Misayama Hunting Shrine Ritual"... I don't think it's that bad on normal.

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Don't hold shift for speedy movement.

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Beat IN and MoF, could propably beat PCB after some more trial and error, but I want to focus on SA now. EoSD ends with Sakuya for me and I can get past her, but still don't take Murasa very well. That whole level is just no fun at all.

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I don't like touhou because it's too easy for a control slip to kill you.

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I've got a better handle of the card, that humiliation happened months ago. Then again, haven't captured it either. The second time I went against it I had only one life left and death bombed perfectly each time until I had no bombs and lives left and barely beat her. Such a memorable finale. I'll never forget you, Mountain of Faith.