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She is making me so fucking frustrated.

>Orin hate/general

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Orin is gimmicks, like parsee.

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I fucking HATE Parsee.
I'm so fed up with her, I'm sorely tempted to go look at youtube videos of people beating her just so I don't have to deal with her anymore.
Fucking Parsee.

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Why must you be such an angry young man, when your future looks quite bright to me?

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Do you dislike her because you can't beat her in the games, or because she is a shitty touhou in general?

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Heh, just played against her in my SA Hard 1cc attempt.

I died at her first spellcard, her second spellcard and her third spellcard and just bombed through her last.

Somehow I have the feeling she's harder than Okuu.. on hard at least

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She frustrates me too, but I don't hate her, I just hate fighting her. Stupid Cat Walks and Spleen Eaters and Needle Mountains. Go eat your own spleen and leave me alone so I can 1cc the game already.

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i find spleen eater to be the easiest one of her spellcards though. oh well.

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It is the easiest. But her easiest is still hard for me. Her non-cards are easier overall, but I still hate them. The thing I hate about fighting her is that she moves too much. Stop making me chase you, you crazy cat, let me hit you.

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Took me 18 attemps to beat her, on normal.
I just hate that game.

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Orin took me the least amount of attempts to defeat the first time ever out of all SA bosses (6 attempts). Well, except for spider lady, but she doesn't count.

But anyway, looked at a youtube video for her once and when I went to fight her she felt like a babby Orin.

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Both, but a little more the former than the latter.

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A lot of people think she's harder than Okuu. But I'm the opposite, I can't for the life of me consistently perform well against Okuu even though I've practiced her way more than I have Orin.

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Don't make me say something about rupees

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I hate her because she rapes me. I think i can hear what she is thinking. She loves to rape me.
She is god awful frustrating game boss and i'm her bitch.

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On normal, I agree that Okuu is harder..

On hard, however..

I don't have the slightest idea how the fuck I'm supposed to survive even one wave of her last non-spell..

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My biggest problem is that I can survive, but she leaves me with so few lives I may as well have quit instead of going on. Such a pain to fight.

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What you know of my future!? Shut up!AAAAAAAAA!!!!

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Yes. Maybe so that i could punch it. But then again. She looks so cute that i'd feel sorry.
Can you imagine my stress?

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Do people actually come to hate Touhou's that ass rape them in danmaku? I didn't think /jp/ was that shallow. My waifu happens to be the most difficult bosses I've ever fought.

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the hardest i've been raped by a touhou was with koishi, but she is still one of my favorites. same with shou, although i've tamed her now.

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I hate Murasa for her bullshit timeout card though.

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Oh no, I still get beat by tons of Touhou, but it's just a matter of fun.

You're bound to come to hate a Touhou who beats you down without even letting you have fun with it.

My best example is Orin and Parsee. Orin beats me up really badly, but I still have fun even when I lose. Parsee just sucks.

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I don't let how much I hate fighting them affect the fact that I like them. I could never hate any of them. I love them all. Although sometimes I get the urge to Master Spark a couple to oblivion in the game when I'm particularly frustrated...

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Try this one then.


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>Dieses Video enthält Content von UMG. Es ist in deinem Land nicht verfügbar.
Das tut uns leid.

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I beat Orin by practicing the rest of the game enough so that I had enough lives left after I just bombed most of her fight.

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She isn't that bad. Picture related, my first try at her.
>Upload failed
Fuck you too 4chan.

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That looks pretty bad to me. Having 4-5 lives shaved off because of one boss is painful.

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fail you hi-score changes?

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I died twice on the midboss, sadly. One other was at the very last second on the last spell card, by a fairy.

It did give me a good laugh, though.

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I see. I kind of bombspam through her. I lose around four lives as well. It hurts, it really hurts. I can't win like this.

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One is a replay, one isn't.

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