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Ive been curious about this concept for awhile and I been wanting to ask about it for along time. I tried asking /a/ but they thought I was trolling but im honestly curious.
Can anybody explain to me the concept of a waifu and does anybody have one?

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That word is not in my vocabulary, sorry bro.

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This is a waifu.

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Oh Shit Nigger,you expected em to read all that? I just want a clear cut answer on what it is exactly.

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Weeaboo spotted, thread reported.

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It means an imaginary wife, and nobody has one, it's a joke.

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Why do people pick Waifus that are "cutesy"? I can look up any hentai and find one better looking than that. I mean,you ARE doing the one picking so why aim for so low? You can do better than that.

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Well then I guess this guys dedication has taken the joke into new heights.

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Don't say shit about my waifu.jpg

You know, tastes.

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>Saged Weeaboo Thread

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You should ask /soc/, they love weeaboo shit over there.

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Are you twelve or something?
Do you still think that big boobs are a measure of "good looks"?
Not to mention, looks in general have very little to do with having a waifu.