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So it's canon for Nazrin.... I wonder if Zun would make it canon for Ran.

Might need to adjust those heights though.

Eirin is taller than Kaguya, Komachi is taller than Yamaxanadu, Sakuya is taller than Remilia... but Ran is shorter than Yukari?

Ran confirmed for true final boss.

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What is canon for Nazrin?... and why are you talking about heights now?

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>Ran is shorter than Yukari
she's sitting on ran's tails

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I think he means the canon heights form ZUN's email

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Using her tail to carry a mouse in a basket.

Having it be canon for Yukari to ride in Ran tails would be a bit silly if she were the bigger of the two, wouldn't it?

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what's silly about that?

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Just... Yukari's pretty heavy.

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>Yukari's pretty heavy.
that's the joke

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So are you supposed to sit, or stand when in the tails?

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I should stop finding it amusing everytime an image depicts Yukari shouting "baa!", it might be in my best interest