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Does anyone think that China is underpowered in Hisoutensoku?

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She's not that bad, but not that good either.

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Got some problems, son?

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Why can't i graze all this danmaku?

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She's (and Suwako) are my mains and I really like playing with them.

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A little. Still better than Alice or Sanae. She's damn good in plus though.

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>Still better than Alice
But Alice is actually very good.

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gets zoned easily
not to many long range attacks to choose from
has to be close to opponent

very long combos
combos that synergize well with spellcards
she mother fucking hong meiling

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She's not very good but she's better than her IaMP counterpart at least.

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Actually she is my favorite character in that game.
She is not underpowered. you just have to learn to play with her and after you achieve perfect control of China then no-one can defeat you

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>you just have to learn to play with her and after you achieve perfect control of China then no-one can defeat you
Perhaps the same could be said of all characters.

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only with yuyuko and sanae, it's actually true.

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OC do not steal

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Gensokyo ill needs a slut such as you

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I laughed anon, well played.

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But she has the coolest spellcard.

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low damage combos
hard execution
bad situational combos
no real pressure loops
low ranged projectiles
unreliable air to air
no DP
spellcards only good for damage
bad graze attacks

good mixup and frametraps
good pokes
really safe moves
spellcard combos after 5A or 2A
extremely fast
defensive projectile cover
j.2A crossups

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>no DP
Is it just me or is this incredibly ironic?

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I like her JAOOOOOOOOO default 623. But yeah, she needs a rising dragon fist or something.

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The rocket punch card is the best one.

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What about the dragon kick?

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What, the launcher one? That's only cool in Scorching Sun though. Otherwise it's just kinda silly.

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But you get to watch China do the stern, straight, chinky-eyed face of seriousness for a solid 5 seconds!

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Are we talking soku+ or vanilla soku here? Cause I dunno how she was changed in plus, but in regular she's definitely underpowered

Not that it matters, though, since competitively speaking the game is a joke anyway

She makes up for it by being the most badass character, though



>Character who is solely defined by her melee prowess in lieu of decent danmaku
>Lacks one of the most basic skills that make melee characters viable in a game that revolves around bullet setups

It is indeed ironic, but also just goes to show you that Tasofro does not give a flying dick about balance

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Well, and besides that her whole dragon thing and the fact that she punches everything would lead one to believe she would in fact have a dragon punch.

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Oh. Yes. Well, there's that too. Of course

Silly me

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