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If wtH is really back, then wtH can post the paperclip picture.
Go ahead, show you're not an imposter.

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You do realize that people save images of useless shit all the time on /jp/, right?

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I'm wtH

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Because 99% of people don't realize that lcds are shit and just assume that the theme is ugly instead.

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this one?

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I don't normally save images off of /jp/

I draw some of my own stuff, though.

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what the HELL do you want OP, if you got a question my formspring is

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I sigh when I think about your stuff, anon.

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Anyone can be wtH.


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It's evident that it's tough to analyze. Ever17 is overated as hell.

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(ノ ゜Д゜)ノ === ┻━┻
щ(゜Д゜ щ) ┻━┻

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reported for spam and ban invasion

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why the HELL would you even go there? they don't even have a ghost board anyway

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Hell yes~!

Give us back Ghost mode Ekskopsko- whatever!
Just bring it back to us already!

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It May take some patience. Burn in hell, troll.

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/jp/ is now shittier than it was this past year.
>!remiJAM nowhere in sight
>Hong Meiling slowly slipping away
>wtH became a bigger faggot
>The fuck is a Koishi Komeiji is my Master?
Even White Ren's posts do not give me that warm feeling as they used to.
Goodbye /jp/ I'll be seeing you in Gensokyo.

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In reality /jp/ is the best-composed and most closed-circle board here (which isn't saying much since it used to be much more closed and elitist in the past).

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what the HELL are you implying
no comment (but this one)

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Fuck off, vocaloid is otaku culture.

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I hope you enjoyed your stay here in /jp/.

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No touhou videos (except one) why.jpg.

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>Even White Ren's posts do not give me that warm feeling as they used to.

I don't make you feel funny in your pants, anymore?

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That feel when I finally get past goddamn fujiyama volcano and possessed by phoenix in front of my friends only to game over on the last card.

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Koishi Komeiji is my Master's trip was cracked

The original poster is as shitty a poster as they come, contrasted by someone like wtH who shitposts obnoxiously, as KKimM is either an actual troll, or really believes what he types.

There is some other /jp/ poster who posts with his trip and tries to post good things to make it seem like he's not all that bad of a guy, though. No idea why, maybe some odd form of altruism.

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I know that feel....
It happened with Yukari for me though...

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People who shitpost ironically are at the bottom of the shitposter barrel.

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>contrasted by someone like wtH who shitposts obnoxiously

But wtfag is worse, because he actually is doing it all on purpose. He is spreading his autism by force.

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A/ is like pc.

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Anon It's becausehe actually is doing it all on purpose. The japanese are really pretty shitty but I guys doing it to imitate them and in doing so attempt to become them are even goddamn worse because I have largely been raised in an environment in which anti-korean racism is not the chief racial narrative, so I am making a conscious choice to be a piece of shit.

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I guess we will work with what's left.
Please reply to and report me the way you used to ;_;
Yep that's nice to know.

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Also /jp/ is one of the most intelligent boards here by default of having on average an older userbase than the rest of 4chan (23-24), being basically impossible to troll and having janitors that actually work.