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Your home is very vulnerable. Just looking around I was able to identify many unsecured access points.

The estimate for securing your home will be very high.

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i used to live on the top floor of my house where my room had windows and i was scared as HELL of aliens at night, ever since i moved to my basement and it has no windows, theres no way aliens can come in and invade me...because they need windows.

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I practically have more windows than I have walls on the first floor, I'm still not going to buy Gap Security though.

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they could just take the stairs

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Please reconsider. You think all those ghost stories are fake? People just suddenly combust in their room without a reason?

Act now and I'll throw in this key chain.

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not if i take my stairs to HELL first

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I have ensured to create as many gaps in my room as possible.

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there is nothing worth stealing in my house.

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do want...

and by this i mean killing myself

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I didn't realize that manga was still being scanned. Cool.

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Just put your pin number in the e mail field and I'll handle the rest. Why take the chance with your safety?

Youkai have to eat someone. Make sure its not you.

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you better do it before tonight... they are coming for you

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It's actually completely scanlated already, it's only 4 volumes.
It's really bad, but worth reading for the few moments it gets right.

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I'm glad you care Yukari but I live in New York. Youkai don't come here and if they do I've never seen them.

I'm afraid I don't need your services.

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I live on the 7th floor of an apartment block, OP. The only way anyone's gonna get in (other than the designated entrance point) is to climb the exterior.

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Not like I care. I'm gonna go somewhere else soon. That's probably more dangerous. I fear nothing.

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Silly anon, aliens can't use stairs.
You obviously don't know how deadly stairs can be. The aliens would rather dig into the basement then use those deathtraps.

No one told them about stairs, bro. No one....

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But my window is facing a very steep hill that overlooks a creek. The only way directly to my room is the balcony, which in itself is hard to get too.

But depending on the youkai, I will let them in.

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New York is the best!

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I'm only worried about possible mice problems. Can you lend me Chen some time?

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>fall up the stairs.

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I often think about your steep window. The reason why azns are less ashamed of their waifu collections than in the west is because parents like it when their son shows an interest in girls-having a son with 200 pictures of hatsune miku his bedroom, to the parents, just means he's got women on his mind and will likely end up producing grandchildren once his life reaches that point lol where he starts socializing with women openly and dating.

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You forgot that Daleks have jet packs

And Yukari, we've had this discussion before, it won't work out. What we had is long gone.

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I forgot bkub sucking hard.

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the first thing I ask real estate agents; "Is the house Yukari proof?"

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Replace all your walls with reflective metal servo panels.
Remove any moon rock slurry distribution pipes

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Since when did you think I cared about my well being?

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Dang nabbit, you goddamn gap Youkai! I killed fitty of your Tojo men; don't think I'm giving you one dime of mah money!

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>one man is doing all the fucking simultaneously in all regions of the world Is it thanks to me you are giving me one dime of mah money anon?