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Yes it's that time of the year again

Dump photos, panel reports, whatever

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dat suwako

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marisa with dental braces is not moe.

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Fuck off to /cgl/.

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Dat Suwako.

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My afternoon is now ruined.

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Suwako's been putting on some weight lately.

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Suwako is my new waifu.

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/jp/ in the back.

I'd totally fuck chen.

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That Remilia in the upper right kind of looks like my first girlfriend.

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Why can't there be reasonable attractive obese cosplayers?

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I was going to go as a bro Marisa but someone fucked up and I was only able to bring my yuyuko hat. The panel was good though.

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Hey, no reposting my pictures.

I still can't believe I missed them going back to the Niconico stream. Fuck me.

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Any Touhou group at Anime Boston?

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I think that landwhale cosplaying as suwako is the worst. Hey, wasn't KoG there or at least so I heard?

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He was cool.

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That's a huge amount of concentrated ugliness for that small of a space.

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Now that I look at Remilia there, I kinda take back what I said earlier.

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Youtube tier touhou meetup. Also that Chen on the left that was saying stupid shit on the nico stream like ONII CHAANNN~!!!! post(ed?) on /jp/ if this is her.

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Since when is Mima a monkey?

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How many of those are /jp/ers?

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She was doing the nyan nyan dance from macross F.

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Anyone that goes to an anime convention doesn't belong on /jp/.

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Nobody gives a shit about your opinion.

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Where do you see a Sanae ?

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I wonder how many of them have 1ccd at least 1 game in easy.

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Not a single Sanae showed up for the panel. Are you referring to the Mima?

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I don't really get the point of buying a cosplay costume. No handicraft in it.

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It's so you can look like a TruFan® and then have con sex.

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Not a single Sanae showed up for the panel. Are you referring to the Mima?

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Well, when you can't make them yourself, buying them seems like a better alternative.

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I lovingly made my Touhou costume

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I don't get the point of posting hideous weeaboos in costumes outside of /cgl/, but what can you do?

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Chen was awesome on the Nico stream.


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Because the only reason any of the hambeasts cosplay is for con sex

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Woaw I think the "anything else ?" was the cutest part.

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Only looks bad in the thumbnail, really.

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ponpo, why do you hate consluts so much?

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D: Aww. I didn't get as much attention as the Chen. :3c Well, next year I'm going to be cosplaying Chen, so all's good. :V

Also, I kinda realized, it's not really about how the cosplay looks or whatever... I had a lot of fun with the people I was with here and they were all very nice. I know you guys wouldn't understand, but stop being so mean. It's not like they're officials.

Anyway, I was the Cirno and my friend was the semi-Orin.

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I can feel my heart liquefying.

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Wings are eh, but those are some great shoes and socks.

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nice picture

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That "chen" looked like china in the thumbnail. Improve on your wings and maybe wear a bra smaller than usual and your cosplay would be much better. Still, way better than the others.

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Honesty != rudeness

A good personality does not change the truth that some are physically unpleasant. Would you encourage people to lie? That is just silly.

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Homura-chan puking?

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I hate how people think that you are being rude when you are just being honest. Especially since it always happens to me since Im an aspie and I just speak my mind almost all the time. I don't mind decent touhou cosplay but some just just make me rage almost into a coma.

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Which touhou would you cosplay as?

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You're mom

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>I was the Cirno
Almost every Chirno got a hell of a lot of attention on the stream.

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Cirno! I loved you so much! You had the cutest voice and things to say. I didn't get the chance to talk to you though, and I wasn't cosplaying so you probably don't remember me. I was thinking of going as Yukari next year, so would you be my Chen? All we'd need is a Ran and we could take over cosplay chess.

Also dem abacuses man.

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That bro reisen costume looks cool. I don't know why so many men cosplay as touhous when they could (relatively) easiliy adapt the costumes to go as brouhous.

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the list goes on....

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:D I already have a Ran, actually. I was looking for a Yukari. X3 My youtube is tsunjanai, if you want my skype or FB please PM me. :V I don't trust /jp/ ! And thank you very much, I get bullied at school a lot because of my voice.

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There was a live stream on niconico douga of Sakura-con.

That fat Suwako was attention whoring the whole time

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Adorable as you are, I don't understand why you're posting on /jp/. You must not go here much. This place is mostly full of trolls. Even the actual residents are dicks.

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How did you find this site? Seriously, get out.

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I'm a woman trapped in a man's body so I don't even browse /cgl/ anymore because of the jelly overflow, and /cgl/ still comes and spreads jelly on my bread! My dream is to get over my insecurities and cosplay as a touhou (not a brotou).

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:D I already have a Ran, actually. I was looking for a Yukari. X3 My youtube is tsunjanai, if you want my skype or FB please PM me. :V I don't trust /jp/ ! And thank you very much, I get bullied at school a lot because of my voice.

I was the Chirno with the high voice.

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/cgl/ has more beached whales than a Hurricane-wracked country.

If I ever go to a con, it will be as Captain Ahab.

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This is either some kind of really advanced form of trolling, or this is really a poor lost child

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That underage Cirno was friggin' annoying. Sure she looked cute, but that squeaky voice and actually being a total idiot saying meme-type stuff... I really wanted to sock her in the face, but that would've gotten my Touhou costume kicked out of the con.

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This was the best cosplay.

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Honestly, if I could pull it off, I would cosplay as a giant yukkuri.

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Just because it's Touhou doesn't automatically make it /jp/ related.

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This. The fake high pitched japanese voice spewing IOSYS quotes is retarded, but I'm sure the guys from /a/ loved typing HNG in the nico comments over it.

>> No.7272329

That underage Cirno also spent the majority of Saturday night stumbling around drunk after a Suika cosplayer gave her a few swigs of the vodka in his gourd.

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I love conventions because they full of homos!

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The best suwako has already been done long ago.

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is cosplay acceptable if you are a man dressing as a touhou?

I want to know if I can do it and then be accepted here

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If only cosplayers like that Kaguya could cease to cosplay or at least not wear shoes.

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This is really bad. You should be ashamed of yourself for sucking so much.

>Age: 15

Underaged. You don't belong here.

Go to bed Persephone.

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Suwako closer.

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Why is Louie Anderson cosplaying as Suwako?

And here I thought I was big at 6'5" 340.

>> No.7272374

As one of the attendees cosplaying at this year's Sakura-con, it's perfectly acceptable and a blast too. It's /jp/ that's being judgemental around here

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>I didn't get as much attention

You're not going to get the kind you want here, either.

>> No.7272393


Sounds like you want to fuck a Touhou cosplayer

There's no shame in wanting to hit it, even if it is a male.

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only mokou

blacks can do yuyuko

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Anyone actually go to the Touhou panel this year? I hear it was actually decent this time around.

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No nigga will be as gangster as my waifu

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it was ok, but I was wondering if any of them weren't secondaries
>3/4 of the room has not yet played Ten Desires
>Anything passed Normal mode is too hard!

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trap Reimu was nice.

>> No.7272430

Once the cosplayers filtered out, people were taking turns playing extra modes. The panel itself ended on IN's extra mode with Imperishable Shooting being captured.

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Oh Chen, you.

>> No.7272454

>IN's extra mode
The fuck is that.

>> No.7272471

Imperishable Night's extra. You know, where Mokou comes from? Can't be that dense, I hope.

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shit, i plan on going next year to sakuracon for the first time. Is there always a touhou panel?

>> No.7272482

80% of those people have never played a 2hu game before

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The good Cirno of the con

>> No.7272487

You mean extra stage, you goddamn retarded secondary. Go burn in hell, monkey.

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Yes, there has been a Touhou panel for the past three years.

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>> No.7272504

Bromiji almost redeems the entire picture. He just doesn't give a shit.

>> No.7272505

okay, thanks

I plan on going for sure next time around, and hopefully there be a few other non-touhou secondaries there. Too many goddamn secondaries from what ive been hearing

>> No.7272511

>Dat Suwako
I'm thinking of going as Captain Ahab the next time I ever decide to pop down to SakuraCon.
Not sure if anyone would get the reference, though....

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Why are most of them fat?

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That Suwako just sticks out everywhere

>> No.7272547


I have this strange urge to play Demons Souls all of a sudden.

Maybe its because I've seen Momiji's shield in that game...

>> No.7272549

That Kaguya is amazing. Still nothing on Bearded Kaguya, though.

>> No.7272550

Trap Momiji looks sexy~

>> No.7272554

I'd honestly only go to one of these things if I was forced to. They seem very awkward to go to.

>> No.7272557

Just ask him if he's Inuyashi. I DARE you!

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Were both of these Reimus men?

>> No.7272567

When they started the panel, they asked how long people had known about Touhou for. While most sat down at around 2 years, there was still a fair number standing at 5 years. Amazed there was one person who had known about Touhou for 9 years in attendance.

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>> No.7272572

Why is the ocean blue?

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>> No.7272580

Of course they weren't just lying to appear hardcore and edgy. Nope. Nobody ever does that.

>> No.7272591

Just like majority of the "primaries" on /jp/, right?

That Chen is just fucking adorable.

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Anime Boston hijack.

This Aya was waaaay too adorable. Probably a 13 year-old too.

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100+ posts? Really, /jp/?


>> No.7272599

What do we have to gain? We are anonymous posters.

>> No.7272601

Dat Suwako.

>> No.7272602


More like 16

>> No.7272606

What do you expect? This place has been infested with normalfags for awhile.

>> No.7272609


>> No.7272612

>Just like majority of the "primaries" on /jp/, right?

Right. But you'll probably get more that actually play the games here than at any con.

>> No.7272614

Oh, you

>> No.7272615

That is a thoroughly true statement

>> No.7272617

The whole warrior from Gensokyo deal made me laugh really hard.

>> No.7272621

That's what I was thinking of doing, if I'd ever cosplay.

>> No.7272624

That may be true, but secondaries can play the games too. It doesn't mean that a secondary on /jp/ will not pretend to be a primary.

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What? It's an ok thread.

Sure, cons carry a connotation to horribly obnoxious, lame idiots, but that doesn't mean that our thread has to be filled with those types.

>> No.7272629

Only idiots and people new to the fandom take the "primary/secondary" shit seriously.

>> No.7272631

>have friends
>regularly socialize with them
>have fun in crowds of people
>are all attention whores
>use social networking sites
>post things on /jp/ that don't belong on /jp/

Sounds pretty damn normal to me.

>> No.7272634

>>have friends
God forbid.

>> No.7272639

Yup. A split fandom is worse than a so-called 'OMGZ SECONDARY!11' fandom.

And caring about what facets of the fandom other people enjoy is just stupid.

>> No.7272645

Like 90% of /jp/.

>> No.7272647


>horribly obnoxious, lame idiots

Let's see. Where do I start? With your image macro reply? With that it should be enough but I guess I should include you thinking it's okay to post pictures of cosplayers on /jp/.

>> No.7272650

ive actually only been playing for around 3 years now
I like the pc-98 games the most, but i recognize the windows characters more than the pc-98 ones

What kind of stuff do they do at the touhou panel? sell stuff, demos etc etc?

>> No.7272652




Do you know where you are?

>> No.7272660

I almost never use image-macro replies. I made an exception this time because it felt actually revelant to my arguement. And posting images of cosplayers is nothing new on /jp/.

Anyways, people seem to be participating in this thread, so what does it matter?

>> No.7272663

It isn't about being secondary or primary. Anyone who knows anything about Japanese culture knows that almost everything spawned there is secondary.

It's about the difference between social recluses sitting in their dark rooms playing silly bullet games, and fat whales dressed in cheap cosplay looking to fuck someone who can land them a fandub voice acting contract.

>> No.7272666

I thought it was better than the last two years for sure.

That Cirno with the shrill voice was annoying as hell, but I admit she did a pretty good cosplay.

That male Shou was a fucking badass. Even if I didn't know that Shou was supposed to be female, that cosplay would have gotten me just as interested.

The Chen on the left was really goddamned cute.

Reimu brothers were great, too.

>> No.7272667

/jp/ is Otaku Culture not NEET & Hikikomori General

Regardless of the quality its content is /jp/ related

If you don't like go make a type moon power level thread or just take it easy and close the thread.

>> No.7272673


>> No.7272678

Why are you trying to justify your -anonymous- post?

>> No.7272684


That was pretty stupid, wasn't it?

>> No.7272686

Actually, NEET/Hikky threads have always been a facet of /jp/.
That was one of the reasons for its' existance, to get ronery threads out of /a/.

I have no-fucking-idea. It's 3:30 AM where I live and I'm bored, but thanks for asking!

>> No.7272690

It can't be 3:30 when you posted it, maybe at closest it would be 3:19. Learn to tell fucking time.

>> No.7272695

This is such an interesting observation.

Please keep posting such insightful comments.

>> No.7272705

There's a board for this shit. Take it there:


>> No.7272709

Selling stuff is better left to the dealer's room, but yes there are demos.

We started off going over just how experienced with Touhou everyone in the room was and then go over what is Touhou. From there, we called a few people up to play TH13 while we highlighted some of the mechanic changes. Afterwards, we went into the characters and called up some of the cosplayers to highlight who we were talking about. Finally, we went into the fanbase and the vast amount of material they have created before exploring the future of Touhou and then answering people's questions.

After that, it split into open gaming and a photoshoot. There were around 40 Touhou cosplayers at the panel but hard to get a proper count since I stayed behind to run the gaming portion of the panel.

>> No.7272712

>153 posts and 41 image replies omitted.
Seriously /jp/? This shit belongs to /cgl/.

>> No.7272726

That sounds pretty cool, actually. How are the players? Were the good at it?

>> No.7272727


Shut the fuck up.

Everything in this board belongs to another board.

>> No.7272729

oh i see the stuck up i'm better than you are /jp/ elitists have found us.
and by jp elitists, i mean lifeless fat virgin faggots who never leave their basements.
this thread is touhou/otaku related and thus it belongs here.
saying that it does not is no different than saying to get all this touhou/vn crap over to /v/ because it is a video game

>> No.7272734


You shut the fuck up too.

>> No.7272735

buttmad 2hu cosplayers seeking attention here because everyone cosplays in /cgl/

>> No.7272736

pictures of ugly weeaboos is Otaku Culture XD

>> No.7272740
File: 42 KB, 400x400, 1297470416765.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.7272741

>and by jp elitists, i mean lifeless fat virgin faggots who never leave their basements.

>>7272634 here, stuff like this is just as bad. Chill out and maybe we can have a decent thread again.

>> No.7272742

Yeah, we had a lot of talent in the room. After the cosplayers filed off and it went into open gaming, people were playing lunatic stages and extra modes. Ending the panel with Imperishable Shooting being captured was perfect. Quite intense.

>> No.7272747


>lifeless fat virgin faggots who never leave their basements.


How new can you be?

>> No.7272749

Fucking normalfags. I hope you all die from STDs or by choking in your own alcohol-induced vomit.

>> No.7272756

This is what normalfags actually believe.

>this thread is touhou/otaku related and thus it belongs here.

Flawless reasoning there, kid. Why don't we let in all of the shitty anime threads while we're at it?

>> No.7272768

welp, im decided, im 100% sure im going next year. Thanks for the info man, i hella appreciate it

>> No.7272772

This thread makes me sick.

>> No.7272779
File: 268 KB, 742x743, 1298009629648.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Madotsuki is disgusted by all this normal.

>> No.7272781

/jp/ meetup gone horribly wrong.

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I thought it was better than the last two years for sure.

That Cirno with the shrill voice was annoying as hell, but I admit she did a pretty good cosplay.

That male Shou was a fucking badass. Even if I didn't know that Shou was supposed to be female, that cosplay would have gotten me just as interested.

The Chen on the left was really goddamned cute.

Reimu brothers were great, too.

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This is not, in any way, a /jp/ meet-up.

>> No.7272791

>This is what normalfags actually believe.

What does that have to do with anything I said idiot?

>> No.7272792

Damn, I've seen the guy on the left before.

>> No.7272794


We could also bring in trains/weapons/sports/technology/etc. if they really want to play the otaku card.

>> No.7272795

Don't forget the Momiji. He was a pretty kickass dude too. Ran part of the panel too, I believe.

>> No.7272804

There weren't enough neckbeared misanthropes for it to have been remotely close to a /jp/ meetup

>> No.7272808

I'm very curious about the cirno everyone is talking about. Anyone has a video where I can hear her annoying voice?

>> No.7272811
File: 84 KB, 600x800, Photo0076s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The panel was a lot better than last year's. I had fun meeting the cosplayers and making new friends.

>> No.7272814

Was this the same panel that had Bearded Kaguya last year or the year before?
If I weren't from across the pond I might be interested in attending the next one, even if I only go to silently laugh at the bad cosplay.

>> No.7272820


>> No.7272826

Why do fat and/or hideous people cosplay? Why? WHY?


>> No.7272829

No video (and thank god for it), but during the panel she screeched out "Why can't I eat an abacus???"

All of my rage.

>> No.7272836

Beardguya was either Anime Boston or Fanime, if memory serves.

>> No.7272854

Fanime I believe

>> No.7272855

Yeah, it was pretty bad. Asked two questions "Where can I find an abacus?" and then "What does an abacus taste like?"

>> No.7272866
File: 26 KB, 400x430, 1292165514238.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sakura Con faggots I don't think you understand that this is /jp/ and not >>>/cgl/.

Why don't you go back there? Jesus, stop fucking spamming pictures of fat nerds in frilly dress exposing their hairy legs or fat whale sluts in anime character dress.

Yeah, you want other normal people to accept your hobbies and want to act like retards outside with your nerd friends instead in your room, so what. Most of us rather not see your hideous pictures.
You spent time making those dresses, spent tons of money on it, but you don't feel appreciated or accepted by a certain online community, deal with it. You know, you probably have more in common with 'normals' than you think. So instead of hanging around with your superficial friends or friends with benefits, you feel the need to show off on a certain imageboard so that you can feel better or superior about yourself. Maybe you should take a look at yourself on the mirror and realize how much the people you are trying to look down on are laughing at you right now.

>> No.7272871

You are proof that moe exists in the 3rd dimension.

>> No.7272874

If /jp/ is actually going to western cons and I'm not just being trolled, then fuck you guys. I'm leaving.

>> No.7272880
File: 118 KB, 706x455, 1296897328653.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The real reason that /jp/ dislikes these kinds of threads because it painfully reminds them that not all people who like Touhou are like them.

>> No.7272918
File: 1.42 MB, 2480x3296, HPIM0300.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>The real reason that /jp/ dislikes these kinds of threads because it painfully reminds them that not all people who like Touhou are like them.

True. Not all Touhou fans are huddling alone in a dark basement, terrified of sunlight and human contact, their only source of nourishment being their own tears. In fact, the vast majority are actually amazingly normal and capable of social interaction. It's almost like we're people!

>> No.7272924

These pictures have convinced me that Bro Shou can not only be done, but be done gloriously.

>> No.7272929

ITT: People raging in a Touhou thread on a Touhou board about a Touhou panel and Touhou cosplay.

What. The. Fuck. /jp/?

>> No.7272941

i was trying to be funny but you are a fucking asshole. get out.

>> No.7272942
File: 1.37 MB, 3296x2480, HPIM0328.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yup. Bro Shou was a badass.

>> No.7272946

Even the angle of her face reminds me of troll face.

>> No.7272955

ITT: Newfriends from /cgl/ somehow baffled that their 3DPD attention whoring is not accepted on /jp/

>> No.7272956

Fuck off. /jp/ has never approved of cosplay threads. Take this embarrassing bullshit back to /cgl/ and never come back.

>> No.7272964


Yeah some of us can even hold down a decent job and still be Touhou fans. Hell some of us even play Touhou while at work.

>> No.7272974

Nobody gives a fuck about you or your life. Now crawl back in your hole and don't visit /jp/ ever again.

>> No.7272978

That's it, I'm reporting you to your boss.

>> No.7272984


The same board that routinely discusses the shaving of body hair, wearing of panties and dressing up like little girls. Face it /cgl/ an /jp/ are damn near sister boards that are Tsun for each other.

>> No.7272985


A friend of my current roommate flew out to Seattle for Sakuracon.... She arrived a day early and had dinner with us... I've begun thinking she was somewhat attractive.

I've reached a new low, thinking sketchy weeaboo con girls are attractive... I should kill myself.

>> No.7273008

Hey, I was at Anime Boston. I counted exactly 29 Touhou Cosplays on Saturday, including my friend; she decided to surprise me with a respectable Yuuka.

Feels Good Man

>> No.7273047


What girl are you talking about?

>> No.7273060


I find it amusing that you want me to be specific, like you think it matters. Just forget about it; it's better that way.

>> No.7273107

please delete this thread.

>> No.7273132

This man was the only good thing out of that fuck shitfest stream.
Animeweedlord420, your ToraDora hat looked lovely.

>> No.7273150


I don't think it matters, you wanted to tell us about it, why can't you be more specific?

>> No.7273252


Well, I was trying to communicate how awful anyone should feel associating with con goers.... That is all I want you to take away from my statement.

Now go away.

>> No.7273496
File: 164 KB, 640x480, DSC00160.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Shou really was a cool dude. Anyone get him doing other poses? My camera died on me after we moved to the first floor for more pictures. He posed with that Utsuho and some other stuff.

>> No.7273506

If I'm not mistaken, I am currently reading a thread on /jp/ in which people are discussing their attendance at Sakuracon.

I'd really prefer to be mistaken, but that does not seem the case.

I'll resist asking "what the fuck?", but I am thinking it.

>> No.7273513

get off your high horse

>> No.7273574

Normally I'd have that elitist attitude, too. Being in the same room with about a hundred people that enjoy the same thing you do turns off your inhibitor somehow, even if over half of them are "secondaries".

I went from sneering at Touhou cosplayers on the morning of the first day to crawling along the floor to get pictures on the third.

There's just no reason for that "my taste is too good for you" attitude outside of the internet, but since this -is- the internet, I'll let it slide.

>> No.7273578


No, you happening to enjoy it does not suddenly make it acceptable. If we allow these faggots to run unchecked now what happens when they decide they like it here and stay? Do you want to see /jp/ - IOSYS Culture?

>> No.7273608


>> No.7273620

Yeah, it turns out that there are a few people who both attended Sakuracon and may or may not visit /jp/ on a regular basis. Sound the air raid sirens, hide your waifus, batten down the hatches and arm yourselves with your best shitty image macros, because /jp/ is going to war. It's purge time.

>> No.7273622
File: 177 KB, 480x640, DSC00229.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Of course there's a limit to acceptable behavior. Cirno asking questions about an abacus during the panel? That's over the line. Being passionate about what you like is not a reason to fault anyone, though.

Beyond that, you yourself are probably already one of these faggots, you're just consciously aware of where you're stepping with your mannerisms. Given a little alcohol and a good time and you'd be liable to step over the line like that underage Cirno, too.

/jp/ - IOSYS Culture? /jp/'s been through that several times already, and that alone is again not a valid reason to begin to trample on the enjoyment of others because you believe that your own conduct is the only acceptable way to act.

>> No.7273630 [DELETED] 

/jp/ is too far gone

>> No.7273632


>Being passionate about what you like is not a reason to fault anyone

No, but when the object of their passion doesn't belong on this board and they insist on posting it here then it is.

It doesn't belong, and it doesn't even need to be here. That last one isn't just elitist. It really doesn't need to be here -- why /jp/? I'm sure there are a million forums where these proto-Gaiafags can go and discuss the fabulous little cosplays they did of characters from games they've never played, there's no reason for them to come here and pollute a board already in a bad state.

>Given a little alcohol and a good time

Are you serious?

>crawling along the floor to get pictures on the third.

No, are you serious? Along the floor? Like a fucking dog? For a bunch of 3D whores?

It's time for you to leave, anon. Get out into the sun and play with your new Sakuracon normalfriends.

>> No.7273635

>It really doesn't need to be here -- why /jp/?
You can literally say this about any thread here.

>> No.7273642


/jp/, for all its problems, is one of VERY few places you can discuss Touhou (etc) without being surrounded by the kind of faggots you find at cons. Those who keep the barrier up high enough on here are those who appreciate how unique that is. /jp/ goes to shit and what're you're left with? Shrinemaiden and pooshlmer. i.e. the places that threads like this belong

>> No.7273654
File: 133 KB, 1280x720, 1303511583727.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Reported for having fun.

>> No.7273659
File: 330 KB, 2362x2362, 1292178852834.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Persephone sounds like a cool name. I wish I could meet a cute girl, who WASN'T underage, named Persephone. But alas, I am confined to my apartment, writing software for various clients and hoarding gold and silver bullion.

>> No.7273663

Someone needs to cosplay as The Sussman at one of these conventions.

>> No.7273667

I know a girl that is called Persephone and underage, too bad it's only online.

>> No.7273668

The reason I don't like these threads is because I'll never get to experience what it's like to have friends who enjoy the same things as me.

>> No.7273669

Jesus fuck you guys are at it again?

Learn to live and forget.

If not you can always hide the thread.

>> No.7273671
File: 100 KB, 512x768, 1234760345854.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>It really doesn't need to be here -- why /jp/?
It is pretty strange when I think about this. They clearly think they are superior. They like to throw insults about basement dwellers, floor shitters, piss bottles collector, jobless NEET, no friends losers but yet they want to come here to post about their epic 3D whore cosplayers or their fat belly in frilly dress.
I never understood this. It is like they want to try to fit in but all they are doing are making a fool of themselves.
Remember how we used to laugh at I LOVE SUSHI and girugamesh? Now those same people are the majority of people inhabiting /jp/. Sad times. The amount of people wanking arout the chink Chen really show a serious case of yellow fever around here.

>> No.7273676

Who the fuck are you supposed to be?

And where are all these shitty new trips coming from?

>> No.7273677

Worst thread on /jp/ in months.

>> No.7273681

>Now those same people are the majority of people inhabiting /jp/.
I don't think so, I think it's just a coincidence between the long easter weekend and sakuracon occuring. They'll leave starting tomorrow.

For the cosplayers, Touhou is a fad that they grow out of after a couple of years.

For us, it's our only respite in life.

>> No.7273682

I pity that Chen. She soon find herself being stalked by some creepy ass dudes for a good portion of her life if she already isn't, then found dead in a drum barrel or something.

>> No.7273683


Except they don't like Touhou, they like what their faggy youtube friends have told them is Touhou.

Secondaries really are the biggest retards conceivable.

Now imagine cosplaying as a character from, I dunno, Star Trek.

You go to a scifi convention dressed like that. Someone sees you and asks you something related to Star Trek.

Your response?


>> No.7273685
File: 36 KB, 313x223, getthefuckoutofjp.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Who the fuck are you? You don't show up in the archive. Get out of /jp/.

>> No.7273688

Fat con faggot1: Hey bro, I took a bunch of epic pics of that hot Chen. You can check it at >>>/jp/
Fat con faggot2: Oh cool, checking it now. Hey who are these hostile anonymous?
Fat con faggot1: Ignore them, they are loser basement dwellers. Oh ya, remember to post with a name#password as well.

>> No.7273689


Voyager had a really nice opening theme.

>> No.7273690

I'd fuck the Remilia.

>> No.7273691
File: 155 KB, 814x939, alicedie.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Crossboard visitors in this thread.

>> No.7273692

Please go away

>> No.7273693

I've been around for quite a while but if a trip is too much to comprehend I'll just post anon.

As much as that sounds like a welcoming gesture I will have to refuse.

You see. In all honesty I prefer to post as a voice of reason. As much that may seem..well stupid as fuck, I honestly don't have much else to do. Just be happy that I'm gracing such a thread that has been ran into the ground.

Or not, I couldn't give a fuck.

>> No.7273696
File: 65 KB, 1063x709, 1296215187486.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This Cirno is clearly superior.

>> No.7273697


Fat con faggot1: Hey bro, I took a bunch of epic pics of that hot Chen. You can check it at >>>/jp/
Fat con faggot2: Oh cool, checking it now. Hey who are these hostile anonymous?
Fat con faggot1: Oh you're right brah, that thread has derailed for the epic lose, it's okay though you can still check the pics out on my Facebook :D

>> No.7273699

If you've been around for so long, where is the backup site for /jp/?

>> No.7273700

How many of the people in this photo would /jp/ label as "secondaries"?

>> No.7273702


So you decide you want a trip for no real reason.

Further, after deciding that, your trip is a Cirno reference.

Yeah, get out.

>> No.7273703

All of them

>> No.7273706

I think she has been for a while already.

>> No.7273707


All of them

including the photographer

>> No.7273708

I said "while" not "forever". 2008/2009 is my range, and it was mostly from /a/

I will now hear curses our right out silence.

>> No.7273717

Generally yeah. I mostly just pop into flockdraw threads.

>> No.7273718

Oh man.
Oh wow.

>> No.7273719

>7,637,809 girls
Holy fuck. She is sitting in a gold mine literally. Kind of waste that I am born a male instead of a female.

>it was mostly from /a/
Stay there. I am sure they will appreciate your kinds more over there. Pretty sure they have like 10+ sakuracon nicostream threads over there.

>> No.7273721
File: 49 KB, 760x515, 1302199871942.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I said "while" not "forever". 2008/2009 is my range, and it was mostly from /a/

2008? on /a/ yes, but certainly not /jp/ seeing as how that was the year /jp/ was created. Anyone who's been on /jp/ for a few months will probably know where the backup site is. You, however, do not. You are confirmed as an /a/ transient visitor to /jp/. Please keep your opinions to yourself during your stay, for they are null and void.

>> No.7273726

Can't. Won't.

And I'm here to at least do my worst to calm shit down and kill time. It seems both are working.

>> No.7273729

Actually, please go back to using a trip so I can filter you.

>> No.7273730

Alright alright.

On a train headed nowhere the best any pedestrian could do is sit and pray.

Continue on.

>> No.7273732

>my worst to calm shit down and kill time
>calm shit down
>kill time
HAHAHAHAHA. Enjoy doing this with autists and people with too much time.

>> No.7273737

Is it humanly possible for someone to be this stupid?

>> No.7273738

The fact that /v/ and /a/ somehow manage to be loads better than /jp/ can hope to be ever again is saying a lot.

It's really sad all you can do is tell yourself otherwise to feel less retarded for still going.

>> No.7273742

Yeah. But go on.

>> No.7273745

Your story is bullshit.

>I said "while" not "forever".
Already backtracking?

>2008/2009 is my range,
It's either one year or the other, if you don't know then it's probably 2010 earliest.

>not "forever".
As far as /jp/ is concerned that would have been from the start of the board, so your excuse is a bullshit lie.

>and it was mostly from /a/
Stay there.

>I will now hear curses our right out silence.
So? You post nothing of value and put on airs and graces as some kind of voice of reason, on a board where you clearly don't belong. It's inconceivable that you actually expected anything else.

>> No.7273746
File: 135 KB, 335x267, 1301966726714.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Go away. We've done our best to keep /jp/ free of normals like yourself.

>> No.7273747
File: 304 KB, 500x600, y32.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Did someone say TRAIN? pic related bro!


you are now reading /jp/ after Sakurafags take over

>> No.7273749

This thread is loaded to the brim with fucking stupid people.

>> No.7273751
File: 11 KB, 91x126, 1226484237428s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The irony is that you are here thinking you can make it better with this thread. Perhaps you dont realize that the people here do not want /jp/ to turn into another /a/ or /v/ because of people like you?

>> No.7273754

No, we're reading /jp/-right-now because retarded people like you think that the best way to deal with things you don't like is to do your very best to try and act like an even bigger retard.

>> No.7273755
File: 162 KB, 600x631, c1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Woah guys! Chill out! The atmosphere in here is getting frosty!

>> No.7273757

She probably already is?
YouTube harehareyukai, view count, her video was the top one I think.

iirc she posted here once asking about remilia bloomers

>> No.7273758

maximum autism

>> No.7273759

Aight calm down, get off your high horse we get it. I'm an idiot and you're a king. I'm the criminal and you're the victim. I fucked your wife and you got my aids.

But with all due honesty I do have enough respect to back out, that much I will give.

>> No.7273760

u mad? :P

>> No.7273761

We don't want /jp/ to be at all like /a/ or /v/. There's a reason we separated from /a/ in the first place, the shit storming was getting out of hand.

/jp/ is not the place you go to to kill time after school while waiting for your normal friends to give you a call.

You are either born as a member of /jp/ or you are not. It is the hand of fate that decides. If this doesn't make sense to you, then all the more reason for you to leave.

>> No.7273762
File: 17 KB, 300x400, PAD MEIDO ;P.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh well! If you guys can't take it easy (haha!) then I'll just have to use some pix to

pad out this thread


>> No.7273765
File: 85 KB, 290x370, 908.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.7273767

If you had an ounce of respect (and self-respect), you'd simply stop posting and go back where you belong.

>> No.7273768

It's 4:46 AM EST.

You people are still arguing about this shit? Have a good fap and go to bed instead of banging your head against your keyboard over this.

>> No.7273769

Holy shit put the trip back on you are fucking annoying.

>> No.7273770

Wow /jp/ why did you turn so vitriolic over the past year.

I can remember posting pics of Comiket Touhou cosplayers a couple of years ago and not a single shitpost reply was made.

Newfags as always shitting up the board.

>> No.7273772
File: 41 KB, 192x256, yoghurt or something.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

gee guys... all this posting is making me hungry!

rofl (look at the pic :P)

>> No.7273775

Get out.

You've got to be fucking with me.

>> No.7273778

newfags gonna newfag while pomfers gonna pomf =3 XD
just ignore the haters

>> No.7273779
File: 18 KB, 300x400, yoghurt's sister.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i don't get why /jp/ is being so hard on us!

can't you be a little



>> No.7273781

>Comiket Touhou cosplayers
That's why it was tolerated. At least many of the Comiket cosplayers have actually played the games.

Sakuracon cosplayers are just annoying children secondaries and ternaries.

>> No.7273782

Notice how all the starting posts are sage

These are /jp/ anons. Then the retards flood in. Mods delete this thread. Oh wait

>> No.7273784


Comiket is in absolutely no way comparable to Sakuracon. You are apologising for our generation's equivalent to Narutards.

>> No.7273785


>> No.7273786

I'm wet with anticipation about the next in this amazing line of comedic posts

>> No.7273788

You can start by not using smilies or emoticons. They are outlawed here, and certain meidos ban people for using them.


>Rule 3: Don't use smilies - Smilies aren't accepted in /jp/, please refrain from using them. We are all heartless bastards who don't want to see what kind of faces you make IRL while posting (This also applies to reaction images, if you want to post them so badly go to /a/ or /v/).

Those community rules have been in place since /jp/ was formed.

>> No.7273789

It's tertiaries, you fucking quarternary.

>> No.7273790
File: 584 KB, 740x740, pukingmado.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Comiket doesnt degenerate into >>>/soc/ and did you post any fat hideous cosplayers? No right?
9 out of 10 pictures here are vomit inducing.

>> No.7273791

>delete Magical Girl thread
>leave this shit

>> No.7273792

Throwing a tantrum after people point out the obvious holes in your story?

Normals and newfags always underestimate how autismal /jp/ really is.

>> No.7273793
File: 189 KB, 506x494, ramen hacker.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

woah!! u guys have some attitude!

this board is the pits!

pic is related... TO ARMPITS THAT IS XD

>> No.7273794

I am waiting for Aya or Sanae take on this.
I bet it is gonna be a pun about fast cum or penis.

>> No.7273795
File: 30 KB, 314x400, graveStone.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

RIP /jp/

>> No.7273797
File: 74 KB, 438x1003, 1302285051400.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What's the story behind this image?

>> No.7273798

Don't let the door hit your ass on the way out.

>> No.7273800


>> No.7273801

( ´,_ゝ`)

Since when the fuck where easymodo's rules 4chan's /jp/ rules.


>> No.7273802

Here we go again...

If I was throwing a tantrum I would be posting in caps or something.

Am I posting in caps?

>> No.7273805

Your attitude is similar to Sion's or Currybutt's. And they didn't last long. Just wait until a meido notices your shitposting.

>> No.7273806
File: 19 KB, 256x256, ching chong ding long hong fung sung wang wong ling.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

so we're not even allowed to talk about what we want??

with all this censorship youd think were in like

china !!!

>> No.7273808

>certain meidos ban people for using them.
Welcome to /jp/, newfriend. I can see you're trying to fit in, but please don't try too hard.

/jp/ has never had more than one janitor (meido) at a time, and janitors are unable to ban people (people who can are called moderators, and until recently we never had one). People have never been banned for using emoticons on /jp/.

>> No.7273810

>not last long

>> No.7273811

Good job in not getting sarcasm.
Lurk more.

>> No.7273812

They are the 4chan /jp/ community rules. If you didn't know this, then you need to get out.

>> No.7273813

He's off in his own little world right now chuckling to himself about how clever he is.

Nothing you say can shake him out of his reverie.

>> No.7273816

wtH #ell

>> No.7273817 [DELETED] 

You're actually retarded.

It's never safe to assume that somebody is not actually taking something literally in /jp/.

>> No.7273818
File: 22 KB, 300x400, alice margaret.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

hmm, seems to me like these jp guys are just scared that we'll steal their "precious thing" :P! (the board!)

btw fellow sakura peeps, i made a facebook group so be sure to join and share pics!!

>> No.7273819
File: 12 KB, 200x228, Ransmirk.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.7273820

I don't think moot gives a fuck about your community rules.

>> No.7273822


goddamn I love that picture

>> No.7273824


>> No.7273825

>i made a facebook group
link plz?

>> No.7273827

It's never safe to assume that somebody is not actually taking something literally in /jp/.

>> No.7273828

I don't think /jp/ gives a fuck about your opinion.

>> No.7273829

bump to spite the sagefags :3

>> No.7273830

>I don't think /jp/ gives a fuck about your opinion.

>> No.7273831

They don't have to. But you clearly do and were motivated enough to make the effort to reply.

>> No.7273832

This thread has reached the post limit. Nice try though.

>> No.7273833
File: 63 KB, 578x547, k3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I'll PM u the link!! or u can just search my name on fb (in the email field!!!)

btw guys, pic is "my face when" xD

>> No.7273834
File: 92 KB, 500x316, 1228109803346.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You really need to lurk more.
It is easy to see sarcasm, ironic shitposting compare to real retards.
The sakuraconfag obviously belong to the ironic shitposting group and want to make the real sakuraconfag looks bad.
It is very obvious and you can see his wittiness in all his posts.
Then you have the real retards that take things seriously like

Before any of you accuse me of samefagging, no I am not the avatar sakuraconfag but he made me chuckled.
Cant say the same for the real sakuraconfags which are getting their buttranged and hurtfeelings.

>> No.7273835

You don't even know what sage is or how to correctly use it. Back to >>>/b/ please.

>> No.7273837

>Sakuracon cosplayers are just annoying children secondaries and ternaries.
That's quite the bold claim you're making. Do you know each of them personally? You can't learn everything about a person from looks alone, and if you think you have some special cognitive skills it's probably just fucktardedness

>> No.7273838

I'm just going to assume that this post here is ironic shitposting so I don't have to explain why you are a retard.

>> No.7273839

so much epic pwnage ITT btw who ganna make new general?

>> No.7273840

No need to throw insult just because I made you look dumb and you cant see pass the sarcasm.
Stay classy.

>> No.7273842

I'm sure not all are bad, but the vast majority of the ones posting on /jp/ are.

>> No.7273845

Go for it. Don't forget to mention "sagefags", "newfags" or anything that could fuel more meta conversation so that /jp/ responds to it while you pretend that you are a retard and bump the thread once in a while. This thread will go on as long as haters hate!

>> No.7273846

I'm going to continue to assume you are being sarcastic because the alternative is that you are actually as retarded as you are attempting to seem.

>> No.7273847

I quite liked the Cirno cosplayer, she seemed sincere and didn't shit up our board, despite her young age. The rest of you can get the fuck out.

>> No.7273850
File: 42 KB, 450x292, 1301946583875.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You disappoint me in every possible way.

>> No.7273852

fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck just stop already

>> No.7273856


>> No.7273857
File: 7 KB, 466x205, every sakuracon thread ever.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.7273866

Banning and deleting little girl pedo garbage threads while going to cons and taking pictures of fat cosplayers.

>> No.7273867

Polishing their jew golds.

>> No.7273894

This thread is the perfect shitstorm for/ jp/

It has:

anime conventions
meta discussions

What else am I missing here? I

>> No.7273899

There were some cute little girls on the Nico stream though.

>> No.7273907

>meta discussions
All of these are a natural result of
>anime conventions

>> No.7273927

Yeah, nobody ever shitposts in /jp/ when there's not an anime convention on.

>> No.7273935


Successful Troll thread?

>> No.7273962

anime convention⇒shitposts does not necessarily mean ¬anime convention⇒¬shitposts

>> No.7273993

You win this one, logician.

But I'll be back.

>> No.7273997

A^¬A⇒You are a faggot

>> No.7274024

>A^¬A⇒You are a faggot
A^¬A is not possible. Are you trying to say it's impossible for me to be a faggot?

>> No.7274044

(B⇒C)^(¬B) does not imply ¬C

>> No.7274056

That's why I asked. If he wanted to assert I can't possibly be a faggot, he should've used
A^¬A⇔You are a faggot

>> No.7274107

(You are a faggot⇒A)∨(You are a faggot⇒¬A)
(¬A⇒You are a faggot)∨(A⇒You are a faggot)
(A⇒You are a faggot)∨(¬A⇒You are a faggot)
(A^¬A)⇒You are a faggot.

>> No.7274137

A^¬A is false, and from something false you derive everything, so his statement is correct,
but it doesn't say anything about if you are a faggot or not.

>> No.7274151

The thing is, the people trashing these threads are the idiots complaining about them, not the civilized posters originally participating in them.

People who report aloud and fag up rule-abiding threads just because they don't like other people having fun are the biggest problem on 4chan at the moment, and especially on /jp/.

>> No.7274269

I tried to decipher your logic for a bit, but it's complete nonsense.
If A is true, then A is true regardless of what X is, so X⇒A is redundant.
Always true.
>(You are a faggot⇒A)∨(You are a faggot⇒¬A)
No idea what you're trying to say here.

After that I just gave up.

>> No.7274366

They are all true logical statements, thought they don't seem to be following any standard methods for manipulating logic.

>> No.7274736

This thread is a FABULOUS reason to just close this board entirely.

>> No.7274854

Why are people acting like /jp/ is so superior to cons when every single day there's a which touhou fuck thread?

>> No.7275168

>(You are a faggot⇒A)∨(You are a faggot⇒¬A)
If A, then (You are a faggot⇒A).
If ¬A, then (You are a faggot⇒¬A)
Therefore, (A∨¬A)⇒(You are a faggot⇒A)∨(You are a faggot⇒¬A)
>(¬A⇒You are a faggot)∨(A⇒You are a faggot)
Take the contrapositive of both statements.
>(A^¬A)⇒You are a faggot.
One of the above two statements was true, but whichever of them is true, you're still a faggot.

Really. And here I was thinking that I had found a logically consistent proof that you were indeed a fag.

>> No.7275335

ITT ironyfags owning non-ironyfags to the core.

>> No.7275392

Get out.

>> No.7275543 [DELETED] 

Except you're making an invalid assumption at
>If A, then (You are a faggot⇒A).
>If ¬A, then (You are a faggot⇒¬A)
We know that
>A^¬A⇒You are a faggot
>(You are a faggot⇒A)∨(You are a faggot⇒¬A)
but we cannot assume that if 'You are a faggot' is true, A is true as well. For example, I might be a faggot because B. That way you cannot say for sure that A is true.

>> No.7275574

Except you're making an invalid assumption at
>If A, then (You are a faggot⇒A).
>If ¬A, then (You are a faggot⇒¬A)
We know that
>A^¬A⇒You are a faggot
but we cannot assume that if 'You are a faggot' is true, A is true as well. For example, I might be a faggot because B. That way you cannot say for sure that A is true.

>> No.7275700

So no one else actually has photos from the panel? Bummer. I swear there were 50 of you there.

>> No.7275868
File: 399 KB, 1000x550, sakuracon2011_cirno.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

She is very cute! More!

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