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How Touhous do take care of their hair?

In Gensokyo there aren't any shampoos like we have in our world and if you will wash hair just with water, then you will get greasy hair.

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How did people care for their hair in late 19th century Japan? And then add magic.

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I wish I could use reaction faces right now.

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Oh, I forgot to tell "inb4 magic"

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Hats. And magic.

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You're supposed to deny magic, Bern.

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OP cannot "inb4"

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>How Touhous do take care of their hair?
I still laugh at how 4chan doesn't understand english.

If only I knew moon so I wouldn't have to spend time on a board that uses languages and then DOES IT WRONG all the time.

Placing the verb after the subject in a question is just completely wrong and a retarded misuse of a good feature that is so popular in all languages. Fuck, dictionaries do it right. It's just 4chan and 4chan's lame knockoffs that fail at using questions.

The correct location of the verb in a question is before the subject. It's ironic, because you think that you're right, while in fact, you're just insulting yourself. Yes, questions are useful, but placing the verb after the subject in a question accomplishes nothing but contribute to spamming the board. The trend of replying with the name of a tripfag and incorrect english is even worse, as it accomplishes nothing and only serves to increase the e-penis of whoever you're "attacking".

Verbs were never meant to be used after subjects in questions! Why people started using it that way is beyond me. There are plenty of reasons why one would use english correctly. For example, asking a question.

I want to use correct english, yet I almost never do it on 4chan because people will jump on me thinking I'm insulting their post or something.

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But if you wear hat a lot then it gets even worse for your hair!

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I'm certain they all have bad teeth, hairy bodies, untamed eyebrows, a lot of nose hair and sweaty, pimply skin as well.

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>there aren't any shampoos
That's what they want you to believe

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Eirin can make goddamn immortality elixirs, shampoo would be child's play for her.

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Grammar Nazi are best dead, don't you know that?

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The humans from the village make soap from the fat of the animals they hunt. Then touhoes buy or steal it.

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But is it possible to wash hair with soap?

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true neet question

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Yes, and it's cheaper than shampoo. Which means more money (from the government of course)to spend on useful things like figs or fumofumos.