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Good wife and mother Okuu

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The perfect woman for the post modern nuclear family.

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she is a terrible pig. no thread

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I want a good wife.

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She may not be a blonde bombshell, but she'll certainly light up any room.

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I'm going to punch you so hard it kills your whole family.

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Sup Parsee

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i've seen one anon post this many times, always saying something to the effect of how it is his favourite picture because he could imagine her really looking like that

if you're in this thread, hi!

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Okuu is the largest of my touhou folders. I love you Okuu~

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Head tilt moe~

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>Wow, Koishi, this meat is great! Where'd you get it?
>Teehee, It's a secret~

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one day, there will be tags for this on pixiv and danbooru

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Do you like SHAFT?

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You guys are horrible, horrible people. You should feel ashamed.

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Touhous feeding touhous touhous?

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Daaaaaaaaamn right I do.

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I didn't believe at first that they were really eating Okuu in >>7269091 so I looked it up.

The tags they used in it were...

>おい、ちょっとまて (Hey, wait a minute)
>誰か足りない (Someone's missing)
>Reiuji Utsuho

You do the math.

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If it makes you feel better, that's the only picture in that set I saved.

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Canonically wrong. Koishi loves Okuu.

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who parsee? i am warning all of the pig savant. do not fall for her cahrms!!

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Half the cases of non-religious/necessary cannibalism are related love.

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it cant be her because they would get radiation sickness

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darou ne

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Which Touhou M-1 is her skit from anyway? I've only seen it on YT and I've been wanting to download it forever.

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The 4th.

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Blaune has nothing to do with it!

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Rampant bird up this bastard.

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Shitty Utsuho. Her right foot should be encased in concrete.

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Team chirei assemble

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She only wears that when she needs to stomp people. She doesn't need it for being cute.

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Satori is the only touhou I save pictures of, but Okuu is in a few of them, so...

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I love Okuu.

I just wanted to say that.

I love Okuu.

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No one cares.

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Me too, Anonymous.

I do. Dick.

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Apparently you care. Enough to bump the thread.

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I want to ruffle Okuu's hair.

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Using my special ability of Hartmannian e-psychology, I can tell what you're thinking: 'I identify with Satori, she's the only Touhou for me.'

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Fight to the death.

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Death to the fight.

Post Okuu instead.

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To the death fight.

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Waiting for order confirmation from Yokatta on half a dozen different Okuu books. I've Never been so excited.

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Was it you asking for pixiv tags earlier this week, i think about okuu.... i know the thread pic was an okuu doujinshi. The OP was saying something about ordering.

I've really started to notice how quite a few people draw okuu as a loli but still with quite large breasts, for her body size, im not talking about yuugi size. I actually kinda like that style.

I now have the urge to order some okuu doujinshi, scan it and upload it. Mainly to order it.

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Yeah, that was me. I jumped right on that shit as soon as I discovered them. The artist that likes to draw her like that is Reku, and I really like his style as well. I'm planning on scanning and sharing everything I order with magicvoile and /jp/, so I need to buy two copies of each book. I may even have the opportunity to edit them if people from magicvoile are willing to translate, which usually they do in exchange for an editor.

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Head tilt durr.

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>Good wife and mother Okuu

Every child dead from accident/negligence before age 3.

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That reminds of a ero manga idea I had once. A guy goes into a huge crowd of people hunting for lolis. He just nonchalantly picks one up and sticks it in while a crowd of people is watching. The story would have multiple POVs: the rapist, the loli and a random onlooker that wants to join in knowing he'll condemn himself if he does.

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I do that without thinking.
Had people comment on it every now and then all my life.

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So, you're going to bring this idea to fruition?

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I'm assuming the reason he hasn't already is because he's an average artist.

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Happy Chernobyl Anniversary!

Celebrate 25 years of radioactivity!

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Wait, seriously?

So, it this like Okuu's birthday or something?

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Okuu would be a good mother.

I'd impregnate her.

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I imagine her children would look something like this.

Assuming animal youkai children are all born as anthropomorphic beings.

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It's a shame that's such a horrible photoshop job. Coulda been entertaining.

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Oh God I want to lick her freshly laid eggs clean...

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Yes, she really is one in a hundred million.

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Enjoy your salmonella.

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I'd love to pet Okuu, but not make her my wife. She would keep forgetting to turn off kitchen appliances.

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You'd still have sex with her, though... right?

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Of course, with a lead condom and gloves.

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Using condoms with your waifu is so beta. I'd fuck her raw and creampie her every day multiple times.

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Utsuho's pretty great, yeah.

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I would like to be folded under Utsuho's wings.

Later, we could bake a cake.

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A smart husband is slightly deaf and a good wife is slightly blind.

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“fantastic show tewi, my acting is almost believable” she grinned. Which is why there are so many misogynistic fucks in Japan and woman abusers in the wapanese group.

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She's amazing.

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I thought the wife should be slightly mute, but I guess that version of the saying works as well.

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Based on saved image count, Okuu is one of my favorite Touhous.

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Suddenly, the 3DS interests me now that Okuu is somehow involved.


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Came for the great images, stayed for the birdbrain moe and general badassery.