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Reported for textless posting.

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"I've waited for you for so long /jp/.... I'm glad that you finally came..."

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Reporting for excessive reporting.

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P... Patchy!?... Here! EAT THEM! THEY ARE YOURS!!!

J... Just get well OK!...

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do you want her to have a heart attack?

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That shit is poison.

Maybe she will get better if she tries some MOTHERFUCKING EMPANADAS.

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While we are at it, might as well share some wisdom.

Listen up idiots. People who is in the state like Patchy MUST NOT be fed with hard to digest kind of food like junk food or any meal with meat on them. Their weaken stat include their digestive system. So when you feed them such, you are actually fastening the patient's heart processing system. It is often resulting inn fatal condition.

Therefore the best food for now is only insulin. Then rice gruels. Then simple salad, fruits, and or yogurt. Then, you can feed her normal food. Consult your doctor which state the patient is currently in.

Remember, sometimes reckless kind action can often FATAL !

The more you know!

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>Coca Cola on an empty stomach
Why would you do it?

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Coke's pretty good for you if you have an upset stomach. If you're on a dialysis machine and need an oxygen mask, it's probably not going to help too much.

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Ok I fucking lol'd hard. Where are you from?

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>drinking coke
>not drinking dr.pepper
no wonder you're sick.

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She obviously can't eat, the only way to feed her is through Danmaku.

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You're easily amused, like a monkey.

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you masturbate in public and fling poo, like a monkey

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and nothing

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