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kaguya or mokou?

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All of them.

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Both. Together. Forever.

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They're both good.

I don't get how Mokou is supposed to be so badass when she's holding a thousand(+?)-year grudge, though. That's childish high school shit taken to its extreme.

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She's not supposed to be badass.

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Probably keeps the grudge to entertain/give meaning to herself for all eternity.

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That childish piece to it was taken and greatly exaggerated the fanon community, making her act like a little kid over it.

In canon, Mokou doesn't go out of her way to find Kaguya to kill her. She doesn't like her, so she generally avoids her.

She's badass because... well, take a good look at this picture. That should give you an idea of what her true nature is. Use your imagination.

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I like to imagine that Mokou fights with Kaguya due to a twisted desire to become or possess that which her father wanted. However over time, as her family disappeared, her body changed so drastically, and she found herself in a new world it changed into a desperate attempt to maintain her sense of identity. So she overacts her grudge against Kaguya as that relationship is all she has left of who she was.
I like to imagine Kaguya is emotionally deadened after spending her time as a doll, simply shipped around for admiration amongst the courtiers and surrounded by aloof genius types. Being mostly isolated for centuries with few new experiences she has become wholly jaded and has no motivation. But Mokou always attacks her with emotions flaring, so she provokes the girl, living vicariously through those emotional outbursts, leaving the two of them in a twisted dependence, beating back the pathos of eternity.

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Haha what did I just say

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>Mokou doesn't go out of her way to find Kaguya to kill her.

Of course she doesn't go out of her way to find Kaguya. She doesn't have to, they both know where the other one lives.

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That you're on drugs?

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Shittiest paring. Kaguya and Mokou are only good when killing the shit out of each other.

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She's invincible, how can she NOT be kickass?

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If you take Inaba of the Moon as canon, then she does.

The whole ''blaaargh Kaguya I'll kill you'' actually happens. Except later on they just settled with a drinking contest.

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Invincibility just makes a character boring since in general terms it means it's unbeatable and can only be restrained or sent to another dimension.

Mokou gets beaten from pain/lack of spellcards in this case.

And yeah, she's kinda cool but at the same time has a childish grudge with and along with Kaguya. For millenia no less.

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That wasn't written by ZUN, so I don't consider it canon.
The whole fanon-like feud was promoted in Inaba because of the lightheartedness of the author. Her true relationship with Kaguya is more like that of CiaLR. She wouldn't do something as childish as that in that story.

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I think not, she can fight until she cannot endure pain anymore.

she's sexy, though.

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>childish grudge

People keep saying this. The real reason why she holds the grudge isn't just because the denial of marriage with her father incident. It changed her forever. She had to endure lots of hardships over the millenia, and now she can't live like a normal person. She holds a grudge over Kaguya because people don't consider her human anymore.

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It doesn't matter that it wasn't written by ZUN, because he approved it, it's the same as if he had actually written and whether the fans like it or not he will consider it canon.

And you don't know if Mokou would or wouldn't do that, stop acting like you do out of your preference of characters. I hate when people just assume they can predict what-if scenarios.

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No, she herself was the one who drank the elixir, not under the influence of anybody.

The grudge over her father still stands and that is what has always been said, don't change ZUN's words.

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What if your mom was in the room with me. She would have hot ass sex with me, the lamp, and my chair.

Prediction? No. Fucking statistically proven.

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I don't think it'll be worth to debate over this, fans of her always believe what suits their preference of canon best, not even when evidence is put up against them.

And this happens with most characters, too.

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Your shitposting won't get you anywhere, fufufu.

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>because he approved it, it's the same as if he had actually written

No it's not. I see a big distinction between the Mokou ZUN created and the Mokou fans create. Even if ZUN did approve of it, I don't consider that Mokou canon because I know that she'd be different if he wrote it.

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She wouldn't have drank the elixir if it weren't for Kaguya. And ZUN did write that Mokou blames Kaguya for her predicament. I'm not changing anything he said.

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Obviously Mokou blames Kaguya, but the sole reason is her father's disgrace, even if Mokou was led into drinking because of Kaguya specifically denying her father, the one thing Kaguya is to blame is just that, the rest is Mokou's regrets for that same reason.

It's still a childish grudge, changing the factors just removes you from liking the actual Mokou. But go ahead, that's what most people do, change their favourite character's traits in order to fit their requirements of perfection.

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She's said many times in Cage of a Lunatic Runagate that, and once even in the game, she that she disliked her immortal and invincible body. She doesn't dislike Kaguya just because of the denial incident. She blames ALL her hardships on Kaguya because of that one incident on that day. And rightfully so.

She doesn't just hate ber because of the denial alone, but because of everything else that followed after.
You're the one who's changing her by saying she hates Kaguya because of just that one thing- the marriage denial.

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She blames her out of selfishness, when it was her emotional attire that drove her to her current state. It's like tripping on a rock on a day, then get fired from your job that same day and blame it on the rock.

As said before, childish grudge, this is on part of Kaguya as well. Of course that doesn't stop people from exaggerating it. This is Touhou after all, there's no such thing as a serious matter of grudge towards another character. Not that there can be one between these two anyways.

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Mokou was a child at the time, Kaguya was not. Her mind wasn't mature at the time, which lead her to making improper decisions.
She killed Ihakasa and regretted it for the rest of her life because of Kaguya. That alone was enough to atone for Mokou's hatred toward her. She also got an undesirable body and life for all of eternity and labeled as a monster by most humans to boot.
Kaguya set the rock, Mokou got fired because she tripped on the rock and was late for work, in your scenario. It's not selfish at all.

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I require DEEP doujins relating to this topic.

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So far looks a little too fanon-y.

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You asked for DEEP Doujins, these are all I know of off the top of my head.

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Why does Mokou always have her hands in her pockets?

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Mokou/Kaguya threads are always pretty shitty.

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He doesn't know that all "deep" doujins are fanon-y, Touhou isn't "deep", it's lighthearted.

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She's so powerful, she doesn't have to take them out to fight.

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Everything ZUN writes is deep.

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You're welcome.

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