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What does it feel like to have your feet worshiped, /jp/?

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How the fuck would any of the disgusting inhabitants of /jp/ know?

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That's fucking disgusting, Helen. No one cares about Swedish hag feet.

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As mentioned last night, Helen discussing feet is my fetish.

Tonight she has upped the stakes. Interesting.

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>HelenXonpool !a0yHhBwvus
Thread ruined

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I'm sure its nice

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Feels great.

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HelenXonopol is Arcueid Brunestud pretending to be a woman. Go compare their posts on the archive, and stop sucking off one of the worst shitposters we have.

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It fits because they both used to shitpost on /k/ when I went there.

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Fuck of QC, no one cares about your shitty E-drama.

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Fuck off, QC, no one cares about your shitty E-drama.

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I don't understand.

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Quality Control would have posted with a trip, idiot.

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I wish I was a little girl and got to wear cute sandals that gave me a glimpse at my delicious little feet. But it'd feel bad knowing I'd never be able to really have fun sucking my feet unless I get into yoga.

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Did you guys notice that QC disappeared the same day as Wth? They really were the same person.

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I like both Arc and Xonpool's posts

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Jesus Christ that Marisa face.

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You're stupid.

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>Wed Apr 13 16:56:05 2011
>Tue Apr 12 13:32:31 2011

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Pretty nice, actually.

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elaborate, I can't fap like this

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It's always the best when the girl is embarrassed and awkward.

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I'm a guy, though.

Just sayin'.

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a trappy guy?

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I'm skinny, but I'm not especially feminine beyond that.

Got nice-looking feet though, apparently.

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Pics are needed.

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Weeeeeell, excuse me while I fap