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How does marriage work in Gensokyo?

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They knock you out and then drag you back to their house/cave/hole.

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Civil marriage.

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They dont.
Everyone fucks everyone and everything.

In general its all just one huge slut orgy.

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Touhous are too smart to get married and give the state a right to interfere in their affairs.

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You exchange oaths to share everything with each other and then one of you takes the other's last name. Then after a few hundred years you adopt a child together.

Anything else is just to keep things interesting. After all, humans get bored of their partners in comparatively short couple of decades.

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How can you get married to a force of nature?

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An elaborate ceremony or rape in a cave, it is not for you to decide.

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>rape in a cave

That sounds pretty scary actually.

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That's what they like to pretend. In reality, the state already interferes with their affairs on a regular basis, and Reimu is the state.

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assuming you have donated enough for Reimu to gives two shits about you.

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What makes you think there would be marriage in Gensokyo? Marriage is a normalfag custom that takes place on planet Earth. Do aliens get married too?

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>He still thinks Reimu cares about money

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Irony, because the aliens are currently the only married characters shown in Touhou. Reimu and Sanae's shrine maiden jobs force them to seek a husband when they come of age (or before, whatever).

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>he thinks she doesn't

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Secondary, read CoLA.

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Secondary, read IotEaM

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>he thinks the Inaba comics are canon!

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Sanae has had several husbands already though.

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says the crowslut

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>She doesn't listen to others and has no understanding of the concept that things have a value, a price. To her, money is nothing more than some sort of paper or metal

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Yes, the irony was intended.

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Stop that.