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Can someone explain to me how the stage six boss from one game can possibly end up as the state ONE boss of a sequel?

Was Zun just too tired to come up with a new character design that would ultimately be rejected by the fans (Aki sisters, Yamame, Wriggle, all excruciatingly unpopular).

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I'm glad to see her again though.

I hope we see more of her, I just can't get enough Kogasa.

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Story-wise, it makes sense. Go to Meikai -> get Yuyuko

Anyway, notice that while all the other bosses have their clothing torn and stuff when they lose, Yuyuko doesn't.

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If Yuyuko not having her clothes torn is supposed to imply that she's way stronger than other stage 6 bosses, that only adds to the confusion from her being placed as a stage 1

Even if it makes sense chronologically or according to the plot, Yuyuko being powered down to the extent she was in 13 does not.

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She was just stopping by to say hi. That's all.

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it means she was fucking with you.

also I thought it was kind of a fun oh shit moment.

and it makes sense thinking about who the new playable character is,

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Yuyuko is obviously going to come back in Stage 5, 6, or Extra ...

She doesn't even break a sweat you beat her, still smiling, condescendingly.

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She didn't give a fuck.

hello, here's some spellcards, bye

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Can someone explain to me why you expect anything good from Zun nowadays?

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Maybe you could explain why we shouldn't

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Just like how Yuugi came back as a Stage 5, 6, or Extra midboss!

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but I like wriggle ):

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He continues to introduce bad systems and his music sounds even more generic with each game.

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UFO's music was fine but that damn fairy game didn't have a single memorable song, save for the decent final battle.

I was hoping he just got rushed on Fairy Wars, so I'm giving him another chance to do good on his flagship game. After all Cosmic Mind~Emotional Skyscraper was one of his finest pieces alongside Septette for the Dead Princess.

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I enjoyed both Fairy Wars and UFO a lot. They might have been gimmicky, sort of like a hit or miss, but Fairy Wars especially had interesting gameplay and I liked UFO's BGM.

Of course it gets harder to please the players with each installment but so far I think ZUN has done a surprisingly good work, considering everything. No need to get over-expectant.

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That would piss me off

Yuyucow is the worst touhou. Seeing her and my favorite touhou being reintroduced in the same new game fills me with emotions I can't put words to.

I might flip a shit if Kogasa ends up being Yuyubitch's midboss. Then seeing doujin art of them together might wretch my stomach.

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Because he just introduced a Touhou cooler than all the designs in UFO. Also Ten Desires just needs its difficulty upped, other than that it's a fantastic game so far. Your pessimism can only influence the real world so much, in fact not at all because ZUN's made plenty of good games lately. Or maybe you're still mad that SDM has truly been buried and forgotten?

Also, Yoshika has a "master" in her description and is a summoned zombie.. which in a roundabout way confirms that yes there are necromancer Touhous (and zombies obviously); we'll probably get to see one in the full Ten Desires.

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oh, this again...

>protagonists see's spirits so expects yuyuko
>yuyuko doesn't really care so goes back to flower viewing.
>fights protagonists while flower viewing
it's in the omake.

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This is only a difficult concept to mud brained idiots like OP.

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Your argument has been invalidated.

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Stage is about story, not powerlevel.
Also Kogasa is the new youkai moe.

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>necromancer Touhou

I called dibs.

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I want to make sweet, tender love to her until her belly swells with my child.

Is that so wrong?

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>Kogasa is the new youkai moe.
Go fuck yourself

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Even as a person who takes Touhou "seriously" I don't think I will ever truly understand someone like you.

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Hopefully with this she will be more popular

She already got shot down several places in the last touhou "popularity contest"

From twenty sixth when she was introduced to thirty-something. Hopefully she goes back up.

I'm glad Cirno at least went down--indicating people are tired of her stupid shit.

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The only other thing coming back in this game will be Mima!

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For each year I've realized more and more how little the Touhou popularity poll actually means. The numbers never seem to translate into fandom dedication.

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Huh, I thought my reaction would be much more negative.

I guess I love Kogasa a lot more than I hate Yuyocow

I must REALLY love Kogasa

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There's a huge separation between our perceived popularity of touhou characters and their perceived popularity according to where the doujins are pumped out.

We could all unanimously adore Yamame more than everyone loves Yuka, but there wouldn't be any more doujins with Yamame than there are now (hardly any).

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Yeah, I'd say that the numbers of fanart pics (relative to time, such as Touhou x gets x new pics per year) ... are the best indicator of who's on peoples' minds. Ones that stay popular year after year get more and more art piled onto them, while unpopular ones get a comparatively meager amount even after several years.

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I always laugh at thoughts of Mima coming back.
The day she REALLY comes back, I will shit a cottage on the countryside.

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get out of /jp/ you yuyuko hating faggot.

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I resent that. Yuyuko is lovely.


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I'm pretty sure some people wouldn't want her to come back just because of how the fans would take it. I can only imagine all of the pages of Mima reaction threads.

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>Yuyuko is obviously going to come back in Stage 5, 6, or Extra .

Actually, wait, fuck, that makes sense.

The only stage the Extra midboss hasn't been from yet is Stage 1.

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She is the epitome of evil and you have been brainwashed!

My hatred will linger long after I abandon this place--everyone should have a touhou they abhor

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My bones usually only feel things ironically, but this time is different. I don't even like Mima. I can't shake this feeling. You might want to do anal stretching exercises.

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I get depressed each year when thinking "Oh, character X seems to have gotten more popular this year, she better climb in the polls!" only to see they barely climbed at all/dropped a lot.

I'm sure the popularity polls are accurate regarding some kind of information, but maybe not regarding popularity.

Either way, I think it's stilly to get too obsessed with numbers, especially if they bring you down. Touhou is an amazing franchise in the sense that every girl has a steady group of fans that love her.

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If Mima actually comes back, /jp/ will explode.

Japan, too. Get ready for every doujin at the next half-dozen Reitaisais being about her.

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>everyone should have a touhou they abhor
No, get out. We don't need your needles misdirected "hating".

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Actually, determining Touhou character's popularity from the fanart is actually terribly unaccurate, in fact, that's one of the reasons why the poll was made (it wouldn't make sense if the answer was just to look at the number of pixiv posts).

Think of it like this: One artist could make 100 Yukari pictures, another one would have 23, another one 12, another one 18, etc. Hence, the exact popularity (that is, per person) is uneven regarding every member of the Touhou community. While on the other hand, making the poll only gives 1-2 score per person, which makes it a lot more accurate seeing as how even pixiv announces such poll in a huge banner for about 2 or 3 weeks before it happens.