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Dear /jp/ ,

do i need a specific tool (like aegisub for subbing anime) in order to translate a VN? Maybe it's a stupid question, but i trust you knowledge.


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you have to learn SCIP

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Bumpin in hope for a hint.

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Ask moogy http://tlwiki.tsukuru.info/index.php?title=User:Moogy Founder/proprietor of TLWiki.

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dear anon, can you be more specific?
I'm italian btw, if anyone is interested.

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Why do you come to 4chan? Why don't you get some friends? try to get laid, do something  besides going on 4chan to try and act like a pretentious shitdick. If you had anybody in your life who actually wanted to listen to what you had to say you wouldn't be doing this, and if you weren't a complete piece of shit you would realize that nobody is going to read your point of view you faggot. Just stop or kill yourself, either or is fine with me.

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Be warned he's very rude!

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You mean interested in casual sex with an Italian?

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Uhm.. i work, i live in my house, i drive my car, and i have also a girlfriend. And a cat. Why can't i translate something in a language that no one cares about like the italian one?
Ok then, i'll be polite.
Sorry but i can't do that.

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I hope you're translating into english I'd hate to help wop translations, All you need is a text extractor for the engine for the game you're using, asking a group thats currently translating would probably be a good idea and there are some games where you can just find the scripts already ripped.

If the text is translated it'd probably be quite easy to find a programmer to help you put the text back in.

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Actually i'm going to translate everything into Italian. We don't have translated VN here, besides Umineko.
But thanks for the advice!

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SICP is a book which will teach you about the ancient language of LISP, which you will need in order to reprogram VN to accept the new script.

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Good luck finding an Italian programmer though you're probably going to translate an already in english vn and double language murder it.

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lol you faggot, we get it, you want to sound intelligent and important and so you go to a forum like this and find some other jizzbag like you who just writes the same shit over and over again to have a debate so that someone can finally listen and hear your point of view because everybody who comes across you isn't interested. You0re not smart, you're not interesting, you're an unemployed dullard who uses 4chan to get the attention he doesnt get at home

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You have to read SICP and have autism.

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First, i'm not even mad, poor troll.

FYI, this is not a forum.Period.

And yeah, i'm not smart. But i can translate and that's the thing that i want to do. Simple as that.
Actually nope, i'm gonna translate everything from Japanese.

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Someone here, fill me in.

This is some stupid copied and pasted repost, right?

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Stop responding to a copypasta bot you ignorant fool.

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Sorry, i'm new to /jp/, usually only on other boards. My fault.

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You mean someone is actually sad enough to pretend to be a bot?

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You need the services of an LTP:


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still Italian progger going to be a pain in the ass to find.

But have fun, and don't give up too early into the project.

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Nope but someone is stupid enough to think there are bots on /jp/

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Daijobu da mondainai (: