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Emotional healing/general.

What things are troubling you /jp/? Feel free to take off your trip if you have one and tell us what's bothering you.
And remember, it's okay to cry if you want to /jp/. We can all heal together.

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Fuck off with this shit. Reported.

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The last few time I took a shit, I noticed blood in the toilet and when I wiped my ass.

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School's out and /jp/ is really shitty. This thread is also making me feel bad.

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>What things are troubling you /jp/?
Terrible threads like this on /jp/.

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I cut myself the other day after years of staying away.
Being a NEET bugs me.

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One of my few friends is in an abusive relationship and refuses to leave

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Funny, last time I took a piss I noticed that it had a red tone.

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wtH would say that pic is heart warming like HELL but he can't because he's dead

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>Blog thread/General

Fuck no. Reported.

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Did he seriously die?

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/jp/ is slow as hell, can you fix it

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This sounds really GAY for me.

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I'm tired from playing games all night

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I'm out of milk, and eating dry cereal.
I hate my life.

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i think hes alive but they banned his tripcode

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Is trip is on autoban.
May he rest in peace.

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Try it.

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>It's not the same without you wtH. Are you coming back?
>i'm not planning on getting a new tripcode but i'm still around as anon
From his formspring.

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Sometimes that happens. If it continues for a few days, see a doctor.
Don't worry, being a NEET isn't that bad. If it does bug you, you should look into job training for something you like to do. What do you like to do?
Is it a female? If so, next time you hear about the abuse, call the police if you know where they live.
Have you tried an online grocery store? Some stores deliver perishables like milk to your doorstep.

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I sometimes get blood on the toilet paper when wiping. I don't think it's anything dangerous, what you should be worried about is if your shit is black. A little blood from your anus might just be some irritation from not having cleaned away your sweat properly.

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he's so dead that he can't die anymore

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Or hemmorhoids.

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Several posts on this thread are made by the same person.

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Males don't get protection from abuse?

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Who gives a shit reported.

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do you think he went to heaven or hell?
his formspring is wtH666

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Quit pimping your formspring, dumbass. No one gives a shit.

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Why is everyone using sage?

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I sure hope I don't have hemmorhoids. Sometimes I notice a few small bumps around the area of my anus which hurt a little.

Are there any ways to deal with that without spreading wide in front of a doctor?

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The problem with male abuse is it's hard to prove. I would still call the police even if it's a male, but keep in mind, it will take a lot more evidence of abuse to help the victim if they're male.
If it's a male, the best thing to do would call the police immediately each time the abuse occurs. If the police don't do anything immediately, more incident reports from the same place leaves a paper trail that will eventually lead to getting the person support they need.

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Massaging the affected area with a vibrating dildo 12" or longer.

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I woke up at 3AM last night and my entire right arm was swollen, it went away but I spent the rest of the night shaking due to what I'm hoping was just an anxiety attack. My chest still feels tight and I feel like I have pressure in my cranium and neck.

I'm afraid I'm gonna have a stroke and die since I live alone, but I can't afford to get it checked with no insurance and no car to even get to a hospital. Shit sucks.

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ITT: Middle class white kids who enjoy a comfortable life leeching off of their parents/the government and who have never experienced actual hardships in their life bitch about how they're the most unfortunate people in the world.

>231 posts and 112 image replies omitted.

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Cause no one's allowed to be miserable unless they're a starving African, etc.

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This smells like roleplaying/avatar shit. Do you really want to take part in this, /jp/?

Who am I kidding? Of course you do.

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Stop sagging faggots this topic has potential to solve all my problems.

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Go to the emergency room. Even if you have no insurance, an emergency room can't deny you treatment, at least in the United States.
Just because people are well-off in some ways doesn't mean that they don't have problems. I forget the name of what this is, but if a person's basic needs are met, like food, water, shelter, etc, they do stop worrying and being depressed about things like that, but then will begin to become upset over mental or emotional issues with similar emotions to if they were missing basic survival components. It's one of the reasons middle class white people kill themselves despite their basic needs being taken care of. Since they aren't stuck in a state of worry about survival, instead, they end up worrying about other issues instead.

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/jp/ - Emotions/Generals

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Those who need healing are weak.
Embrace the pain that makes you stronger, and learn to use it.

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from what anime is the OP from?

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Cause shitting up the board with off-topic BAWWWWW /r9k/-quality threads instead of making a sober personal assessment of how to ameliorate your perceived problems and taking then taking action is what a smart person would do, etc.

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Stop tarnishing the image of the name you carry.

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Wouldn't it be nice if people could be happy just with their basic needs met? Then if they were happy, they wouldn't need so much material stuff. And then they could use their money to help others get their basic needs, and everyone could be happy!


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>but then will begin to become upset over mental or emotional issues with similar emotions to if they were missing basic survival components. It's one of the reasons middle class white people kill themselves despite their basic needs being taken care of. Since they aren't stuck in a state of worry about survival, instead, they end up worrying about other issues instead.
I'm this, how high are the probability I'll self terminate?

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>can't make eye contact
>how do i get a job

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im getting punched by a cloud

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I woke up to my drunk step dad standing over my bed. As soon as I tried to get away he grabbed me by my hair and beat me until I blacked out. Later that evening I woke up to find myself in the basement with the door locked. Then my boyfriend shows up and rapes me.

What a terrible day.

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I don't want it. My pain is mine and mine alone, I cannot share my troubles without burdening others. My wish is to find others with burdens and make their problems mine instead of theirs.

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As long as you remain sober you probably won't.

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>I forget the name of what this is

It's called being an insufferable faggot.

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I used to think that this was the beauty of humanity, that no matter how satisfied we think we should be with something, we always strive for more and try to reach higher.

But then I realized that I have no ambitions and just want to take it easy.

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What was said is true. You can use the pain of your emotions as a driving force to better yourself. The same could be said of anything.
Mokou demonstrated this already. People here should learn by example.

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You learn social skills by integrating yourself in society.

You integrate yourself in society by having a job.

You get a job by having social skills.

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Precisely. Starving Kids in China syndrome. "EAT YOUR VEGGIES THERE'S STARVING KIDS IN CHINA THAT'D LOVE TO HAVE THAT." I have some friends online who've had much shittier lives then me, and when they tell me that I'm a pussy for being depressed over things that are marginal compared to their experiences, I tell them the exact same thing. You cannot expect me to recalibrate my own misery scale based on things outside my personal experience. I can't internalize them.

And if they really think they're so hardcore, they can come visit me and I'll kick their sorry fucking ghetto asses. But that doesn't apply here, I suppose.

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Tell me more.

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>/jp/ claims to hate blog threads, roleplaying, and avatar shit
>/jp/ has daily 200 post blog, roleplaying, and avatar threads
/jp/ - Hypocrisy/General

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A person is not an island. People can't always heal themselves, even emotionally.
You can reduce the risk of suicidal thoughts by taking care of yourself better, and if you're having those thoughts, definitely contact a suicide hotline and tell them about these thoughts.
Look for local job help services. There are usually places you can go to find help to get a job or develop job skills, usually run by the local government.
I know that feeling all too well. But do remember to at least have one person, one place to confide in when it gets too hard. It's good to help others, but if you can't keep yourself stable, you can't help others well, or even at all.

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Remember, even millionaires have commited suicide.

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That reminded me of that comic with the little girl and the stuffed rabbit and getting sexually abused by her father.

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How miserable a person is is based only on how that person experiences it himself.

'Starving kids in Africa' could feel less miserable than a 'white upper-class kid' suffering from severe depression. Someone's well-being isn't objective.

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Get over yourself, kid.

You're not special, and none of your experiences are in any way unique. Everyone else has gone through the exact same shit as you; but unlike you, they deal with it and move on instead of listening to bad music and wearing eye shadow. Go fish for attention somewhere else.

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I think this person is what one would call a 'troll'.

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I'm lost in my own fantasyland.

I used to be your standard foreveralone.jpg faggot, but nowadays I don't even look at women - or anybody, for that matter. All my relationships are imagined ones - imagined interactions, imagined conflicts and problems with imaginary girls. And I often make things harder on myself, like bringing Miku into it: to add that human/robot 'what is a Human?' element to things, just to fuck it up even more.

My novelist's imagination is now the sum total of my existence.

I'm scared.

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I'm in a situation that got kinda delicate. I've met a girl in an MMO af ew years ago, and we live very far away, but we've been building up a romantic-esque relationship. She's stuck with a horrible family, and has recently remembered some stuff her father did to her.

I don't know how to help her, or to confort her. All I can do is tell her "I'm here for you" and "I want to protect you", but I feel like it's insignificant, specially since we haven't met face-to-face yet. What would you guys do, /jp/?

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She is most likely making shit up.

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Show her your dick

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You have achieved the ultimate existence. You should now dedicate yourself to guiding others looking to go down the same path.

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Lost it when I got to the eye-shadow part. 10/10, would lol again.

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I have no experience with actual suffering, so I will employ the generic "argument for relativism" not knowing that's complete bullshit.

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Cut off all contact. Call the police if you ever hear from her again.

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what's pen*s land?

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You really don't understand it. How simple-minded.

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They may not be unique, but that doesn't mean it doesn't hurt. Emotional issues are still issues, and by resolving them the person becomes happier, and more able to deal with other issues.
While your best bet would be to just start talking to women, that's difficult to pull off at first.
My recommendation would be to start joining forums or the like where names are mandatory, so you can put a name to your interactions with others, slowly make friends, and from there, use what you've learned there to do interactions in the real world.
Try to convince her to seek counseling. Since I don't know the details, I can only assume the worst, so the sooner her issues are treated, the better. Womens shelters might have services to help, but don't quote me on that.

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Even if it's true that people here only know a tiny bit of suffering, your argument is like saying that hospitals should limit themselves to treating dying people, because just being hurt is nothing compared to dying, so it's insignificant if someone broke a leg or suffered brain damage.

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I think I developed bulimia in the past week or so, as I've been intentionally vomiting every time after eating.

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First, try to reverse the habit, second, see a doctor.
Do both, especially seeing a doctor.

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Eating disorders are fine, proceed.

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Doing that already. I know there is still time to put the guy in jail if she wanted to, but she had few complaints about her father, being the most decent person on her family that didn't mistreat her all the time like her mother. I wonder if taking any action against him is gonna have any beneficial effect on her.

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Its okay, Madotsuki. You just need to stop replying to Alice threads/images.

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I did badly on my Math test today. I'm not sure if I'm going to pass this Math course.

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>the "emotional pain" of your girlfriend of 2 weeks breaking up with you is equivalent to a broken limb or brain damage

Reality, motherfucker, do you speak it?

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Just remember, even afterwards, if the father goes to jail, she will still need help to recover. Try your best to have her go through counseling even after the immediately situation is resolved.
Don't use strawmen so much. And even if it is for example, a girlfriend breaking up with you, that still does and can do emotional damage, depending on many factors. Normally, it can recover on it's own, but it can recover faster if the person has support from friends or other people, and if the person has a disorder, it might be the only way for them to recover.

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I'm already seeing a doctor for various other mental problems. I don't really want to mention this out of nowhere. I've also been taking more anti-anxiety meds than I'm supposed to because of how shitty I've been feeling.

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I made a thread sorta like this on /adv/ last night. Turned out the majority of people on there just want to be hugged and hold hands with an affectionate person. Then people started trading msn accounts etc and it got kinda strange. But people had interesting stories to tell especially considering it is /adv/ of all places. I don't even know why I went there in the first place.

>> No.7222285

I sometimes go there when I want to visit exciting new boards, instead of refreshing /jp/ and /g/ over and over again.

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Yes, because bragging about how miserable you are on the internet makes for a faster recovery than seeing a professional.

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My father, along with myself to an extent, when I was younger, gave my hard-working mother a lot of stress in the past. She eventually broke down and came down with various hormonal disorders--most of which left her a mess, both emotionally and mentally. Now that I've matured a bit and dealt with my own demons, I do my best to show my now-senile mother kindness and love. However, the many years of conflict have turned her into a hateful creature; these days, I'm the victim. Sometimes I wish I could just leave her for good and move on with my own life, but she is my mother. I can't do that. It is a very difficult situation for me.

It's more or less like that with other people too. I endeavor to help others and bring some happiness into their lives, but for whatever reason they repay my efforts by taking advantage of my nature and using me as a punching bag. I've endured it until now and walked this path believing it to be right, but my conviction is starting to waver. I'm not sure what to do anymore.

P.S. I apologize for ranting. I felt I needed to release some of my pent-up emotions.

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It turns out you can't take responsibility for other people's happiness.

It's time to look after yourself, my friend. Stop putting up with their bullshit. Defend yourself. You're worth it.

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>What things are troubling you

/jp/ will hate me for this, but it's mostly a girl

a year ago through bizarre circumstances I came into regular contact with a girl for the first time in, well, ever

she was so kind, I liked her a lot and wanted to meet up with her IRL (after that first time all we did was text and MSN)

thought of asking her to coffee and then put it off. for months. i was (am) a useless shut-in. i didn't even want her to see me again, to know how disgusting i am.

so we texted all those months, back and forth, i listened to her worries and duties and all the things she cared about... she seemed perfect. but i couldn't ask. never.

now she's graduating from her university and moving away (abroad) this June, for good.

but, whatever, I'm glad she has so much to look forward to and so on. It's just I hate how I let my own stupid hang-ups make me completely miss the only opportunity for a real friend I've ever had. I don't believe there will be many more like that again...

this morning my mum asked me to go get rolls from the bakers. I didn't do anything weird. I just said "6 rolls, please" and then suddenly the woman behind the counter laughed hysterically and shouted "you're a shy boy aren't you?!", in earshot of everyone in there

i just wanted to die... i shuffled and walked out embarrassed, having said nothing, as always, i don't know why i bother anymore...

Normally I can't stand blog posts and... in the morning I won't want to read this ever again but right now I want to hug everyone in this thread, flamers and all. Flame me as well, go ahead... it doesn't change that /jp/ has been my only real friend all this time. I really love you all. I couldn't do without this place. All of you. ♥

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I rarely ever post in any thread, I just fell that I would trouble people with my post. The same can be said about my life in general, I don't want to be a bother to anyone so I try to avoid people as much as I can.

also sorry if I troubled/annoyed anyone with this post.

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Fuck you, you annoying retarded piece of shit faggot.

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I do realize this will sound absolutely ridiculous, and many of you will think I am trolling.

I've been pretending to be a girl online for a while now. At first I enjoyed the attention and the illusion of actually being cared about - however lately I've realized how I'm deceiving these people. I've made some friends online, and I'm "online dating" a very nice guy (I know, gay, but give me a break). He hasn't the slightest idea that I'm actually male. I've grown to actually care about his feelings, and lately I've felt like a monster for doing this to him. I feel that I need to stop it. But revealing my "true identity" is not an option. I just can't bring myself to do that. Also, suddenly breaking all contact would probably make him think something happened to me.

I've literally been crying about this for some days now, I have no idea how to end it while trying to keep him from getting hurt. As of now, I'm thinking of just going on with it until he grows bored of me and decides to move on with his life. If I ever get myself rid of this situation, I will never do it again. Not do I only feel like shit for deceiving everyone, but I'm also scared for my own mental health.

Thanks for listening, just had to get this off my chest. Pic somewhat related.

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"I'm not who you're think I am...
I need time to think"

and he'll never know you have a penis

>> No.7222346

Tell him you love him and that's a wonderful guy, but that you were lying about your AGE and cut off all contact for good.

You're already deep in the gay as it is, might as well go all the way in.

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I don't trust anyone. I can't. They stopped taking me to seek professional help because I didn't say anything. I don't want to hurt anyone by having to get them to deal with my problems. I'd rather die going insane than to hurt someone by being the kind of person I really am.

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>long, long friendship of texting
>never asked her out

Been there, done that. Oh, what a girl she is; brilliantly intelligent, witty, sarcastic - she can THINK, and wisecrack, and feel - mmm.

Alas, she's crazy. She's as crazy as a shithouse rat. She's one of those people who are so damaged vis a vis interpersonal relationships that she tries to compartmentalize sex and emotional intimacy; take love from one man, and sex from another. I don't need to tell you how fucked up THAT is.

But, alas, I loved her anyways, despite knowing it was all wrong. I eventually wrote a short story about it; my writing critics loved it and she still pretends it doesn't exist, since she knew EXACTLY what it was about.

Oh lawd.

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Ah, you're not alone.

I started pretending to be a girl almost the moment I realised you could chat to other people online (maybe 8yo) and didn't stop altogether until I was at least 19. Had many men fall for me, to the point of obsession (I still receive emails from a few that I've been ignoring for years).

Take it from someone who's been down that path... it's a scary and dangerous game, and you're playing with people's emotions (including your own, in the end). It's also very addictive, as you know. I can't help you stop, but you really need to before it goes too far.

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Current mood: Anxious

sup /blog/, another day, another worry. I happened to glance at my teeth in the mirror when I was brushing them to realize I've got a giant cavity on my front teeth. I did the usually DIAGNOSE YOUR TROUBLES on the internet and apparently when cavities start at the gumline, the automatic reaction of the body numbs any pain usually associated with cavities.

So basically because I'm unemployed, I can only use the locate medicaid clinic which will take another month before I can even schedule anything two months from now.

tldr; I'm going to lose my front teeth and talk like a drunk for the rest of my life unless I win the lottery and get to have the honor of having my gums drilled into, which will be bloody and painful.

On top of that, welfare is breathing down my neck to go to another jobfair, and if I don't go, I won't get my cheque.

Maybe you can make me feel better, make sure to rate this post five stars!

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I have no PC. Posted from a phone on dial-up.

>> No.7222359

I love you too and feel the same way about /jp/.

It's a hard situation to be in. Chance encounters with people is the only thing keeping me going, I'd be sure to mess it up though.

>> No.7222365

I love you too, man. For real. Sorry life isn't being good to you. Hope things turn around soon.

>> No.7222369

What a cunt. I would have taken the rolls and left without paying.

>> No.7222371

My mother had an illness and almost died
Now she depends on me for almost everything and my comfortable life is over.
Plus, we had to move and now I could not be more lonely.
is something that can comfort me about it?

>> No.7222377

Your a very good person for taking care of your mother. Don't forget that.

>> No.7222382

/jp/ is thinking of you and you can know there are people out there who honestly care about you and wish you happiness.

>> No.7222383 [DELETED] 

thank you
s the least I can do after all she has done for me

>> No.7222388

thank you
is the minimun I can do after all she has done for me

>> No.7222390


this: >>7222377

Good luck to you.

>> No.7222392

please just ignore my posts

>> No.7222396

No you should just ignore >>7222324

We care about you.

>> No.7222397

read /jp/ everyday (almost everytime) let me forget my troubles a bit

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Roosuchachu's Journal

April 13, 2011

Shit post in /jp/ this morning. Throw up thread on page one. This board is afraid of me. I have seen it's true homosexuality. The pages are extended gutters and the threads are full of puke and when the drains finally scab over all the newfags will drown. The accumulated sages of all their shitposting and idols will foam up about their neckbeards and and all the touhous and weeaboos will look up and shout "save us!"...

And I'll whisper "sage".

They had a choice, all of them. They could have followed in the footsteps of good men like my father, or ZUN. Decent men who believed in a day's work for a day's pay. Instead they followed the droppings of NEETS and faggots and didn't realize that the trail led over a precipe until it was too late. Don't tell me they didn't have a choice. Now the whole chan stands on the brink, staring down into bloody Hell, all those mods and tripfags and japanese birds cooking spaghetti...and all of a sudden nobody can think of any OC.

>> No.7222402

I don't really have too much to share, nothing really horrible has happened to me it's just a clusterfuck of a bunch of annoying, stressful and depressing bullshit, but I need to say: I love you /jp/, you help me forget my sorrows if even for only a few minutes, and you're all amazing.

Best thread on /jp/

>> No.7222403

I want money to afford my doujins/VNs/figures (fuck these expensive hobbies) but I don't have a job. But I never did any volunteer work, extracurricular activities, work experience when I was in high school so I have no idea how to pad out my resume. I don't think I have any marketable skills to get work ;___;

>> No.7222405

go to an unemployment office and see if yo ucan get into Obama's WIA program
They are going to pay all my schooling for MCITP

>> No.7222412

You can always do volunteering now. If you are on benefits or welfare or whatever they may have a program where you can do volunteering for the money. They do this in Aus. For a while I did voluntary work in the bush trying to revitalize the area, planting trees, setting up areas for animals etc. Often with these programs they offer some type of education certificate if you stick with it long enough.

>> No.7222442

Beyond the hateful facade, /jp/ is a board full of good, sensible folks. Godspeed.

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/jp/ gets mad if I post kago ai photos :S

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Ignorance lies everywhere. You get ostracized and rebuked for speaking the truth. People are shallow and fake. No one seems to give a damn about honor or reason anymore. The fools, with all their insipid worries of sex, position and religion prove themselves time and time again to be the bulk--and the bane--of society while the intellectuals and the heroes continue to fade away and become an extinct breed.

God damn it. How the fuck can I take it easy?

>> No.7222457

Not sure about sensible but I think a lot of /jp/ is cute and honestly, some really sensitive and intelligent people.

>> No.7222468

sounds great but I don't live in the US sadly

no welfare/dole since I'm freeloading off the parents but the volunteer programs sound like a good start for me to searching.

>> No.7222471

The people who get all worked up about these idiotic dramas like sex and other trash are the people who can't take it easy. They are still unaware they are alive and what this means, in my opinion.

Always remember, life is meaningless and amounts to nothing. Given this, try to be happy, love each other, enjoy the ride as best you can while taking it easy~

It is almost unbelievable we actually exist to begin with.

>> No.7222474

The hate is not a facade.

>> No.7222479

I am quite troubled, honestly. My mother threw away our leftover blueberries AND my leftover chinese food. Life is just a game to her, I guess. Why can't she understand my feelings? What do I eat now? I've no berries for my cereal, and what's more, my chinese has been thrown out.

I try to keep myself away from drugs, but things like these call me back.

>> No.7222485

Yup, /jp/ loves threads like this the hate and everything is just a lie.

>> No.7222487

I guess intelligence isn't the same thing as (common) sense after all.

>> No.7222493

I've been taking recreational doses of non-prescription legal drugs. And it feels awesome.

>> No.7222500

I can't kill myself... I just realized that it's too hard for me to do anything that might kill me. All failed attempts make me hate myself and depressed even more.

>> No.7222511

Too hard as in "I have no clue how world does work" so I do things that I think or heard that they might kill me and they do nothing ;_;

>> No.7222518

My ass hurts from sitting too long. The pain won't go away. Did I break my ass?

>> No.7222523


You are somehow moe.

>> No.7222529

Get a better chair, that's what I did.

>> No.7222532
File: 142 KB, 750x564, Benadryl.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Take 80 of these little guys.

Should do the trick.

>> No.7222535

I've actually been sitting on my bed, not a chair. My bed broke my ass.

>> No.7222539

I actually just got a new chair a year ago, but my cushion has already depressed completely into the chair and It's like I'm sitting on wood now. I'm embarrassed to ask my parents for another chair already.

>> No.7222543

Same here bro, best years of my life have been high 50% of the time.

>> No.7222546

I've been sitting on the same wooden chair for over ten years now. It builds character.

>> No.7222548

80!? It won't kill you, just you a super fucking headache at the end, and dry mouth from hell plus SPIDERS!

>> No.7222553

Try squatting on your heel.

>> No.7222560

If you've willingly taken 4g and lived to tell the tale, you are a manlier person than I.

>> No.7222649

Go to a doctor, tell him you've had trouble sleeping for a while and ask for sleeping pills. Take all of them at once.
It's really easy to get a prescription.

>> No.7222676

i will die forever alone ;_;

>> No.7222684

Chances are even if we found someone they would die in child birth or at some point before us anyway. I don't think there is any way to find love or happiness in this world.

>> No.7222686


That's not so bad. That's what I'm aiming for actually.

>> No.7222711

i just wish i had someone to take it easy with ;_;

>> No.7222726

Me too ;_;

I know it is cliche and awful, but I wish there was someone I could just hang out with, hugging and being close. Totally trusting and open with each other. Fuck, I think I'm going to cry.

>> No.7222737


You will easily find such company in VNs.

I am sorry but it is not likely there are many RL females as you described.

>> No.7222749
File: 117 KB, 300x384, 1153682584040.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


But anon, that's what /jp/ is for. A place where you can feel at ease, be content and know that for once, you're not being judged, instead receiving borderline unconditional love.

Reality isn't for taking it easy, it's the insufferable nature of the world to forge you into the lovable person you are now.

>> No.7222766


>> No.7222770


I dislike reality. At least this one. It feels like you can't let your guard down for a second or else you'll get chewed up, spit out, have your corpse pissed on and left into a pile of other people left the same way. I'm so tired, I wish to change this world for the better yet I know I'm just a loser and a failure. I've got this urge to fight it but all I can do is scream.

>> No.7222778
File: 20 KB, 448x448, 1297654041194.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.7222788

You can find some people like that. It's hard to find them, but they do exist. Hang in there.

>> No.7222791

Come on now, I make a habit of not replying to Mr. Die-anon for a reason. I don't need someone else encouraging him.

>> No.7222801

having some good online friends would be nice too ;_;

>> No.7222807

>151 posts and 15 image replies omitted
What the fuck is wrong with you /jp/? Are you really that desperate for attention that you have to shit all over the board?

>> No.7222817

>shit all over the board
It's all in one thread.

>> No.7222824

We're here to be your friends.
But you should also find communities online where nicknames are required so you can actually build friendships and trust, rather than just anons who my appear and disappear without notice.

>> No.7222857

How unfaithful.

>> No.7222935 [DELETED] 

Dropping our of community college soon, parents aren't the type to let a neet live in their house. It will be difficult to find a source of income.

The good news is I don't let myself get depressed about it.

>> No.7222934

What type of community is there that would accept people like us?

>> No.7222940 [DELETED] 

Dropping out of community college soon, parents aren't the type to let a neet live in their house. It will be difficult to find a source of income.

The good news is I don't let myself get depressed about it.

>> No.7222948

why would you drop out of school when you could just do a really half-assed job instead?

>> No.7222956


Half assed job turns into a no assed job. I went to university and had to drop out recently because my half assing turned into me not going to class for three months.

>> No.7222958

Why don't you get some friends, try? to get laid, do something besides going on 4chan to try and act like a pretentious shitdick. If you had anybody in your life who actually wanted to listen to what you had to say you wouldn't be doing this, and if you weren't a complete piece of shit you would realize that nobody is going to read your point of view you faggot. Just stop or kill yourself, either or is fine with me.

>> No.7222962

Get out of /jp/ you disgusting normal trash.

>> No.7222964

Lol you faggot, we get it, you want to sound intelligent and important and so you go to a forum like this and find some other jizzbag like you who just writes the same shit over and over again to have a debate so that someone can finally listen and hear your point of view because everybody who comes across you isn't interested. Ur not? smart, ur not interesting, ur an unemployed dullard who uses 4chan to get the attention he doesnt get at home.

>> No.7222971
File: 31 KB, 253x272, 1302749338429.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>My life is only marginally more productive than typical NEET
>Not lonely
>Nothing bothers me emotionally