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Pure Touhous being defiled, /jp/.

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oh you.
this is my fetish either way

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Not enough terror in her face.

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You and OP

Get the FUCK out

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The expression of pain and shame in her face is mouth-watering.

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You want terror?

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Waiting warmly for the deletion of this thread

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This is my fetish. And not necessary Touhou.

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Amusing how this thread is so blatently against the burichan rules.

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More ?

Gentlemen, please spoil porn.

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Use Saucenao

Stop bumping the obvious troll thread, even with spoilers, this thread is against the rules

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Why are you also bumping then ?

Yay, I was just being lazy as fuck and spoonfed.

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Nokosage by default, I like to avoid unnecessary drama that comes with sage

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Get out of /jp/.

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So this is a guro thread now? How long was it since the last one

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Look at her face and tell me you don't want to rape the fuck out of her.

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You're telling me to get out, that's so cute

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Yep, get out.

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and why should I?

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Stop it, okay? This is not alright at all. Please don't do this.

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Nobody forces you to watch it.

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That doesn't make it any less against the rules.

inadvisable at this or any time.

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Go to shrinemaiden or somewhere and suck mod's cock there. Not on /jp/.

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>against the rules.

So is spamming but you don't seem to care.

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Amusing how you keep repeating the same thing over and over again, you don't even have a reason to post this here beyond out of spite for the rules, oh shit watch out, we've got a rebel on our hands!

This entire thread is spam, your post included.

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Not only is this shit NSFW, but its just obscene. just go to /h/ or even /d/ with this, you'd be better off.

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Oh, that's why you don't get it. If you don't know what "spam" is how are you supposed to know that you're doing it, right?

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Voile, how long have you been here?

The mods are never there when you need them and nobody heeds rules that are never enforced.
Just let the kids have their little ego trip for while and chill.

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I know perfectly well that my posts are spam, and so are yours, and so are all of the posts in this thread. vaut a concept!

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The more people that report a thread the higher in the mod queue it goes

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>don't even have a reason to post this
Why is people ever post picture threads at all? Do you bitch in all those other threads too?

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grammar, do you know it

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I don't like gore but this tripfag makes me want to post it out of spite.

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At least I know how to capitalize and punctuate.

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do it and enjoy your ban broski

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Punctuation is pretty minor since most times you can still understand what they're saying, the post in question is near broken beyond understanding.

I'm going to assume you mean "Why do people ever post picture threads at all?"

and my answer is: the difference lies in whether or not said thread is acceptable or obviously meant to break the rules.

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Wow, when did /jp/ suddenly have a god fearing respect for the rules and moral faggotry? Not that it means anything; the place is still full of autism either way.

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Lurk more or go back to /v/

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>near broken beyond understanding
If you're retarded, that is.

>thread is acceptable or obviously meant to break the rules
Porn threads were always ok, until recent influx of faggot mods.
Nobody cares to break the rule deliberately, they just don't care about it. It's just because you don't like it, you assume that people are somehow trolling you.

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Perhaps the OP or you didn't mean for it to be trolling, but at this point it is and you know it.

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Because of faggots like you.

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and I suppose you think you're the one in the right here, yes?

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You're both idiots.

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I agree, well said

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Just hide the thread, report if you must, and move on, Voile. Shitstorming never improves the quality of the board.

And I don't see why you'd assume OP is trolling or trying to offend anyone. We've always had porn here, even hardcore stuff like guro, and moderation is inconsistent around here at best. You've been around long enough that you should know this much, at least.

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So you know that I know this, and you still choose to tell me again, you're wasting your energy.

He's attempting to troll, I can tell. Its not even that hidden an attempt, and the only reason I am even replying is because I'm also 1. putting in another image reply 2. I like posting images, #2 is a silly reason but its not exactly up for debate.

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Lily White being defiled.

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How dare you.

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One spoilered NSFW picture in a throwaway thread and I get banned, then this thread gets to 50 posts.
What the fuck.

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Learn to stop posting NSFW when the fagmods are around.

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>>7220536 He's attempting to troll, I can tell.

That seems paranoid. A lot of people genuinely like this hardcore stuff, you know. And if someone really is trolling, it's best to report, hide and ignore them rather than giving them the satisfaction of drama and bullshit.

I don't want to drag this argument out, but you seem like someone who posts in good faith, and I hope you'll consider simply hiding stuff like this in the future; a lot of the shitposting on this board would vanish if people could simply hide and ignore threads threads they dislike.

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I'd say the worst posters in /jp/, more often than not, post in "good faith".