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My NEET life is over, I start a job tomorrow.

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a tru NEET wuld shit himself when he got there

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My NEET life is just beginning, I got food stamps earlier today.

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One life ends; another begins.

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I expect your /jp/ membercard to be turned in by tomorrow. /jp/ will also now automatically redirect you to /soc/.

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Job giveth job taketh away.

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Congratulations OP!

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my neet life is ending too
I got a job offer today
I'll have to go to sleep early and wake up even earlier instead of sleeping til noon

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Getting a job is defeat.

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That is a horrible shop

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Don't worry, OP. It won't last too long.

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I'm not a NEET
My job is to be a guard of my house

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what job?

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It's an honorable profession.

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Me too

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I still have one more year to go.

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Warehouse work, labouring, driving a forklift. That sort of shit

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If you wanna die before your time just start doing drugs, that's more fun.

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I have no idea why but I fucking lol'd hard at this pic.

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more money is good

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I want a job so I can buy stuff

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What kind of job requires the least social interaction? Besides freelance programming of course.

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More money, more problems.

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You can work amongst a crowd and not talk to people you know

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congrats. now you can go buy figs and dakimakuras with your paycheck as you please.

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I was NEET for 4 years until I started university this year, I miss having time to sleep for 12+ hours a day and do nothing but /jp/ related stuff but at the same time I feel like I'm achieving something and I'm consistently getting higher marks than everyone in my class.

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I've worked maybe eight hours a week at a restaurant for a couple of years and started working another eight hours a week volunteering. Occasionally I see someone I saw at the other job and I kind of like it... It's almost like I'm following them or I'm finding out more about their lives. I think it might be nice to get another part time job.

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