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Daily Cirno appreciation thread

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Daily USAges and modes of thinking...

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Best touhou.

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That sounds like I am implying that I am the best touhou girl.

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What would you drink your Cirno with?

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uisukii, apparently.

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How can one touhou have so much heart and epicness?
Rest of the touhous are you even trying?

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I try hard, too!
There's no Touhou as awesome as me! I'm full of youthful vigor, beauty, resilience, and I'm really sleepy right now, I think I'll take a nap...

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shut up old hag.

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Cirno is the strongest of them all

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1/10, try harder Brian.
It's not shitposting as long as it's touhou.

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Fuck you, I am so sick of people calling me an old hag. I don't mind the "old" part, but I am NOT a hag.
So fuck you, I'm just gonna sit in this tree and I'm not coming down until you apologize.

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Please shut the fuck up, just beucause you don't follow my stupid stereotypes doesn't mean you don't have the right to browse the same shit as I.
Only pure girl love, no cocks.

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Reported for roleplaying, choke on dicks.

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If only we had enough of those in Gensokyo.

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Oh, well... might as well take it to its logical conclusion. Now that you're here, might as well get your input on the final, haunting question.

Why a fox? What is it about foxes you love so much? Considering your age and portfolio, would you mind shedding some light on the possible origins of the fujoshi love for fox?

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Foxes, especially those that live to be old enough to gain supernatural powers, can become insanely powerful. What could be a more perfect creature for the strongest youkai in Gensokyo to have as a shikigami but a fox?

Also, foxes have poofy tails and fur and they are cute and good to snuggle on a cold winter night.

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gotta contribute

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Oh wow, you disappoint me.

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Ran was so adorable when she was just a little shikigami!
They grow up so fast...

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It's a good topic. Foxes typically have 8 teats.

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Off by 1 baka

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Oh look, it's the spam-bot wanna be.
Can you get any creepier, dude?

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Oh look the bot is back.
We must recognize causes and effects. But, In reality I am able to get any creepier, dude.

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Holy crap, someone saved that image.
Anyway, fluff.

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Greetings from /m/

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Baby Ran does not respond well to teasing.

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It's after eight Flandre. It's good to see you tonight.

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She also tried to put weird things in her mouth.

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I'm so sorry.
I also apologize on Ran's behalf for the death of Nazrin's Great-great-uncle.

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>Also, foxes have poofy tails and fur and they are cute and good to snuggle on a cold winter night.

Rest sounded rather shounen-ish, but can't argue with that last part.


You should probably ask yourself why that bothers you.

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Why can't they stay young and cute forever?
And yet, a part of me is glad that Ran has grown into a responsible shikigami. It means she can take care of herself and Chen... and I can take more naps.

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Ah, what the heck.
Posting more pictures of little Ran.

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Tempura has fought for us apparently and is partly responsible for the removal of blue balls from garapon and the addition of Renny lop to the shop. Birds actually can and do sleep with one eye open.

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Getting ready for a festival.

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Needs more baka.

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Somebody said little Ran.

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Ha ha ha, look at that baka! What is she doing with that fan under her skirt?
Never mind, I don't wanna know.

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Here's one with both of 'em.

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YES! More little Ran!

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Awww... Isn't that precious?

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Taking a hike.

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I like this one.

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Me too. The clothing is era-appropriate, too.
Ah, and with this picture, I am all out of little Ran pics.

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Saving that like the motherfucking Fist of the Northstar!

I'll post some of these, now.

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Good gods, do I love this artist. His scenery is so hauntingly beautiful.

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Tangentially related!

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This one is my current desktop background.

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Yyyyyeeeeeeah... not gonna comment on that one.

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I love this series, but my monitor is too big to properly use them as a wallpaper...
Using this as one instead.

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Ah, that one is quite nice.

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Last one for now.
Gonna take a nap.
Good luck with that spam-bot wanna-be, /jp/.

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