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Touhou meetup

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Er, why is Shiki not working anyways?

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Weird eyes.

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The real question is, why is she smaller than Chen.

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And her asymmetrical hair is on the wrong side.

Fucking secondaries.

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where's kaguya?

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I think that's her right above Mokou, cut off by the top of the page.

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ah, yes, I can see

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I think she was cut in half at the top by Mokou.

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ZUN should throw in a couple completely unknown Touhous in group shots just to make people wonder.

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touhou on the right
touhou on the left
/jp/ posting touhou

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Odd to see Letty and Lily in the same room since they only stick around in their respective seasons, I think it's the same with the Aki sisters as well. Also, anyone have any idea who the two standing next to Reimu and Marisa are? They seem to disappear between panels.

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Looks like Yuyuko and Youmu maybe.

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Of course it's Yuyuko and Youmu.

It's like you guys never read SSiB.

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It is.

Also some of the faces in this are hilarious. I wonder why I didn't find it so humerus before.

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Well, everyone thought SSiB is to be taken seriously, at first.

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Meanwhile Aki Eda is drawing a manga about toilet ghosts. Wish she came back to porn.

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Touhous are clickish, what else is new?

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I like how Medicine and Alice are together. I would think a living doll would be suspicious of a doll manipulator.

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always with the fucking filenames

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No fun allowed?

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You aren't allowed to do anything unless >>7208402 approves. He is your owner, after all.

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i think there is one completely unknown touhou right next to Akyu
but i do believe she is just another one of those random meidos of scarlet devil mansion

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Yeah that's a just an SDM maid. Actually, there IS an unknown fairy next to Mystia. She has a cute hat too.

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Don't ask me how that works, that's her. It's Touhou no one has to explain shit.

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Seems like Lily White with her black gear on.

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I guess nobody told Aki Eda that LILY BLACK IS NOT A SEPARATE PERSON.

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It might be a big fairy from Eiki's stage.

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Well, I like some of the fanon portrayals of White/Black being twins.