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Why is Yuyuko so perfect?

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Because she is dead.

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Why is she so fat?

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She is only fat where it counts.

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is this a challenge ?

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What a beautiful coincidence, I was just listening to the theme of her Resurrection stage.

>Why is Yuyuko so perfect?
Because she has a great backstory, a baby-colored design, perfect stage music and perfect insults ("Dog of the devil", "Red white"). And she always takes it easy, it seems.

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I would like Yuyuko more if she wasn't always paired with Youmu in everything.

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That made me like Yuyuko in the first place. So Im quite glad about it.

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Party at the Yakumos.

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Sister, you should stop being lazy, be cool like me instead

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What about the fact she gets a lot of pairings with Yukari and Mystia?

Ah, yes. A person who has some taste. For many of those reason, I feel Yuyuko is my favorite Touhou. Plus, she seems pretty bro in my opinion.

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The look in their eyes, god.

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>What about the fact she gets a lot of pairings with Yukari and Mystia?
I'm fine with that, it's really only Youmu I don't like.

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You are just jealous you can't eat like me and keep your figure.

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You're not the first to say that. I think it fits the youkai perfectly - a sinister, but intelligent look. Yuyu looks carefree as always.

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its' because i hibernate, i'm trying to survive unlike you

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But they're the best double act in all of Gensokyo

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At least when I died I helped most of Gensokyo. What have you done?

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i don't need to make a good deed to feel important, chillin' everyday

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>First stage boss
Feels bad being defeated even on Lunatic by beginners, eh?

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Yuyuko gets to live in a mansion with a loli and eats home made food.

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I'm a beginner and I beat Yuyuko on lunatic with ease

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Too many reasons to count.

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Shameless lie, snow-ho

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She hungers even in death.
Such dedication is admirable.
Plus she does us all a favor and gets rid of Mystia.

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>mfw mystia was in PoFV

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That was Mystia dreaming in her last moments of life of being a playable character.

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>Plus she does us all a favor and gets rid of Mystia.
I hope you get die.

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I'm never going to get tired of this image.

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Mystia is the source of the best pairing in touhou.

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But then I Washizu Iwao-d

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Thread successfully derailed, apparently.

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So, is Yuyuko the best of the Big sisters?

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Most of the time Yuyuko is not considered one of the Babaartett.

No, the doujin I posted has never been scanned.

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What are you talking about, she's with the others more than half of the time.

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Sure, she is a BBA, but not usually seen as a Babaa character.

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I never understood what the requirements were to be part of that...

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- Be imposing
- Be mature
- Be a stage 6 boss
- Have fanbase assume she has a large bossom.
- Be some kind of maternal/older sister figure, be it canon or fanwank.

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But Yukari is not a Stage 6 Boss. And if she is in the BBA, why not Ran?

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By order of magnitude, Yukari outBabaas Ran. See that Ran is not considered an older lady because she is supposed to be a "young mother" character in fanon.

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Some artists still like to throw her in the "mature" grouping.

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Mature, yes. Old hag troupe, not.

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The mature group is anyone over 20. BBA is a step or two above that, yet still part of the mature group. Meiling and Yuugi are mature but clearly not BBA, Yuka and Yukari are both mature and BBA. A good test for BBA-ness is if the character can be seen proclaiming an impossibly youthful age - Yukari, Eirin, and Yuka are the perfect cases. Kanako, Yuyuko, and Byakuren are in-between since they're old but not pining for youth.