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You d-don't want me to come h-here because YOU HAVE C-CANDY and want it ALL F-FOR YOURSELF!

This injustice w-will not stand!

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*gasp* It's on n-now!

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Hi /jp/

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Can I have some candy too?

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Only if t-they share!

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This is all this guy's fault.

Pic related.

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Awwwww.... It is that cutest slut on earth!

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Then... we must make them share!

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I'm going to open a candy store named strangers. My store will look like a white van and the logo will be "strangers have the best candy!"

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T-that is very true

I'm cannon Alice s-so I belong in /jp/

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*hugs tight* L-love you anonymous!

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Oh for fuck sake. Which one of you did that?

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I guess we can not have any candy, then?

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It's funny because earlier today that one Anon was saying that RP threads are great.

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*giggles* H-how silly ^^

S-sadly not...

Is c-cannon alice n-not allowed in /jp/?

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All the candy you can eat, just come around back here.

Sorry I'm not wearing any pants... I just spilled a drink on them is all....

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This guy looks promising, Alice, should we trust him?

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H-he seems legit to m-me!

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rofl candy!!

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If you're going to roleplay at least do it right. Stuttering doesn't make your role convincing. Now, off to /a/ with the advice I have given you.

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I l-love candy!

B-but I l-like it here! Also I'm n-not from an anime, s-so it doesn't make sense!

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I.. I don't know if I should stay or go....

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I like Alice threads. I'm sorry. Can't help it.

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This is no an Alice thread though. This is a troll thread at best.

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It c-could be though ^^ If Anonymous f-from /jp/ n-needed love and cheer ^^

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I wouldn't mind helping spread love and cheer...

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If you're going to roleplay, at least do it right OP.

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I l-love you /jp/!

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I like this candy...

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You could have come up with a funny answer like: "Y-yeah r-right you just don't to share your c-candy"

But no, you're so stagnated that you just reply with "But I love you "X" " when you're out of ideas.

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This board lacks cats.

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T-that or I'm maintaining 3 t-threads at once and t-this one gets least priority.

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soo umm

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You've got one on another board?

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That's a shame.
Take some holidays and come back when you get more ideas for replies.
You're sucking pretty bad.

Will wolfs do?

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I know the one on /b/, the one here, but what's the other one?

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W-well....of a s-sort...

*giggles* I c-can only reply w-when people actually g-give me material t-to work with

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Are wolves cats?

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Please go fuck, i meant wolves

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no point in asking whats going on,so instead a dance

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T-that's my secret ^^ *giggles*

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oh if a dance is going down i guess i better contribute

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D-dance party?

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I would like to politely request that you keep these kinds of threads out of /jp/ in the future.

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these last replies are really far from the original scent of alice's roleplaying
please do what anon said: >>7199346
my god how've you gone low alice.

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But the nice people in /b/ told us to go here!

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If I m-may make an inquiry into t-the rational b-behind this r-request, as to make a b-better and more informed d-decision on how I c-can improve or b-best fulfill it?

*smiles and wraps her arms around you* It's only after w-we've lost everything t-that we are free to do anything.

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Roleplaying is generally discouraged on /jp/ by most users. We even had a sticky about it a long time ago. I'm sure there are other places you can have this thread.

/b/ says a lot of things.

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I guess there's nice people on the tutorial island/normalfag convention board of 4chan.

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This is the only Alice I am interested in.

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They say the word newfag alot.
And weeaboo.
And black person.

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I'm n-not quite roleplaying; I'm p-posting Alice pictures, and t-trying to help anonymous...it s-seems /jp/ t-to me, and someone t-told me t-to come here...

and also /a/...

Tewi s-seems to make a nice bait

Patchy d-doesn't tend t-to like visitors though.

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We could use some /jp/ on /b/. Shit is getting out of control with the white knights and normalfags.

>> No.7199397

People here tend to consider /b/ a fairly bad board filled with people who are new to 4chan.

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>Still browsing /b/
Hahaha oh wow.
Try not to bring normalfags in here please.

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I go there because it's the only place besides /v/ where you can say and do anything.

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It's roleplaying because you and others referred to yourself as Alice earlier in the thread.

>> No.7199404

There are some old ones but you know how it is. Almost everybody starts off on /b/, moves to another board for a year or two then comes back to /b/. We need some of you creepy fucks of /jp/ on /b/. Post some pictures of dudes hugging pillows with animu on them or something.

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That's a shame.
Come back when you stopped being a normalfag

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What exactly are you trying to achieve here?

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W-wait, so because m-my name is Alice, and t-the character I h-happen to post is also Alice, t-that means I am a roleplayer?

T-they could be coincidentally linked, even t-though they aren't!

*giggles* Normalfag...h-how silly.

>> No.7199412

I see normalfag tossed around a lot. Is that /jp/s insult for /b/tards?

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And where else would I go?
I don't really partake in Japanese culture, /v/ gets boring, and all the other boards are either slow or filled with disinteresting people.
Going to /b/ doesn't ALWAYS imply some sort of defect.

>> No.7199418


get out of /jp/

>> No.7199420

Not just /jp/'s.
Mention /b/ in any other board (excluding /v/ and /a/ maybe) and see what happens.

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That's not really an answer, that's more of an order.

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Well the furfag is easy to filter due to tripcode.
But I really don't want to start filtering hyphens...
Mind using a name/trip so you're easy to erase from existence, Alice?

>> No.7199423

It's a blanket insult that gets used on everybody who's not from /jp/.

You normalfag.

If it looks like roleplaying and it sounds like roleplaying, it counts as roleplaying even if for some technical reason you try to claim it doesn't count.

>> No.7199424

I used to surf other boards 2 years ago and normalfag wasn't an insult. Retarded was, senseless, unable to have a conversation, stuff like that were the insults but normalfags? Really?

>> No.7199425

For god sake.

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Seems more like a complement than an insult.

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Just get 4chan x and hide the thread if you don't want it, no problemo.

I don't see why you're so offended by it.
If the hat doesn't fit you, ignore it?

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S-sorry Patchy lover, b-but sadly, y-you can't erase me t-that easily...but j-just for you...

Duck typing h-has serious p-problems in implimentation Anonymous! I r-recommend a strongly typed l-language, like Haskell!

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>> No.7199439

Wow. If I was on /b/ it would have been obvious I'm not offended but instead I'm curious. You really have to watch what you write here, eh?

I take pride in it too. I can do what ever I want, post what ever, call whomever a homosexual and enjoy mah day. Fudge Affirmative, /b/!

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I'm not certain, but I do believe there are...
You can't say bad words!

>> No.7199448

Alas, the English language tends to run on duck typing more often than not.

>> No.7199451

I can't say but I made sure to use proper language. The members of this board seem to be very sensitive.

>> No.7199455

The more you talk the less I believe in:
>I used to surf other boards 2 years ago

If that was true you would have moved on from /b/, long long ago. You probably found 4chan recently through /b/ and you're already getting bored of it. That's why you're here. Also the fact that you get offended by the word "normalfag", yeah, just proves this even more.

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Pah, I'll probably test it later under a proxy.
They finally filtered anal hurt on /v/.

>> No.7199463

The point is I didn't get offended, I was curious why you think such a word was supposed to be offensive. Kind of like a "really homosexual, really?".

Yes, I surfed /a/ for a year 2 years ago, during which the homosexuality of /jp/ has been made clear even to the past weeaboo me.

The people who don't find /b/ fun are the people who were never able to truly find it fun. /b/ is as good now as it was years ago. Just saying.

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>Can feel the intents and sense enjoyment in other people over the internet

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D-does it? It s-seems to be a context s-sensitive grammar, p-perhaps mildly s-so, to me...w-which would make it loosely typed.

I b-bet he prefers t-the term magician!

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Ooo, best not to offend magicians.

>> No.7199482

I think it formally tends to be used like one, but in practice you can say just about anything and most people will be able to parse it. I've never known much about this stuff, though.


>> No.7199488

>I surfed /a/ for a year 2 years ago
Sorry I don't believe that in any way.
Any board has "hidden rules" that are not specified on the FAQ, /a/ is/was one of them.
If you did browse /a/ 2 years ago you would be sort of used to the conversations on /jp/.

>/b/ is as good now as it was years ago.
Wow. You are new. Bet you find raywilliamjohnson or whatever really random too.
Do you have any idea how /b/ was before the "facebook" influx?.

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File: 78 KB, 724x1024, s - 806626 - alice_margatroid blonde_hair blue_eyes comic hairband mystia_lorelei short_hair torinone touhou.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

W-well, it certainly isn't recursive or r-recursively enumerable, I t-think we can both agree!

After all, t-that would be impossible t-to parse c-correctly.

/b/ w-was never good.

I hear t-that!

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You're implying you visit /b/.
Or monks.

>> No.7199503

I said /b/ is as good now as it was years ago, not that it was good. :)

As for the /a/ part, believe it or not I can barely understand anything they say anymore. New anime comes, new moe, new gar, new pet peeves, new everything. Sure I can get what they're saying but I don't know the characters and the community isn't fitting me anymore. Stop being so hostile and enjoy 4chan a bit more, bro.

>> No.7199508

Oh come on, I'm waiting for the red text to show up on OP's post.

>> No.7199509

N-not gonna happen ^^

>> No.7199514

That's a huge problem then.

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I'm here.

Let the lackadaisy continue.

>> No.7199517

Public bans are worthless. Mods need to learn that damn near everyone knows how to evade them.

The only way to get rid of threads like these is to stop replying to them, report them, and just wait for the mod/janitor/auto-delete function to do their job.

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File: 68 KB, 166x259, DOTRHSJHNSH.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Sounds personal.
That was like...
5 seconds.

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File: 70 KB, 234x234, painiscupcake.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


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>> No.7199530

Go on. If you can take the heat.

>The only way to get rid of threads like these is to stop replying to them
That will never happen since most shitposters samefag a lot give the illusion that other people are replying to them, thus attracting even more people.

>> No.7199531
File: 717 KB, 600x800, 362062 - alice_margatroid bad_id blonde_hair flandre_scarlet green_eyes short_hair smile touhou vampire wings yjy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I s-see it as a good thing!

Y-yes, because if a t-thread is doing well, it obviously m-means it should be deleted.

>> No.7199533

>and just wait for the mod/janitor/auto-delete function to do their job.
I'm just replying because there is a mod on right now.

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File: 233 KB, 383x480, i give.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

and my dance end

>> No.7199536
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Hot damn, that was fast.
The only thing you've done is project harder than a Lexmark.

>> No.7199538


>and you're saging it so he won't see it. brilliant job.
>I think I'll further your cause by saging too.

>> No.7199539
File: 417 KB, 1000x1385, moe 73567 alice_margatroid ibuki_suika miyasu_risa natsume_eri touhou.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

G-good sage!

>> No.7199542
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Take the heat? It's just a flame war. I think.

Also, why do you put sage in your email field? It's worthless.

>> No.7199544

The thread is in the fucking front page you dumbfuck. And who are you quoting there?

>> No.7199548

Not more worthless that your life L

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This board is gobs slower than normal, the posts between the sages pretty much do the job.

>> No.7199556

Aren't you leaving?

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>Demi casts sage-cancel!

>It's super effective!

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What makes you say that? I don't think I've met you.

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He doesn't want to bump my thread, therefore, he is insulting me. FUCK YOU THE FRONT PAGE IS MINE! BUMP BUMP BUMP!@!! YOUR SO FUCKING MAD SAGEFAGS, JUST UNDID YOUR WORK1!1!!

nokosage so babies get no hurt feelings

>> No.7199580


Anonymous uses Sage+.

It proves ineffective.

>> No.7199582

Anonymous is confused!
Anonymous hurt himself in his confu-*DS out window*

>> No.7199583
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>Anonymous uses Painis Cupcake

>> No.7199591
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Aaaaaaaand suddenly pokemans.

>> No.7199592
File: 92 KB, 199x220, htrdyrjthedgsg.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Sage doesn't do shit in an active thread as long as there are people in it.




Yeah. I noticed there's an amazing amount of sage on this board.

>> No.7199597
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Kids these days, just need to lash out all over.

>> No.7199599
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>> No.7199600


It doesn't do anything if there are people to reply and bump it. If anything the whole "sage" idea is flawed...

>Reply to sage


>> No.7199604
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Yeah, that.

>> No.7199609

At least this thread can feed my hungry hungry filter. Thank you, everyone!

>> No.7199610

It does take the thread one post closer to bump limit without contributing anything, though.
What's that at here on /jp/ anyway? I know it's 300 on /b/

>> No.7199611

"Sage" is not flawed in any way. The only thing that's flawed are the people who assume it's an insult to their thread.

>> No.7199612
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>Yeah. I noticed there's an amazing amount of sage on this board.
Nigger, at least read the 4chan FAQ to understand what sage does.
It's not anyone's fault that you get offended by it.
And Lurk before posting, you're embarrassing.

>> No.7199614
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You're welcome.
Not sure.

>> No.7199615
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I've been on since 2005, and I know what sage does. It's ineffective.

And I'm not offended.

>> No.7199616

The solution, as usual, is to not post. 無

>> No.7199617

>implying he got insulted at all
>I'm greentexting because it's awesome. Or to piss everyone on the board off