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Everybody pair up!

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Me giving the order to pair up

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"Anon, why don't you have a partner?"
"I rather work alone"
Other people always slow my work down

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Luckily, I had friends in high school.

Can't say the same now.

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why are they wearing caps in school ?

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Everyone, the floor is lava!

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you know, I was about to make a comment about touhous and headgear. Then I realized real life ain't Gensokyo. I guess it's the /jp/ spirit.

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Being an introvert in public high school sure was fun.

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This. They should learn the difference between parallelization and concurrency. Parallelization is way more efficient.

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I pair up with strangers just fine. We're talking about college classes where people that picked the course don't know each other, right?

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"Okay,now everybody use the computer to gather informations about a topic assigned to you and your partner!After this you will tell the rest of the class about the informations you have found and then you will use this to study for the exam!"
God damnit I hate this.
Why won't they realize that everyone will copy stuff from Wikipedia which they don't even understand?
I might aswell could read all those dull articles all by myself

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Gotta get a gym membership and go back to school next month or else I'm out of the house.

Feels bad man.
inb4 not your blog.

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I actually used to pair up with the bustiest bitch in business studies, everyone was visibly jealous.

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Could be worse. Some parents just suddenly give up completely on you and throw you out so that you have to get a job and a new place to stay at.

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Going to the gym's not bad at all, man. Just bring your mp3 player, ignore everyone else, and lift some fucking weights. You really feel good afterwards.

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I understand the job part, but why a gym membership?

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For of them are wearing hats in class.

That shouldn't be allowed.

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Obviously he's 300 pounds.

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They only wish to be in gensokyo.

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High school was the best time of my life. Even though the friends I had didn't share my interests, we were all meek and got on really well with each other.

Since then I've tried to enter society multiple times only to retreat back to my room each time. Two years and counting of being a NEET.

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66kgs BF14%
Need more weights and don't have income to buy more plates nor a squat rack, lifting is the only thing I do in my life.

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If you were like me, and haven't left the house in years; a gym will overwhelm you. I suggest you just do cardio(running, swimming) and eat well, and only drink water-this part is very important!-

When you're a bit more fit, and confident, if you still want to get a better shape, go to a gym, but going straight there, in my experience, is a waste of money.

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this guy: >>7196876

>lifting is the only thing I do in my life
I spoke to soon, so disregard my post.

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By the way, the majority of /jp/ is underweight .

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Everybody go pear shaped! Oh fuck, we're so broken and full of bugs!

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I had three good friends all throughout school, and I can't imagine how hellish all the group work (and there was a fucking LOT of it) would have been without them. To this day, they're the only people I feel pleasure in socializing with.

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What's this pairing up shit you people keep talking about. When I have class at my uni I just have to listen to a lecture, there are group assignments but not during lectures. I just do all the assignments with the same guy I know from high school.

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Everybody split into groups of 8 and do a project as complicated as any diploma work.

I don't mind pairing up, but group work is just bad.

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They do realize it.

Teachers do that when they get lazy or are busy with something else. It's a nice way to not impart class without being abscent.

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Why did you have to post in this shit thread?

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It's called boredom.

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I couldn't agree more. When I was at university people were too immature and lazy to do what they were supposed until they half-assed it the day before. In community college people were just too simple to do anything right by themselves.

The best time I have had with group work has always been in groups of three or in cases which I did everything by myself.

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I had friends and wasn't terribly unlikable, so things were OK for me.

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During sexual education in college we were grouped up to discuss the subject your very first boyfriend/girlfriend and what good things you remember about him/her. Awful times.

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Hey Hong, you can read Japanese right? So why is it you only edit and not translate? Do you feel it's too much work?

Just wondering, nothing more.

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I couldn't do last second miracles with pairs or groups. Last second miracle good grades were my specialty, although I got too lazy and eventually never turned in anything and dropped out.

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You best be trollan'.

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My Japanese knowledge isn't on the level where I would want to translate semi-professionally. If I did I would feel like I cheated/scammed someone.

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I wish that was the case. I lied to save face during that class, I don't know if anyone realized. My guess is that they did. I wonder if I'd still feel the need to lie about it today.

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Not surprised. In my class we were grouped to discuss how terrible your first time at each 'base' was.
3 virgins of 75 people, you don't even want to know the results of the surveys the teacher did.

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>sexual education in college

This must be an american practice 'v'.

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I used to like pairing up at school. When I was younger I would pair up with the hot girls, although, as time passed, I ended up getting more and more distant from the opposite sex. Fucked a good few of my classmates though, that's what counts.

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Most of /jp/ was in the sped class with the downies

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Normalfag detected, please leave we do not serve your kind. Go brag about your conquests on /sp/ or /fit/ with all the other knuckle draggers.

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Bitches and whores I take it? If that ever happens to my I will describe a Nasu sex scene or something.

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Oh I've been on /jp/ since Feb 20th.. That date should mean something to you, unless you are what I deem to be a newfag.

Yeah, I just have a life unlike most of you chumps.

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That's nice!
Why don't you go and make a thread about it on /b/ or something and tell everyone how pathetic we are?

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Because... you already know, and I already know.. Although, perhaps you don't, considering you have only been tripping under that name for a month or so.

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>Although, perhaps you don't, considering you have only been tripping under that name for a month or so.
I....don't understand how this is relevant.
How about you explain it to me and then go and try a other board?

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Hats in class?
Are they Jews?
It's rude to wear hat inside buildings.

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Yeah, of course you don't understand, simpleton.

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Please go get hit by a freight train.

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>sex ed

What the fuck colleges have you people gone to? Ah well, my college doesn't seem to have anything like that required at least, but it's still got some pretty retarded classes.

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I had a wall as my partner in gym once.

There was an odd number of people, so the teacher made me throw a ball at a wall and then catch it.

Saddest moment in my life.

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/jp/ - Blog

Hypocrisy showing up again as usual.

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If you can't tell the difference between a blog format and this, you need to put yourself to sleep.

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sluts, both male and female everywhere.

It usually covers an advanced or university specific GE. It's where you learn about things that are out of the standard mission position, childbirth, and contraception.
Things like mental issues, social pressures, gender spectrum, mutations, as well a refresher on the standard stuff because not every American school actually teaches it (about 1/5 of the class had never had a sex ed class before, I had it in 5th, 7th, and 9th grade).

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In a lot of American colleges it's a required thing for freshmen, they have to be sure to beat you over the head with condoms because all the kids go nuts being outside of mommy and daddy's house for the first time; STD rates surge through the roof.

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A wall is usually a better partner.
For me, I had to play table games on my own, as if I was two people, since everyone in my class had to retake an exam.
The worst thing is that I was used to it by then.

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Couldn't the coach (does every place call their pe teacher that?) just thrown you a bone?

It isn't off-topic shitposting if you sage.

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Yeah I'm so sorry for pissing in your sea of piss.

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Groupwork? Oh damn, i hate that. We have 3 groupworks at the same time for the moment, sometimes we even have groupsworks within groupsworks..what. And yes, i only hate groupswork because nobody wants to work with me and i end up in a group of 3

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>54 posts and 8 image replies omitted.

and then /jp/ was /r9k/

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This one time in junior high we had arm wrestling competitions. Odd number of boys and of course the prick of a teacher picks out me to arm wrestle a girl. Not just your average weak girl but the big fat bull dyke.

I lose hard, I mean it wasn't even really a struggle. Awesome, thanks for that confidence boost and dent in my already poor sense of masculinity.

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/jp/ always was like this. We always had these kind of threads showing up now and then. There are no 'golden years'.

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damn that just reminded me how school was HELL...pic related

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how about
"we have oral presentations next week"

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>mfw every groupwork has oral presentation

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I was one of the cool kids in high school (or rather was pretending to be one in order to fit in) so I never had any problems with pairing up.

Getting rid of those "friends" after I finished high school was quite the bother though, glad I got rid of my cellphone.

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'' Can I do it on my own?''

Is it that hard to ask?

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The answer always is "No".

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>direct everything
>assign the roles
>never do the oral presentation
is it that hard?

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I don't what to think of those highschool years, sure I had a lot of friends and was liked by mostly everyone in my class but at the same time I was just pretending to be a normal just so I could fit in and not become an outcast like I was in middle school.

All things considered, I have no regrets, this is the only path.

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Why not just tell them to fuck off? Sounds pretty easy to get rid of them to me.
I don't understand the point of you trying to fit in if you didn't care about those people in the first place.

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/jp/ - /v/ culture

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Because I was extremely insecure about being rejected.
Also, I wouldn't have had the balls to directly tell them to fuck off.