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To this day, I don't understand why there isn't a /th/ - Touhou/VNs board yet. First off, this board is NOT Otaku Culture. I've tried on several occasions to post otaku-related material and had my thread deleted. I've tried to discuss Japan and been told to go to /int/. I've tried to discuss various ways of eating ramen and received a warning from a moderator that my thread was "off topic" (Mods, on /jp/? That's like sending a cop in front of a KFC to arrest buttmad nigras wanting some chicken, aka OVERKILL), which doesn't make any sense considering how eating ramen is pretty much the "gateway drug" to otaku culture. This board is only two things: Touhou and visual novels. Anything else just gets saged and deleted.

So I ask: Is it time to finally have this board named for what it really stands for, or are you all going to just sit by, let mugen continue his gore trash, let KoG continue with his daily invasions, retarded 55-page Touhou fanfic, and GETs, let Sion and White Ren act as if they own the place, let ZUN !bar continue to stroke his 1-inch Japanese DICK, and let wTH pretend like his presence actually matters?

moot, it's time to grow up and give the people what they want already.

/th/ - Touhou/VNs

Make it so.

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8/10, most effort I've seen in a troll on this board in decades

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Moot is a dipshit and and the face you expect him to make any competent decisions is laughable

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disregard that i suck cock

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OP makes some good points, but it falls on deaf ears. Nobody cares.

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I agree with your disappointment with the current moderation. Hell, I was banned last weekend for posting off-topic material and I don't even know why. That was around the same time hell of troll threads reached 100+ replies and weren't deleted.

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get a brain, brian

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There's already a touhou board at Pooshlmer.

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>buttmad that he wasn't mentioned in the op

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Still waiting for /dg/ - Doujin Games.

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Also he's far too busy with canv.as and making shitty speeches to run this site. Luckily he has a crack team of mods to run it, mods who delete anime threads on /a/ but let dubs threads go for hundreds of posts.

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I agree with OP

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What is moot's beef with making /th/ anyway? Hell, he made /vp/.

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No. Separate VN from Touhou, that would be better.

We need /vn/ and /th/. /jp/ will be left to be the host of our other subjects.

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You will never understand why /jp/ is such a cranky and cynical board. /jp/ is not for traveling to japan, please note it is a board dedicated to Otaku culture, not japan itself.

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Did you SEE what happened on /a/ yesterday? KoG had 3 massive metathreads and nothing was even done.

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What do you define as otaku culture? Touhou, Studio DEEN, and sperm on figs?

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Because he hates us. The only time he pays attention to /jp/ is when he's trying to get us raided, because we aren't /b/ enough for him.

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Ramen and Japan has nothing to do with Otaku culture. It's Japanese culture, which belongs on /int/.

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I would say that there isn't enough content for either to become a separate board, but what the hell, Papercraft & Origami has its own board, so why not?

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No, because a few minutes ago was the first time I've been on /a/ in a month

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>This board is only two things: Touhou and visual novels

Nuh-uh there are MMO and Idolfags.

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Because you will have people that will say things like "Why isn't there a /sh/ - Shonen Anime board?" or "Why isn't there a /ma/ - Manga board moot?"

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>First off, this board is NOT Otaku Culture. I've tried on several occasions to post otaku-related material and had my thread deleted.
Care to be more vague?
Why not sending this to him instead or why don't you talk about this with mods on the IRC channel?

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Shonen anime and manga are both covered by the title "Animu/Mango" on /a/.

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He made a mecha board

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>Care to be more vague?
Trains are otaku culture

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His point is that /jp/'s content is ambiguous.
>Nuh-uh there are MMO and Idolfags.
Honestly, the population of users for those genre are pretty low.

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>Why not sending this to him instead
>e-mailing moot
>expecting any sort of reply

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And people STILL complain that there isn't a board for those.

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>expecting moot to give a shit about this shithole he doesn't care about.

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I guess I'd prefer the first anon; yeah sure is fun to be able talk shit on other people like >>7012767. Sion climbed off the anime figure and walked disgustingly across the grass to greet his lover. Guarnteedreplies.tiff.

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>25 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click Reply to view.
>10 minutes have passed

if i didn't know any better i'd say this thread was made by kog

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Take your stupid greentext shit back to /v/a/b/ please

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/jp/ is fine,mods are just lolrandom sometimes but most of the time they don't cae about this board anways.
So we might aswell post whatever we want and decide by ourself what is welcome here and what isn't

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To this day, you don't understand why there isn't a /th/-touhou/vns board yet. Jp/ is always bitching about people from /A/, /B/, and /V/ shitting up the board with metathreads and blog posts. Moot, it's time to grow up and give the people what they want already. Who gives a shit reported.

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>implying you don't get instantly permab& from the IRC channel if you try to talk to a mod
I once tried to tell them there was CP on /b/ and they booted me. The CP remained up for another 10 minutes.
There's a reason MODS = FAGS

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Reported for stupid portal shit.

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/jp/ is not fine. Look at all the greentext shit in this very thread. The community is shit and there is absolutely no moderation. A few weeks ago there was a thread that had real child porn as the OP pic and it was there for hours. That's how much the staff cares

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He cares, he posted here in january(or was that least year).

Although it kind of seems like he hates this place.

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The sad part is that you're probably right. KoG knows this board a little too well...

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Yea the mods are ok. I still get a laugh thinking back to the time when i got banned for flaming.

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He hates us because we are the opposite of /b/. Well, we were until the constant flooding of bullshit, which was moot's fault a few times.

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I say we should continue to be hostile to people who use greentext then and hide childporn threads

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That wouldn't work because there's too many shitposters. They will still feel accepted

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You don't get all the mukyu.

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Of course KoG made this thread, he's the only one autistic enough to actually care about what he does.
>let KoG continue with his daily invasions, retarded 55-page Touhou fanfic, and GETs,
He also hates White Ren.
>let Sion and White Ren act as if they own the place

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They will fuck off to their homeboard and tell everyone:
"/jp/ is a shithole with lots of mean people don't ever go there except for trolling boohooo"
Always has been like that

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Except that we aren't. We're EXACTLY like /b/ if you sit down and think about it:

· We both like random (/jp/ loves ZUN despite his incoherent dribble of a plot)
· We both complain ALL the time
· We both report everything ALL the time
· We sage anything we don't like and abuse its purpose
· We use greentext as frequently as /v/
· We both have daily metathreads (/jp/ has MONTHLY metathread with as slow as it goes)

The only real different between the two is that /b/ is mainstream and a fast-moving board and /jp/ is niche and a slow-moving board.

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"/th/" would be stupid.

/dg/ - Doujinsoft and visual novels would be better. (Touhou is a completely doujin series)

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Moot loves /b/ so much that he drove our last janitor away because he kept deleting raid shit. Why do you expect anything good out of him anymore

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Except that 99% of /jp/'s population would go there when /jp/ was deleted and just turn it into /th/ anyway.

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>shit thread
>Images: 7 Posts: 55

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And then those people will flood us, and due to mod apathy nothing would be done about it.

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The existence of /vp/ means that any board has a chance to exist.

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In during Brian samefagging the fuck out of this thread.

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This whole board culture of delusional mai waifu-style neets who reject reality that I and a handful of other terrible posters are trying to force has got to stop.

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>implying interest in this shit thread.

>> No.7194172


All you're doing is contributing more to the thread. Why not hide it instead of showing your immaturity? Do you really want his 5-inch cock in you so badly?

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Get out of this goddamn fucking thread already fuckwad.

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>implying implying lololololololololol

You're part of the problem, you know that right?

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>moot talking about /jp/
>we have a ton of animated porn boards -- /e/ /h/ /d/ /y/ etc. and /c/ /cm/ for non. just use those. this is and will remain a worksafe board -- please respect that.

Worksafe? /jp/?!

See image.

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You intend to see this thread in the morning. An banned individual's post is not necessary deleted if it is still relevant to the thread in which it was posted in. What do you think about while I'm doing is contributing more to the thread, anon?

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>I've tried on several occasions to post otaku-related material and had my thread deleted.
May I ask you what kind of material that was?

Just so you know, the western definition of otaku is not what should be here.

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You hope this show makes /jp/ turn into a hipster forum.

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>finding some kind of immortality serum.

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I agree, /jp/ is full of normal people like me and you with girlfriends and this whole lulzsorandumweplay2hushitonthefloorneets XDDDD elitism shit has to stop.

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Yeah, /jp/ pretty much sucks now. Any time a half-decent thread does show up, either /jp/ QUALITY CONTROL or some other faggot will come in the thread and spam it into the ground.

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Much like every other board on 4chan a combination of /b/ and normals ruined it. If you've only just noticed now then I don't know what to say

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How is one post spam?

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Not everybody on /jp/ has a girlfriend, but you and I sure as hell know that it isn't this whole "I'm scared of women let me just cum all over my fig SCREW THE REAL WORLD I WANT A WAIFU ;_;" garbage trolls keep spewing. We aren't normal, but we aren't your stereotypical nerds who sit in the basement for months at a time, either.

That would be /a/ and /v/.

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>I WANT A WAIFU ;_;" garbage trolls keep spewing.
Nothing can describe how much I want to punch you in the face right now.

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Why is Sudo-sama so awesome?
~Support Sudo for mod~Put this in your sig!
~Support Jones ban~
~Support White Ren ban~
~Support tohoe ban from /jp/~

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>stop liking what I don't like

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Not liking 3D women doesn't equal being afraid of them.

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Sometimes I think moot has made 4chan shitty on purpose to try and get people to go to his new site. I'll never use anything that requires facebook though so good luck with that

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>Putting waifu material on the same level as NEET floor shitting material.
What the fuck is wrong with you?

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He's one of those "people ruining /jp/" everybody is talking about

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Well, time for Cirno.

The sooner we can get this thread to the bump limit, the sooner it can get off the front page.

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The purpose of a hymen is to show who's a dirty slut and who isn't.
>not shitting on the floor.

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Please consider bumping the Okuu thread off page 12 fellow Okuu fans.

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>this thread

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Reporting this whole thread.

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I knew /jp/ was dead when "HURRR WHY DO PPL KEEP SAGEING MY THREADS T_T" threads started getting more posts and more serious replies

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>91 posts and 17 image replies omitted. Click Reply to view.
>barely a half an hour has passed

Why can't you faggots ever just ignore KoG and stop feeding all his threads?

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cuz it's fun??

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You post a retarded trollface image while acting like you aren't a complete dipshit. Cool

>> No.7194275

We're talking about the guy who made Dragon Ball /jp/. KoG knows every single little thing that will make us frustrated.

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It doesn't really help that one mod or janitor checks in once a day to sweep a couple of pages of bad threads away when it takes an hour to bring them back again.

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Even if OP was KoG, I still agree with him that /jp/'s moderation is retarded.

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I agree. Cool greentext, reaction image and autismxd post, kid.

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On a totally unrelated note, would renaming /jp/ to something more Touhou/VN related be such a bad idea?

>> No.7194287

We don't have a janitor. Moot didn't like that our last one was deleting so much so he instigated a /b/ raid and told them to not do anything about it.

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>agreeing with kog on anything

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>Stop liking what I don't like.

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Yes, I'm painfully aware of it. I assumed there's still global janitors left from the previous batch.

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I feel like a retard, doing this

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You can call a pile of shit spaghetti but it's still shit

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>kog is likeable and has any redeeming qualities

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Well she does have a side like this but it's more because she likes to joke around, not because of the ';retard moe'; stuff.

>> No.7194314

If there are, then moot has probably told them to not touch /jp/

>> No.7194316

KoG is my best friend.

>> No.7194317

What a shit thread.

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>My opinion is objective.

>> No.7194322

1/10, try harder Brian.

>> No.7194323

The administrator is his friend (not even joking).

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Yes,but seriously we are used to this aren't we?
We just have to remeber our most important rule

Take it easy

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Well, somebody's been deleting threads occasionally. Not that it actually matters to anyone that he's deleting inactive threads and promptly taking his leave.

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>My opinion is fact and there is not a single positive thing KoG has done in his entire inception

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It's the same guy, pay him no mind.

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I'm sorry to sound extremely stupid, retarded, autistic and cynical to many of you, but /jp/ is actually the board I find myself enjoying the most. And even if you think it is 'shit', would you not prefer it to be called by a name more fitting to the board's contents?

>> No.7194346

Moot doesn't like boards besides /b/ because they are the only ones who consistently suck his dick, and he can't handle criticism at all.

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>> No.7194348

>Still missing the point.

>> No.7194349

2) His opinions sucks.

>> No.7194352

You are trying to build an okuu, still missing a few of the pieces tho.

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>> No.7194354

/jp/ is my favorite 4chan board too, but that doesn't mean it isn't shit

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>> No.7194367

My favorite board is shit.

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>> No.7194369

Why is All day!jCOMomijIM such a shitposting summerfag?

>> No.7194372

That's 4chan for you

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>> No.7194375

Op is reported for shitposting and trolling.

>> No.7194377


Notice how all the /jp/-related images don't have KoG anywhere in them? That should tell you something.

>> No.7194378


Yes, but my point was not the substance of the board, but its name. Wouldn't a touhou (or Touhou/VN) named board be a good thing? Maybe it would keep some more 'unwanted' people away, too. For example, I do not visit the Pokemon board, because I do not have an interest Pokemon.

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>> No.7194387


Nearly all the /a/ related ones have him in it, though. KoG is pretty much /a/, he just comes here when he's bored and trolls since we're so easy to troll to him. What's funny is that despite all the claims of him samefagging, I bet the OP's post is the only post by him.

>> No.7194388

You could give me a jpopsuki invite despite the name it's pretty much any eastern music, that site should cover a ton for me. Would you prefer the latter?

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>> No.7194391

It would at least make the daily "lol japan got nuked, tsunamis" threads go away.

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Yes, but hoping that moot would do something that's actually beneficial for us borders on delusional.

>> No.7194401

True, but you think he was hoping that it would be a happy sex work.

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>> No.7194406

No it wouldn't.

>> No.7194415

Jp/ is not for traveling to japan, please note it is a board dedicated to Otaku culture, not japan itself.

>> No.7194421

The first name change was supposed to do that but it's not like people can fucking read.

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If /jp/ stays as /jp/, you're right.

No wait, in a perfect world moot would make /dg/ and leave /jp/ up. We'd get to jump ship and leave /jp/ as bait for the retards.

>> No.7194425
File: 471 KB, 1000x1000, 157f94b4e44fb7c1aa5878a91b7f0be47d5d5d02.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.7194431
File: 1.13 MB, 987x750, 8f3533848a8cf65e3945bb5d91c3eab45449607c.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.7194432

Would wait until they color her, Sega's painting is rather inconsistent.

>> No.7194433
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Moot is never going to do anything beneficial for 4chan again, unless he sells it. This is his new love

>> No.7194440


Of course, /jp/ would still have its place, for otaku culture related stuff. But it should not, I think, be a Touhou/VN board in any case. Arent's those computer games anyway? What do they have to do with 'otaku culture'? I mean, are they more related to 'otaku culture' than, say, Pokemon or Mecha or Anime?

>> No.7194441

i just threw up in my mouth a little

>> No.7194443

Holy heck that looks like a pretty RANDOM place right there.

>> No.7194444

Mints in any orifice other than the mouth just doesn't sound pleasant.

>> No.7194447

You don't belong here if you don't know.

>> No.7194450

Oh God where you can find more of this tracing author, I don't know how much you want to punch the tracer in the fucking face.

>> No.7194453

Gum is good for chewing, but if you have bad teeth, it might be bad.

>> No.7194458


I'll never understand why moot made canvas. Instead of taking care of and giving attention to the MILLIONS of visitors this site gets daily, he makes a myspace-esque garbage site and completely ignores 4chan? Is moot even the real owner of 4chan, or was the real owner killed off and moot is just some CIA asset payed to pretend to be the owner?

I just don't get it.

>> No.7194459
File: 859 KB, 868x1213, 1287646259966.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Indeed. If we really went by the "all things otaku welcome" we'd be discussing everything from trains to weapons. It's pretty much an even broader umbrella term than "all things Japanese welcome".

Which is fucking retarded given what this board is actually for.

No, he's technically speaking quite right.

>> No.7194462


Seriously? You mean to say that anime/manga/gunpla/pokemon/etc are NOT otaku-related? Really?.....

I don't know what to say. Maybe it's _you_ that doesn't belong here.

>> No.7194465
File: 621 KB, 1447x1547, 1287684853899.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Well, mostly right, videogames and anime are both equally related to otaku culture.

>> No.7194467
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>> No.7194480
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>> No.7194486


Yes, they are. As are all the other stuff I mentioned above. And they all have, sadly, their own boards. So, moon-san, if you ever read this, please consider making a touhou/vn board, yes? Because this board is filling with many unrelated treads & posts because of its name, imho.

>> No.7194491
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>> No.7194492



Where do I start?

>> No.7194494

moot doesn't care

>> No.7194497


From the fact that I made a typo? I don't know. It could be a start.

>> No.7194499
File: 135 KB, 600x600, 1234891779349.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.7194500

Look at that baka.

>> No.7194503
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>> No.7194504


Yes, but don't you?

Also, he could start. More unbelievable miracles have happened.

>> No.7194505

200th post GET!!!1