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Such a nice night, hmm?

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Actually it is really nice out, I'd even go out for a bike ride if I didn't feel so drained.

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And so cold too, why aren't you wearing clothes?

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Needs more tails.

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It's okay, don't see anything too special about it. It's just like every other night.

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...I wish I had a bike.

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It's been warming up pretty well.

Maybe I'll take the motorcycle out.

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I meant with a mountainbike but I do plan on buying a moped this summer.

Gas is expensive.

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Art of Fighting reference.

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What a terrible night to have a curse.

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Ellen cosplaying Touhou?... Again?...

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dem socks

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Such a beautiful night, right Ran?

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Also, if you look at it at a different way... it looks like a couple of large worm like creatures trying to enter her rear opening...

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Those are some healthy-looking pinworms.

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Ahhhh... And now it's a beautiful morning! Did you sleep good last tonight? Have any good dreams?

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I hate this image so much.

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me too anon

me too

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Hmmm? What is wrong with mommy?

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Ran-mama, I can't explain it but I want to fuck your face like I was making danmaku in your mouth

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I don't much care for the flash that picture comes from

except for the dat mokou ass part, what with her reaching for the cigarettes in her pocket

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Ran threads always make me feel warm and loved

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I wish they would do that for me as well.

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i was gonna make a new ran thread, but instead I found this old one and are bumping it

I hope Mama Ran praises me

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Link to said flash?

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I love the art in it. I wish I know thr artist that did it and there were good vectors of some of the shots.

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Artist link.


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Goodnight, sweety! Have pleasant dreams!

Scoot on over a bit. Mommy wants to sleep next to her favorite little NEET tonight!

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Oh yah sue me.

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That actually made me feel better. What's happening to me?

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Can I spread your legs while you sleep, mommy

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I didn't know why Ellen Degeneres was in my bedroom, or why she was wearing fox ears. After being along for as long as I had, you stopped asking those sorts of questions.

For the first time in years, I dreamed. Of a quiet life without Touhou.

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oh god Ran you are all I need

you are acutlaly everyting in my life, i would not be here now if it wasnt for you. do youk now what? people have told me things. even here. they speak of hiding. they speka of "powerlevels". i sould hide you. like a dirty scret.

but the truth, Ran? fuck tem. they will never understand. i owe you my life and i will never hide you. you arere worth more than any of those who laugh and so long as we both know that nothing matters.

i needed this thread right now

i love you so much, mummy. don't ever leave.

sage for drunkretard

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>Ellen Degeneres

Thats disgusting, now get some Fran Drescher and then maybe we'll talk.

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Are Ran's tails fuzzy enough to warm this ice fairy?

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Goodness! Mommy's thread is still here! Let's have a sleepover celebration!

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Ran-shama! Ran-shama! I wanna hug!

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Cirno has a warm heart, despite what you may think. She's the lovely fairy.

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These threads are disgusting.

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HELL yea it is huehuehue

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