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I say we go in, this chick seems legit.

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tentacle puppet rape?

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Naw, seems more like she wants to drug you then cut your dick off to use the skin as material for her puppets.

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Hey, I've got my CCW, so if she does pull something, we've got an ace up our sleeves.

Nothing says 'No Means No' like 14 rounds of 9mm Parabellum.

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Bad end.

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What the fuck is with the secondary bullshit?

Where's my moe Alice?

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[Speech] Two conditions, Alice. Leave the dolls, and *we* talk inside that room.

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Ok, I hate to ask, but source? saucenao/iqdb/tineye return nothing of use.

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You will never be cut by the pupuppeteer's thread ;_;

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My penis is quite displeased with
>No relevant matches

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Surprising, isn't it? Go in the wrong door, one wrong step, a slip of the tongue... and you're set up like it's Strings all over again.

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Was none.
I'm sorry for your loss.

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[Memoria] Ningyou Kakumei

Try exhentai's file search next time.

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It's canon that Remilia helps lost and wounded gensokyans and lets them stay in the mansion.

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Thanks. I'll keep that in mind.

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Is there a sequel?

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This reminds me of something we did to one of my coworkers at the haunted house with an ass ton of fishing line.

Though we were aiming for for the razor room in saw rather than puppet strings.

Still scared the shit out of him when one of the creepier employees cut himself on some razor wire we had set up near the door.

good times.

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It's also canon that Alice lets lost humans stay in their house, even though she doesn't say much to her guests.

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It's also canon that Alice lets lost humans stay in her house, even though she doesn't say much to her guests.

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Doesn't she put on puppet shows for kids too.

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>shitty holiday
>injure coworkers with razors and wire
>we had fun

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The guy who cut himself did it intentionally to fuck with the guy we had trapped.

But being a haunted house actor is like being a carny, you're a perverse subhuman at best.

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He is one of those people who think posting their normalfag exploits on /jp/ makes him cool

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My theory is that there are no super fucked up humans or youkai in Gensokyo because Yukari finds them at the gate and feeds them to Rumia and company.

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Alice is a fucking crazy whore.

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Stop bumping dead thread, Mr.Troll, it's pretty obvious what you are trying to do.

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Is it against the law to bump an inactive thread?

This isn't some faggy forum where people get worked up over 'necroposting'.

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I never understood that. Why even keep those threads around if you don't want anyone to post in them?