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How did u first get introduced to touhou /jp/?

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ran ran ru

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All these girls kept showing up in my nik bot nu.

Didn't find out who they were until much later.

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i used to like PVs like touhou sweets without really knowing what it was about. then later a friend introduced me.

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counterstrike players

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I stumbled upon this let's play touhou series, it's his relaxed attitude towards the games that gave me confidence to start playing.

I play on easy too

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Ran Ran Ru -> U.N. Owen was her? -> EoSD Extra Video

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When I first watched, I had no idea what the fuck was going on.
Now... I know everything...

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touhou spam on /a/ in 2007

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Strange set of seemingly unrelated circumstances led me to a vocal cover of magus~the witches ball. Had no clue what it was about and video info was in jap. Then a week or two later, came across the video for 'goes to the affected area and immediately dissolves". Week or so after that randomly came across Zun's native faith. Link on side had image of reisin who I thought may be related to the iosys video. Was amazed by the music sought more info on series, liked what I saw and downloaded games 6 and 7.

Since then I have left the room, gotten back to work and am taking night classes. I'm not saying touhou is the reason I rejoined normal life and was saved from waking up 10+ years later as still a NEET Hiki idiot, but I'm not not- saying.

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People playing Touhou music over the mic -> me looking up the song -> wtf is this -> withdraw -> more Touhou music over the mic -> check out EoSD -> get raped -> withdraw -> check out IN -> ifuckinglovethis

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Me and a friend stumbled across a video of it on youtube, then we downloaded IN and played it, then I moved onto better shooters.

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>moved on to better shooters

For example?

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I don't remember, though I believe it was ran ran ru.

Also, just because this thread is about touhous does not make it board relevant. Reported for shitthread.

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Touhou Hijack LOL

I miss those shitstorms on /a/

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As a fan of Rozen Maiden when it was airing, I went to the Touhou & Rozen Maiden image board on iichan. I liked the wallpapers, so I got curious as to what they're about.

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Cirno GET threads in /a/.

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this thread

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I saw that vocaloid version of Overdrive.

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PC98 shmups.
Though I couldn't play them and didn't bother with emulation.
Then, Touhou spread to windows, and that was it.

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Marisa/Alice doujins.

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By lurking /jp/ for the first time. The bad apple video.

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it was one of the most popular video on youtube back when youtube was new, now i can't find it

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googled it, downloaded the games, played them

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"Marisa stole the precious thing" you say?

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O~overdrive flash on pown.it

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>First a quick obligatory statement on the leak.

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Pettan Pettan...

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Those touhou soccer videos of special moves on youtube. I googled it, read the wikipedia article then downloaded them off Doujinsoft/style whatever it was that's now just a forum.

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I remember these frames being spammed enough to drown even /b/.

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My first exposure to touhou was from early IOSYS flashes.. overdrive / stole the precious thing. Later on a friend introduced me to the series through the games, and I made the connections.

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I heard Rumia's theme and then searched for more.

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Always saw Touhou shit on 4chan, decided to play one day.

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You downloaded the game that was pre-patched with the voices, etcetera.

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Yeah sure is fun to be able talk shit on other people like >>7012767.

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At that time I didn't care that much about Touhou, just knowing 'STG, little girls'
In 2010, I talked online with Touhoufags, was curious about the music, fell in love, tried the games, kinda like them.

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/a/, though I heard pettan pettan tsurupettan before I even knew too much about Touhou. I didn't know the games existed until later on.

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Wish you could know how popular are raising games now. Zero sum games are such that the winnings of one must be the losses of another.

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Female acquaintance of mine forced it down my throat

No, she has no interest in me, I made sure of it

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I really have no idea. I was thinking about this the other day, I can recall a time I didn't know but was seeing pictures of girls in frilly costumes and silly hats and flan with her unusual wings while browsing the booru's a lot (I remember wondering who came up with Christmas-light wings).

And I can remember after I learned about it. But I cannot recall when and how I actually did get into it and take the dive.

I suspect sorcery afoot!

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I'd have to say about the same thing.
The one thing I AM certain of is that the first game I played was IN, which was a monumentally stupid decision.

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This, I wanted to know what the awesome music was in the background of Mcroll'd, so I did some research and now I'm a touhoufag

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Touhou is garbage.

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I don't remember at all. I eventually downloaded all the Touhou games a number of years ago and played Highly Responsive to Prayers but never finished it. A couple of years after that, I did the exact same thing. A year or so after that, I did it again. Eventually I learned Touhou was a danmaku game and tried PCB and EoSD and haven't touched the P98 games since.