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This is your bipolar herald of the season bringing you another report. As you are surely aware, April showers bring May flowers. The weather has been a little rainy and a little stormy but temperatures are rising and the rain is making the browns turn to green! Trees are budding and flowers are pushing their way out of the ground and should be blooming within the next two weeks! So exciting!

Even the creatures are stirring. Some spiders have been spotted crawling along walls, a few amphibians are croaking at night, birds are making plenty of noise, and on my evening stroll through the woods spotted many cute little bats having a feast in the air!

The most exciting time of year is upon us! I hope you enjoy!

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You know, here it is the season of mud.

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flowers in the next two weeks?

You would kill your garden.

Though planting season is right around the corner for flats.

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>fires are budding
>Geiger counters are making plenty of noise
>core temperatures are rising
>the plutonium is making the browns turn to green!

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Daffodil and tulip bulbs come up in mid-April! weee!

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Perenials are stupid though, they come up when its still frosting.

You can't really count on them until mid may.

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No homo, bro, but I think it's kinda moé that you know about flowers, Necro.

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Don't forget the most important part.

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shut up homo

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It can't be helped.

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Oh you sillies, no need to fight over flowers! They are our friends and there is nothing emasculating about them.

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I work at a flower stand loading topsoil every spring to lose my winterfats and get with depressed girls.

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Where does the booze knowledge come from?

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It just snowed today where I lived, despite being spring for weeks now.

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aww, I'm sorry, I know the feel. Even April is not always safe from the terrible yuki-onna.

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My friend and I built a still in his garage years back to make racing fuel.

Turns out you can drink ethanol if you get all that nasty methanol out first.

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Stop roleplaying you miserable faggot.

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I'm sorry you're so angry. It seems spring hasn't reached you yet, anon, wherever you live. Hopefully you can lighten up soon and join the rest of us in happiness!

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No , fuck you.

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Now now, there's no need to be so hostile. If something's troubling you I'd be glad to try and help and relieve you of that sour mood...

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Why are you behaving like mugen? You are only lacking ellipses.

Stop that, it's disgusting.

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I'm sorry, I wasn't trying to act like him. He acts the way he does to troll, but I'm just wondering why you're so angry. There's really no reason to get so upset over an imageboard.

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N-n-no fighting. Spring is time for being happy and lively!

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Hey, uh... you wanna have some spring?

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Yes, yes!

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If I bother you enough, will you go into story mode?

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/jp/'s not my blog.

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Oh god, that made me giggle.

Very well, Lily White, Harbinger of Spring. Against my better judgment, I will try to... go outside more... and... get some... sun. Normally I prefer the cold, but I'll make a special exception for you.

When summer comes I'm not coming out til the fall though.

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Time to wake up!

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This makes me so very happy. It's okay to avoid summer heat, but that's why spring is the best time to get outside: not too hot, not too cold!

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haha i've never seen that version before

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I wanna hug Letty<3

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Now that you think how long you have been here.

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this is the best thread on /jp/ right now

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Letty is ever so slowly on her way to the Southern Hemisphere right now. Currently they are enjoying the company of the twins... whatstheirnames... with the... faces... and... stuff...

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Stupid question inbound: what's バネ? Why not use 春?

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because OP obviously machine translated "Spring has come" and got the word for mechanical spring and not the spring season.

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actually it came from pixiv.

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No, it's a joke.

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Like so.

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She's the softest.

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>Letty titts

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Hmph! I'll show her up!

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I had such a great image for replying to that. DAMN FEDS WHY DID YOU GOTTA RAID ME?

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What time is it? ';With this,'; sion said and held out a retarded report button.

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When did me first realize I was homusexual /jp?

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Hey Southern Hemisphere, guess what WE'RE MOVING IN! Get used to it or go north!

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Spring's coming?

Back to hiding then.

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