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What would you do if /jp/ suddenly packed up and moved away without telling you?

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I'd go back to /a/. BREAK DOWN THIS WALL, MR. MOOT!

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complain about it on easymodo's /m/ board.

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Pssh, /jp/ would tell me.

I'm one of the cool kids around here.

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I'd probably accomplish something in life.

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This place is already dead so who gives a shit

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Don't kid yourself.

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Cry myself to death.

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That's going to happen to all of 4chan once canvas is out. Moot will have a normalfag facebook imageboard utopia, he won't need this place anymore

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That actually happened before, my loli neighbor sucked my dick and just disappeared the next day.

Felt kinda bad because it felt kinda good.

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My god, moot has created....reddit. Is it even possible for him to be more unoriginal?

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>Drag stickers to vote.

Is this site aimed at 5 year olds or something?

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samefagging in /jp/ until someone come here and talk to me

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It's geared toward the new common internet user so yeah, kinda

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I cringe every time I see a screenshot of that thing. I still can't quite believe it's real even though I know it is. God fucking damnit.

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Why the fuck would anyone invest in moot?

He stole the imageboard and then stole users from SA. What makes anyone think he can create anything?

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Because people are ignorant morons and he hyped the fuck out of 4chan in various interviews during the past couple years.

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Because 4chan is popular and mainstream.

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>stole users from SA

I wish that were still the case, because goons can be pretty funny when they aren't under the mods' thumbs. The mod of the anime forum didn't even want people discussing Oreimo because he thought it was creepy pedoshit.

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Considering how large the user base of 4chan is, it's really not that surprising at all.

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I'd still rather browse SA's anime forum than /a/ though.

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I kind of agree. I mean yeah you can discuss anime there without /b/ shit all over the place, but I can't talk about how much I want to shove my cock down the characters' throats. For some reason they love pretending they aren't attracted to 2D

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Then what the fuck do they even talk about? The last 2-3 years have been dominated by moeshit based almost entirely on fanservice.

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Also everywhere but the anime forum and YCS hates Japan and anime with a passion. If you even mention black people the thread turns into a giant "RACIST FUCKS GO TO HELL" thread, but mention Japan and it turns into "NUKE THE ISLAND AGAIN FUCKING ANIME PEDOS" thread.

Basically the SA community is utter shit

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Why is Zorak such a faggot?

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Shows like EVA and Bleach have their own threads, and discussion of fanservice stuff (like zombie) is regulated to one season thread where people are afraid to post. I can't wait to see what happens when someone mentions Lotte no Omocha! there. The mod will shit himself

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Better that than being infested with wapanese faggots.

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People actually browse SA?

I didn't know anyone was dumb enough to pay $10 to read a forum where the users create the content.

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I use it for the LP section.

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It's sad too, because there are genuinely good, creative, and funny members of it. Unfortunately, they are all forced to adopt and abide by normalfag morality and rules, substantially lowering the general quality of various discussions. Also, it's chock full of MSPA and ponyfaggots now, which makes it nigh unbearable.

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I got my account for the files forum, which got shut down a long time ago and even mentioning it will get you banned. I still browse sometimes but I haven't posted in over a year.

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YCS had the best anime threads before the gaymods ruined everything

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It's even better now because the mods don't even pay attention. I saw an Etna porn thread a month ago

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I stole a Duke Nukem first access code from their forum, so that's cool I guess

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Also why do you make this thread every day, nobody is ever leaving /jp/ everyone knows this.

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Just remember the good old days


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Not only do I have no respect for the moderators that make discussion practically anywhere on the internet impossible, I have no respect for the people who PAY to have themselves subjected to it.

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Am I wrong in assuming lots of ex-SASS posters post on YCS? The general feel of it is close to SASS sometimes and I miss that place ;_;

>> No.7181250

Celebrate, as I'd finally be free.

>> No.7181260

he still posts in YCS

>> No.7181268

YCS is /jp/'s home away from home hope that helps

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SA has around the same level of autism as /jp/, but they try really hard to pretend they don't.

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YCS still has tons of normals though. They're always talking about facebook and shit

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SA is probably the single shittiest forum of all time, I really can't believe anyone still talks about it or uses it.

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I don't think it's any more shitty than any other forum. That said, it's a forum. Just the idea of everyone on a site having usernames and signatures and e-reputation and all other sorts of things disgusts me.

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One of the SA games forums mods is literally throwing a DNF release party, and he's paying a guy to dress like duke nukem for it. Also, he had already planned the party before the game got delayed, so he's having a release party for a game that won't even be out. Here he is by the way

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SA really is autistic. Even more than /jp/, if that's possible.

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arc on the left

>> No.7181313

Is he the black guy or the guy who should have his obese body filled with bullets for his shirt?

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Thanks Helldump

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What do you think?

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I don't like posting in YCS because I fear that they're love of anime and stuff is all ironic and I don't want to get burned

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I think a /jp/ off of 4chan would be nice, but other than that I don't think I'd look for a replacement. Most of the time I just sigh then post one figure image and leave.

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remember when this faggot had a huge meltdown and banned basically everybody in YCS because 'waaa anime is gross' goonrage

>> No.7181333

The one on the left, obviously. The fat guy is the one they paid to dress up as Douk.

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Wait, you mean /jp/ isn't being ironic?

>> No.7181339

I'd probably sob uncontrollably.

Then shit up /a/ because of it.

>> No.7181340


It's ironic but that doesn't mean it's not real. You can't watch anime and not like it

>> No.7181344

It does mean it's not real though. Either it's ironic or they actually like it, choose one.

>> No.7181346

And yet you don't worry about 4chan?

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SA's whole duke nukem thread has made me ashamed that I'm planning on getting it

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Yeah. And Lowtax's post. "Come on guys stop saying nigger. I don't think it's funny"

>> No.7181371

Ah YCS...


>> No.7181384

Whatever happened to the guy who set up the prank?

I heard he got killed or something.

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Axemaniac is the best mod. He's like the perfect goon specimen in every way. He's fat, filled with ironic love for duke nukem, has an irrational fear of japan and anime, and a superiority complex larger than his huge ass

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/jp is autistic, but most people here realize they're unlikable lazy fucks. SA is full of autists who think they're better than everyone else.

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The hell is YCS?

All I see is a YCS Goldmine subforum.

>> No.7181459

Look under the "retarded forums for assholes" section near the bottom.

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I'm just looking through YCS and I found a 50 something page Haruhi thread and I like it a lot. Too bad most other forums are shit.

>> No.7181479

jewtax won't let lurkers read the best forums

>> No.7181498

Remember the time radium lost his admin star next to his name for a while and when people asked why he mentioned something about how it was because he was moving or some silly shit

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Then why are people on /jp/ talking about it?

Don't tell me they gave Lowtax $10, not even /jp/ is that autistic.

>> No.7181506

But I thought /jp/ was the autismal capital of the world.

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Believe it or not SA used to be worth paying for

>> No.7181514

well I was banned and haven't bothered to browse SA for 2 years but yeah.

>> No.7181523

There's still the LP forum, that alone is kinda worth it.

>> No.7181528


Yeah, threads like the Deadly Premonition one make it worth the ten bux. The rest of the site, especially the "serious" forums are pretty much shit though.

>> No.7181533

I'm honestly surprised lowtax hasn't tried to make some sort of imageboard section of the site after 4chan became popular

>> No.7181538

Yahtzee was originally an SA goon, and was going to do his shitty little game reviews for the site until lowtax said he wasn't willing to play him for it.

>> No.7181539

ADTRW is the most closeted anime forum in existence

>> No.7181543

Don't they hate us to the point where mentioning 4chan over there is a bannable offense ?

>> No.7181545


PAY I mean.


It really is. They try so hard to pretend they don't get boners over 13 year old anime girls, but they fool nobody except the mod

>> No.7181549

No but using 4chan memes is a bannable offense, which I'm OK with actually.

>> No.7181553

Also on the other forums I've seen people pretend they don't even know what anime is. "Dragins Doll z? Heh never heard of it :overusedemoticonsomeonepaidfor:"

>> No.7181557

No, Lowtax just doesn't want people talking about competition so he doesn't lose his user base full of idiots dumb enough to hand him $10 to generate their own shitty content.

And then there's the elitists in self-denial that they wasted $10 and countless hours building a "reputation" on that shitty forum so they bash this shitty site and act like they're above it when they're clearly just as bad if not worse.

Only /jp/ is humble enough to admit they're shitty and also not dumb enough to hand some Jew $10 to make content for him.

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I saw a thread about census records on SA where they literally got mad at people if they didn't live in a black (read: shitty) neighborhood. "WHAT ARE YOU RACIST OR SOMETHING I HAVE LIKE 20 BLACK FAMILIES LIVING NEAR ME FUCK I'M SO TOLERANT"

>> No.7181561

Yeah that shit's terrible anywhere.

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4chan isn't any better these days, I got globally banned on /k/ for saying nigger.

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times have changed

>> No.7181566

See, that's the only plus side to SA: You don't have to deal with /b/ shit. Then again SA's own community is usually so terrible it almost balances out

>> No.7181567


>> No.7181573

I saw a thread where some lady strangled a 74 year old walmart employee for asking for a receipt, and you can guess what her race was. I didn't check the thread after page one but I'm sure it devolved into people saying how much the old man probably deserved it because black people never do anything wrong

>> No.7181581

post on tohnochan

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>Marshall Banana

>> No.7181586

and /bun/ dont forget /bun/ hurrrrr.

Stop fucking advertising these places, they have enough

>> No.7181588

well yes living in a lily white suburb is shitty, and those places suck. Anything else new? Besides, black neighborhoods =/= shitty neighborhoods I grew up in a ghetto for fuck's sake

>> No.7181589

the OP asked me where I would go and I told him

>> No.7181590

>black neighborhoods =/= shitty neighborhoods

hahahahahaha jesus christ

>> No.7181593

I don't even think you could call SA a community. All it's basically composed of is thousands of users trying to suck off each mod in hopes of becoming popular or trying to justify their waste of 10 dollars.

>> No.7181594

meh im black and id like more wapanese faggotds.

>> No.7181595

SA is nothing but manchildren trying to act smarter and more mature than they really are.

Not that 4chan nowadays is much better, but at least I don't have to pay to post here.

>> No.7181598

At least /bun/ is decent.

/tohno/ is way too fragmented. And most /jp/ers are already at /bun/ anyway. /tohno/'s had its time.

>> No.7181599

so how many black neighborhoods have you been in?

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>I don't like a man who can't hold his word.

>> No.7181605

None, because all the murders and rapes happen in them. Unless the news just be raycis and sheet

>> No.7181612

>/tohno/ is way too fragmented

You are one of those people too stupid to realize you can post on more than one board, aren't you? It's not fucking 4chan

>> No.7181623

What? You aren't willing to get stabbed, robbed, and raped by black people just to prove you aren't racist? Racist

>> No.7181631

Please stop mentioning the other imageboards. We don't need the cancer spreading there. One of them already has a huge thread with people bitching about mugen (the worst /jp/ poster aside from the HELL guy) being banned, and we don't need it getting worse

>> No.7181633

I wonder how I managed to grow up in those neighborhoods and not die then, or how I manage to takt two buses into the middle of the ghetto and not get murdered/raped/whatever then

>> No.7181636

Nope, true /jp/ would rather leave the internet at all.
/tohno/ and /bun/ is nothing more that a more autistic than /jp/ people who think they are better.

Also have you joined the irc channels? worse than #/jp/.

>> No.7181637

Could you happen to tell us where this magic nigger community is?

>> No.7181639

/jp/ doesn't understand the concept of more than one board. /jp/ has never browsed anything but /jp/ since 2008.

>> No.7181643

Goons are fun outside of SA. The ones people complain about are either newbies that feel on top of the world for proving that they have $10 or horrible, horrible neckbeards that have been actively posting way too fucking long.

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>uses the word 'nigger'

go back to /b/ faggot

>> No.7181649

Playing with goons is always a terrible experience because they act like they do on the forum only with more /b/ shit because they can get away with it

>> No.7181650

That saying, #/jp/ is full of flockdraw fags, hotglue scum and all the shitty circlejerk tripfriends.

>> No.7181651

Because you're black and poor, dumbass.

>> No.7181652

tohno is fucking awful, why does it get mentioned in these threads? enjoy your post-split /a/ community with the worst aspects of /jp/ included free of charge

>> No.7181654

You post that with a stupid image macro. I don't expect you to understand the irony

>> No.7181658

Nigger is standard 4chan vernacular.

>> No.7181661

Oh it's you. You must be able to sense these threads, since you say the same stupid shit in all of them. /bun/ and tohno's communities are identical, and to think otherwise is stupid as fuck

>> No.7181662

Would rather go to Krautchan, at least they are friendly and they have good Steam parties.

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>implying I am poor
>implying I am a dumbass


>> No.7181664

I have literally never been in an IRC channel that wasn't full of faggots. TC's might be the only exception but only because there's only ever two or three people in it talking about LoL

>> No.7181665

Why are there so many metathreads during the weekend?

>> No.7181667

IRCs tend to devolve into cliques and circlejerks, so I invariably stay away from them. Sorry you had a poor experience just to let us know about it, though.

>> No.7181668


>implying implying

XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD epic win lulzor!!!!!!!!!!!

>> No.7181669

SA proved they were shit when they banned MLP for being "creepy"

>> No.7181670

>implying I am poor
You live in a black neighborhood.

You are poor.

>> No.7181671


Why yes, judging by the way you post, you most definitely are a dumbass, and since you said you grew up in a black neighborhood, you are most likely poor as well. Provide objective evidence refuting that or you will be considered a poor dumbass.

>> No.7181672

there is a difference between calling some random person on an imageboard 'nigger' vs calling black people 'niggers'.

Besides, Ive mainly seen that on /b/ and
/new/ and formerly /int/ before moot cleaned it up

>> No.7181673

At least this one went through more topics than just
>baww /jp/ is so shitty fuck the normalfags im such a truNEET lol shitting on the floor xD

>> No.7181675


Fuck you. Banning MLP threads is like the best thing (only good thing) SA's done in years. Fuck that furry bullshit and the retards that like it. The FYAD thread about it was funny as fuck, however.

>> No.7181679

haha, okay.

>> No.7181682

it is only a matter of time before idiots find out about these places and start shiting them up.

Everyone wants to feel superior to others. I feel superior to those on /soc/. I should feel bad, because feeling that way makes me a hypocrite, but god damn those people are just terrible.

>> No.7181683

>How dare someone like something I don't!
You autism?
Also admitting to liking anything at all in FYAD proves you are a fucking retard and should fuck off out of /jp/

>> No.7181684

We always called black people niggers all the way back to 2005. If you didn't, you are most likely one of those PC pansies that used to steer clear of 4chan, but not anymore now. If so, get the fuck out.

>> No.7181685

I said 'grew up in the ghetto' now I live in an integrated neighborhood on the border of the ghetto that is full of rich people

example of non-poor black neighborhood

have fun proving I am a 'dumbass' you fucking faggot

>> No.7181688

I wonder if my hatred for MLP and it's fans is the same way anime haters feel about me. Oh well

>> No.7181690


The fuck? People actually go to /jp/'s irc?

It must be awkward and autistic as fuck in there.

>> No.7181692

I posted on *chan since 2005 and I dont give a shit what oldfags did. Go back to /b/ and all the cancerous shit you edgy newfags advocate

more examples of non poor black neighborhoods

Atlanta Metro area is full of them BTW

>> No.7181694


Sudo goes there.

>> No.7181695

yeah man fuck those FYAD fucks lets go hang out with our brohnies in GBS

>> No.7181696

You ever wonder where all the intolerable named shitposters come from? It's there

>> No.7181697

You do realize that before that they already banned Ichigo Mashimaro discussion because the show was "pedo"?

Ever since over a decade back, I have always laughed at the complete IDIOTS who pay money to post on a shitty message board.

>> No.7181698

>example of non-poor black neighborhood
It is so rare they have a Wikipedia article for it!

>> No.7181699

It's basically Sudo & friends talking about what figures they bought.
Quite entertaining.

>> No.7181701

GBS is to FYAD as /r9k/ was to /b/
Both are shit and you are shit for liking one of them

>> No.7181702
File: 74 KB, 640x480, YbWIq.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.7181703

uh all Chicago neighborhoods have articles on them.

>> No.7181704

Call me /b/ or whatever but I can seriously not understand how anyone can legitimately like niggers. Every single statistic they are in points towards them being vastly inferior in every way to all other races, and anyone who has been around them for any extended period of time or seen their countries will know this anyway. Is it extreme white guilt?

>> No.7181705

What's better than running a shitty messageboard and getting people to post on it? Having people pay to post there!

>> No.7181706


Relax, guys. This doesn't need to turn into a /new/ thread..

>> No.7181708
File: 93 KB, 480x640, you.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.7181714

Haha, you are the black guy. So it's only you who's crying about people saying nigger.

>have fun proving I am a 'dumbass' you fucking faggot
I don't need to prove anything anymore. You did my work for me.

>> No.7181715

Why the fuck do you need to pay for avatars and IMs on SA? I can understand the $10 account thing to keep out raids and shitposters (lol) but I can not think of a single legit reason you would need to pay for the other things.

>> No.7181716

We didn't exterminate cities full of civilians just to test experimental weapons of mass destruction. Suck it, KKKcraker

>> No.7181717

>implying I am samefagging
>implying you are not a dumb motherfucjer

>> No.7181718

this thread is like a rollercoaster

>> No.7181719


>I can not think of a single legit reason you would need to pay for the other things

What makes you think blowtax cares about legit reasons? He wants your $$ and that's that.

>> No.7181720

Probably because blacks never advanced beyond sharpened sticks for weapons. Also if you look at black neighborhoods I'd say that's extermination, since they took perfectly good communities and turned them into disaster areas

>> No.7181721

>People doing shitty creepy cosplay
Alas, if only there were thousands if not tens of thousands of pictures of people doing this in anime related clothing? Perhaps if there were I could also post useless shitty photos that add nothing to the discussion while I jerk off.

>> No.7181723
File: 190 KB, 700x500, 3311a9d23756f94b9388996b9a5c52a7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.7181726


Listen, Tyrone, I know it's hard for you to construct coherent sentences, let alone form actual arguments, but a good starting point might be dropping the whole "implying" thing. If anything, it will make you look like less of an idiot.

>> No.7181727

If you want people to think you are intelligent then the first step is to stop posting like you're fresh out of /b/

>> No.7181728

see the other responses brah

>> No.7181729
File: 41 KB, 600x450, you2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


So you're saying fucking horses is the same as fucking girls, then? Alright, if that's the way you think.

>> No.7181731

Ironic as I could say the same thing to other people here. aka 'nigger spam' that is pretty /b/ish

I know you havent posted any sources, Cletus but don't get selectively butthurt over which *chan emmes are being used

>> No.7181733

I wanted to joing the /jp/ steam group once but I realized it was probably full of /b/ shit like the IRC is

>> No.7181736
File: 13 KB, 400x400, 1299928835896.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.7181737

Nobody mentioned fucking at all actually

>> No.7181738

Any sources he would post you would write off as "racist" anyway so there's no point. That's what black people do instead of facing their problems

>> No.7181739
File: 39 KB, 657x518, 207741_809408586869_32804344_42005088_1890277_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You are all fucking faggots

>> No.7181740

I'm about to pack up and move away because /jp/ is horrible right now.

>> No.7181742

Hahahahahaha oh man i love /b/ comics. post more please. Oh um i mean "Moar" XDDDDDD

>> No.7181746

Are you so fucking stupid to expect a random person would accept "niggermania" as a legitimate source? Really, if so there's this nice news channel called FOX im sure you will like

>> No.7181749

You didn't post anything either. You gave links to some neighborhoods, but there is nothing on race of the population in those articles.

Also, the irony of someone fresh out of /b/ telling people to go back to /b/.

>> No.7181750


Perhaps not, but please do explain to me why you unironically like watching what is literally a little girl cartoon if not for some sort of bizarre sexual attraction to the pony characters because I honestly cannot think of any other reason.

>> No.7181758

See this is what I'm talking about

>> No.7181760

Don't respond to your own posts, Boy.

>> No.7181761

Actually, I've been seeing a lot more good posts now than a few weeks ago, or shortly after the earthquake.

>> No.7181763

the article points out the median income and shows a majority, or at least a plurality of the people living there are black

>> No.7181764

I thought mods hated SA. What is all this nonsense?

>> No.7181765

Yeah, I watch anime mostly because I masturbate to the characters. At least I admit it

>> No.7181768

Left /v/ because it was so shit, Went to /a/.
Left /a/ because it was even shittier, came here.
Where am I supposed to go now?

>> No.7181769

The same reason Powerpuff Girls was enjoyable to adults.


>> No.7181773

/jp/ - Dead Nigger Storage

>> No.7181774

Just ignore him. The only people who like MLP unironically are creepy people who like to make MLP screencaps with captions, and use them as avatars on anonymous message boards(lol)

>> No.7181775

so pointing out biased sources is disallowing youself of responsibility? Whites do that all the time then! It's called 'phrasing the debate'

>> No.7181778

But MLP isn't funny. PPG had lots of jokes for adults but MLP has none, it's for little girls through and through

>> No.7181780


I wish all you complainfags just fuck off already.

>> No.7181783

The natural progression would be /prog/.

>> No.7181787

You fuck off, faggot.

>> No.7181790

Relax, they're watching it "ironically"

>> No.7181792

Stay here and autistically enforce your subjective view of "quality" on everything.

Although as /jp/ers we may have a view of locally objective quality, but then just enforce that until everybody becomes too annoyed to post anything outside that narrow frame of quality, lest their discussion get derailed by a 200+ meta-discussion.

>> No.7181794

How many episodes have you watched?

>> No.7181795


"hmm, when I post my shitty unrelated threads on /jp/, I get saged and rude comments! Those damn people take everything too seriously, complaintfags get out!!!1 XD"

>> No.7181797

Yeah, you're not much better. Really.

>> No.7181799

I'm not an autist like most of you though.
I'm just here for the touhou threads, since there is nothing better about this place.

>> No.7181801

I do not really know? I unironically enjoy many children's shows. It has made me laugh on more then one occasion and I find the odd reference to shit children would never get interesting (Puff the Magic Dragon being the only one I can remember off the top of my head from the last ep).

>> No.7181802

From a meta discussion about SA to a SA tier discussion about niggers and my little pony.
Oh /jp/ u so crazy.

>> No.7181805

I wish all those people would die

>> No.7181807


How many goddamn episodes would I need to watch? I watched a few minutes on youtube in the beginning when I still thought this was some sort of bizarre ironic meta trolling, but I couldn't stand it. I still don't want to believe people seriously watch and like it, but alas, that seems to be the case.

>> No.7181809

Open yourself to the vastness of discussion topics in this place. Cease thinking and initiate and era of feeling. Your blood becomes pitch-black tanasinn and the circle is complete.

>> No.7181811

yeah i ironically want to fuck pink horses. problem?

>> No.7181812

Too easy. Come up with some better retort and just fucking stop complaining for once.

>> No.7181815


You haven't said anything that proves what I stated wrong in any way, so there is no reason for me to stop complaining, now get out.

>> No.7181816

> I watched a few minutes on youtube
Oh wow. Arguments dismissed.

>> No.7181821

>do explain to me why you unironically like watching what is literally a little girl cartoon

If you need to ask, you seriously do not belong on this board.

>> No.7181822

You didn't state anything, you just acted like an idiot and tried to pass it off as an argument. Fuck off with your whining and bitching. You are what killed /jp/.

>> No.7181823


>> No.7181825

Also, I don't really give a fuck if you like it or not. I just disagree that one has to want to fuck a pony to enjoy the show.

>> No.7181827

People here watch little girl cartoons because they want to fuck the cute character. In MLP, the only characters are horses, so...

>> No.7181834
File: 58 KB, 454x454, 1272433934295.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>PPG had lots of jokes for adults

It did?

>> No.7181835

>People here watch little girl cartoons because they want to fuck the cute character.

Do not project your own problems on others.

>> No.7181849


Alright, let me put it this way. Little girls are cute. You watch moe because there are cute little girls in it that you like watching because they're cute. Horses are not cute. They're smelly, and they're animals. You're watching a show where horses act like little girls. Why are you watching this show if you don't have some sort of unnatural attraction towards horses? As a large part of the fanbase has already shown, they're all there for the "pony love". Stop fucking denying you're a delusional furry and shut the fuck up about MLP.

>> No.7181852

Precure wouldn't have been popular with an all-male cast, I'll tell you that much

>> No.7181858

There were Star Wars references, references to the drama blended families face (When the PPG dealt with Professor Utonium's new girlfriend) and the idealistic and pessimist versions of superheroes and cities (the ep where they go to 'the town of citysville' and they get fined for blowing up the bridge to the city when defeating a monster).

Thats what I remember from that show yeas ago

>> No.7181862

Also south park references, and an entire episode that was basically one giant Beatles reference

>> No.7181866

Personally, I'd be ok with MLP fans if they weren't so damn obnoxious about it.

>lmao bronies 4 lyf xD
>MLP avatars FTW! 1! 1
>lmao epic screencaps
>broniefist!! :DD

Incorrect use of quoting function, get out of /jp/, etc..

>> No.7181871

I would have watched heartcatch with a male cast

>> No.7181874
File: 10 KB, 530x316, callthepolice.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.7181877

Goddamn this thread has been all over the place

>> No.7181878
File: 636 KB, 1226x572, hhhhhhhhhhh.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.7181882

Hatred of MLP fans and /b/tards are the only things I can really get behind SA on. Of course me being someone who has over 50 gigs of loli doujins means they hate me too, but still

>> No.7181886

They only pretend to hate you. Except the mods.

>> No.7181887

As I said with the shitty cosplay comment this is not a thing that is unique to this show.
Every show has shitty obnoxious fucks.

>> No.7181895

>You watch moe

Do not use words you don't understand. You're sounding more and more like some /a/ retard you probably are.

People watch things for little girls because they like the aesthetics that in the "normal" world got ghettoed to things for little girls. It's not rocket science, it shouldn't be hard to understand. The fact that you're preconditioned to think that you shouldn't do it because you're not a little girl doesn't mean it's a universal fact.

>> No.7181897

Yes, but they don't go as far as to clutter up several boards with the exact same show. And carry a shitty /b/-troll mentality with them everywhere.

>> No.7181904

I'm still terrified of doing anything with goons because they will internet detective the shit out of you and ruin your life over the slightest thing. Then again I have nothing about myself on the internet (I don't even use the same name in more than one place) and I don't have a life in the first place, but whatever

>> No.7181907

Having never gone in /b/ I can't speak for what happens in there but the show is banned on every board except /co/ and I am fine with this. It is kept to one thread in there and is no worse then a lot of the other big shows in their prime.

>> No.7181913
File: 338 KB, 1560x1100, owned.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I'm still terrified of doing anything with goons because they will internet detective the shit out of you and ruin your life over the slightest thing.

I hear that. This was me.

>> No.7181921


I didn't use "moe" incorrectly. Do you not know what moe anime is? Also, what exactly are these "aesthetics" you speak of? Pink, sparkly ponies? Why yes, I would fucking hope it would be just little girls and not grown men that enjoy those, and yes, it is actually rather difficult to understand how and why an adult would like them. Don't even compare moe anime, which is targeted towards adults (the seinen crowd), and children's cartoons that are meant for CHILDREN. Also, it's not being preconditioned in this case, if I followed normalfag rules here, I wouldn't have a harddrive full of loli. This discussion is getting immensely retarded, just look at the pictures of "pony fans" in this thread and realize you're a retard for ever liking a show with this kind of fanbase.

>> No.7181927

So you enjoying things isn't based on the thing you are watching but rather the fanbase around it? You mustn't like very much at all if you hate everything with a bad fanbase.

>> No.7181928

ITT: Touhoufags rag on MLP manchildren for the exact same things that they themselves are guilty of.

/jp/ - Hypocrites

>> No.7181935


>> No.7181936

I enjoy your company /jp/, do you enjoy mine?

>> No.7181941


No, if I really cared about the fanbases of the shit I watch, I wouldn't watch anime in the first place. The point is, there's a clear distinction between the average anime crowd and the MLP fan. The worst the former may be guilty of is, well, being a pedophile, being into incest, making horrible cosplay, etc. I'm willing to accept that. However, the worst the latter may want is to FUCK HORSES. There's your fucking difference. I'm okay with being considered an insane, incestuous pedophile manchild, but I'm not fine with being a horsefucker. If you're fine with it, that's your own problem.

>> No.7181945

/jp/ can condition too.

>> No.7181958

Holy shit you are all faggots.

>> No.7181960

>Do you not know what moe anime is?

A stupid /a/ meme.

>it is actually rather difficult to understand

For you, because you're a normalfag and probably too underage and immature to break out of your misconceptions of how an adult you strive to be should act.

So you have a folder full of loli because you're a paedophile? Well, newsflash, /jp/ hates actual paedophiles. For most of us, it's just a fetish acquired from overexposure to various 2D materials.

>> No.7181961

Anime fans are more likely to be into scat porn, tentacle mindbreak, and guro than MLP fans. Fortunately I don't give a shit what other people get up to in their spare time.

>> No.7181962

I bet with minimal work I could dig up a number of anime fans that have literally fucked horses, not just you hypothetical every mlp fan wants to fuck horses bullshit. If I did would you stop enjoying anime and get the fuck off /jp/? If so it might actually be worth doing.

>> No.7181989
File: 762 KB, 1197x3645, pony.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Oh jesus. This is the most self-ironic post I've seen on /jp/ in a while. You're goddamn hilarious. Alright, let's take it from the top, my pony friend.

Moe anime is a genre of anime, not an /a/ meme. I realize you've probably never actually been on /a/, but you should still know this. Also, I'm apparently underage because I don't like pony cartoons unlike all the adults that I'm clearly so mistaken about. Furthermore, I appear to have a folder of loli, which is hentai porn, because I'm a pedophile, a person who likes little girls. And then, to top it all off, /jp/ just has a loli fetish but hates actual pedophiles! I mean, I knew /jp/ hated itself, but I never knew the just to what extent that was true. And this is coming from a self-proclaimed anime pony expert. I'm astounded. Please do keep making me laugh.

>> No.7181994

I wish this thread would stay up forever so all the autism would be contained here.

>> No.7182004


Your utter inability to grasp a simple point is rather astounding. Thank you for confirming all MLP fans are mentally retarded, but I knew that already. Alright, let me try again: my point is that although there might be people that like to fuck horses or whatever and also like anime, it was not the anime that made them want to fuck horses. People that watch MLP, on the other hand, want to fuck horses precisely because of it. There's the difference you fail to grasp. Your gay show makes people furries and horsefuckers while my excellent anime does not.

>> No.7182011

You're actually retarded.

>> No.7182017

My only reaction to this thread the whole way through has been OP's picture. This is just so fucking stupid. When will it end?

>> No.7182020

You can always make an Autism General thread if you think that it's necessary. Sometimes it even seems like they work.

>> No.7182022

A sulfurous argument about My Little Pony ?
Man this is why I still come to this place.

>> No.7182024

>what is moe

Geez /ghost/ has been deleted for no more than 6 hours, and you're already twisting your pants.


>> No.7182026

I'm glad I haven't been actually putting effort or anything into my posting else I would feel slightly trolled right now.
Oh, I mean. Xd epic troll /b/rother.

>> No.7182029

>Moe anime is a genre of anime

Oh dear. Seriously, >>>/a/ is that way.

So, to recapitulate, you're a pedo who desperately tries to find somebody to look down upon?

>> No.7182031

I only like loli because of the body proportions, not because of the age. Hell, the loli could be 1000 years old as long as she kept that golden body proportion.

I hate people who actually molest/hurt children, and enjoy it because they're so young.

>> No.7182035

Oh, what caused that?

Well, it was going to shit anyway from what I could see of it.

>> No.7182038

Fascinating isn't it.

>> No.7182048

>Geez /ghost/ has been deleted for no more than 6 hours,
...what the hell?

>> No.7182050

Eksopl said it was because 3 tripfags were constantly whining in /ghost/ about their threads being deleted.
Of course that's just some bullshit he made up.

>> No.7182055


Great job refuting my points, you're the winner here.


Please, do keep on with your denial. Maybe if you try hard enough, it just may become true. And no I'm not, how can I even be a pedo if I'm underage? Clearly I'll never be mature enough to enjoy MLP like you. I'm glad you have such clearly defined values to be able to look down upon other people, though.

>> No.7182056
File: 149 KB, 786x1124, 1301637046702.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can't we all get along?

>> No.7182059

And nothing of value was lost.

>> No.7182062


>> No.7182069

Sorry you went too far with the last post. You showed you are either literally retarded or a troll so nobody gives a fuck anymore. Remember for next time less is more.

>> No.7182071

im an "Actual pedophile" and i am flat out saying you're wrong there I'd fuck 3D loli any time

You cool nigga

>> No.7182073

>a person 16 years of age or older meets the definition if they have a persistent or predominant sexual preference for prepubescent children at least five years younger than them

>> No.7182080

And once again Eksopl blows something up because a few people were being retarded. Good show.

>> No.7182085


I'm not sure whether I should be happy or sad that you have nothing but ad hominems to throw at me anymore, but at least you tried. Don't worry, perhaps some day you too will find likeminded people with whom to discuss zoophilia and horse sex as well as flash-animated children's cartoons, but until then, never lose hope.

>> No.7182089

Go to sleep, Ryan.

>> No.7182092

"child molesters" do not enjoy hurting children on average

>> No.7182093

>Well, newsflash, /jp/ hates actual paedophiles. For most of us, it's just a fetish acquired from overexposure to various 2D materials.

Speak for yourself, I'd fuck a cute little girl if i ever had the chance to.
Then again, I'd also fuck my little sister, or a /jp/ anon trap.

>> No.7182101

>herp derp

I'm sorry about your autism, but /jp/ is not one person.

>> No.7182113

in my case, younger cousins

>> No.7182114

Not for, about.

I've been here long enough and seen enough examples of reactions to paedophilic material posted on /jp/ to be able to speak about the entire board.

>> No.7182121

And I've been on /jp/ since 2001, what now ?

>> No.7182122

It really depends on the time of day and varies a lot. Investment Banker threads are usually exceptionally retarded, even for threads about 3D.

>> No.7182137

underage b&

>> No.7182167

This thread is insane. It went from SA, to MLP, and now, to Pedophilia discussion.

>> No.7182171

Yeah, Investment Banker is a special case, and arguably so is Sankaku, they're hated for several other reasons too. But even the usual "pedos are persecuted" threads mostly get "meh, who cares, as long as loli is safe" replies. Not to mention they barely even show up here anymore.

>> No.7182178

Confirmed for normalfag. True NEETs hate 3d in all of its myriad incarnations, no exceptions. Why would you want some trashy slut-in-training that wears makeup and listens to Hannah Montana, when you could be appreciating the perfection that is 2d?

Get out.

>> No.7182183

During all of that, not once did it stop being shit.

>> No.7182194

After months of torment at his failure to reach Gensokyo by means of the magical potion called Bleach, /jp/ had enough. His father and mother came home after one of their appointment at the doctor, who was tasked to cure their son's Aspergers. They noticed /jp/'s hand-me-down car parked in the driveway. His mother let out a long, disappointed sigh. Upon entering their home, they both sensed something was amiss. There was a eerie silence in /jp/'s home. There was no IOSYS blaring, no Touhou playing, no screams of pleasure for a certain girl coming from /jp/'s favorite nukige. Nothing.
/jp/'s mom being as obese as she is, couldn't be bothered to waddle up the stairs to check on /jp/ but instead sent her husband to check on him. Poor old daddy mustered the strength to walk up the stairs dodging Nendoroid boxes, their expensive content still inside them like the day they arrived, and bags of trash along the way finally makings it to /jp/'s room.
Dad knocked on the door.
"/jp/? Your mom and I are home from the doctor."
But was greeted with silence.
Dad reached for the the door knob and tried to open the door but it was locked.
After a few more minutes of calling out to /jp/ and knocking on the door, dad grew impatient and scared. He rammed the door but his frail body couldn't do the job of busting the door open like in all those action movies he's seen. He was at a loss.
"Call the Police! Something's wrong!" He yelled himself hoarse

>> No.7182196

Please stop trying to fit in so hard.

>> No.7182198

Minutes later, a couple of policemen arrived at the front door and were let in. They were in awe of the living conditions at /jp/'s home. The living room engulfed in a sea of trash bags and boxes, the stench of mildew and dishes that had gone unwashed for ages. "...W-What seems to be the problem?" asked on of the officers.

"It's my son! Something is wrong. He won't answer the door or anything!" the father exclaimed.

The two officers followed him up the stairs. When they got to the door one of the officer's stepped up to the door and knocked. "Chris, this is officer Smith. We want talk to you." But there was no response.

Officer Smith then got permission from the father to kick the door in. After a few attempts, they got the door open. Immediately, they were hit with the smell of feet and urine but this was quickly masked by the thick smell of iron. Blood...

They made their way in and there they found Chris. Slumped over in this desk with a gun in his hand. Blood and brain matter were sprayed on the wall next to him. There on his computer monitor... A picture of Cirno, Sanae the Slut and Corndog Tenshi was displayed. It was a scene in which all his treasured characters took a group photo. Their smiling faces looking at the reader. Right on his desk, a piece of paper on which was written "Gensokyo, I'm coming home".

And that's how I envision /jp/ ending it all.


>> No.7182204

Who's the more normal between the one who masturbate to drawings and the one who lust after real little girls I wonder.

>> No.7182206

>People here watch little girl cartoons because they want to fuck the cute character.

Quit projecting your shitty habits onto others, moron. Believe it or not, some people just enjoy watching cute things. I bet you sexualize touhous too. Get the fuck of this board.

>> No.7182207

I think he's being ironic. Can't tell, though.

>> No.7182220

I kinda figured, it's hard to see these things on the internet though, and I'm tired as fuck.

>> No.7182224


Hate to break it to you, but do take a look at most of the threads on the front page. 90% of /jp/ sexualizes Touhou, and that's basically what the board is about in the first place. I'm pretty sure you'd be better off in /c/.

>> No.7182233

Now, that guy, I'm 99% sure he actually was being sarcastic.

>> No.7182245

Since you're mentally challenged, I will simplify it for you.

Normalfag = anyone that isn't NEET
NEET = worships 2d, hates 3d and thinks it's pig disgusting, no exceptions.


Normalfag = turned on by 3d


>> No.7182247

Probably just trolling. You can tell by him bumping the thread.

>> No.7182248

Hating things because the fanbase? And here I thought /jp/ boasted about its "mature" and "older" userbase.

Why are there no good boards on this site? Is 4chan just inherently shit or something?

>> No.7182249

what is investment banker threads?

>> No.7182250

>Is 4chan just inherently shit or something?
I hope it didn't take you more than a few days to figure that one out.

>> No.7182255

NEET: Not in Employment Education or Training

You could be a raging normalfag and still be a NEET.

So you just came into /jp/, picked up a few buzzwords and now you think you can tell others to get out and such?

>> No.7182261


It's impossible that anyone could be this fucking stupid.

>> No.7182265

I feel like I'm telling a little kid Santa isn't real or something doing this, but:

"3dpd" and "truneet" aren't what you think they are. /jp/ doesn't actually hate everything 3d, we hate sluttiness and stupidity, which are incidentally present in almost all women these days, but usually not in little girls. Also, there is pretty much nobody on /jp/ who is actually a NEET. When we say "normalfag", we are describing the retarded pop-culture worshipping idiots that the younger generation currently consists of, not any person who dares have a job or leave his house. Don't worry, some day you'll fit in the big boys club called /jp/, just not quite yet.

>> No.7182266

What's the autosage threshold? 300 posts? Let's help.

>> No.7182276

He was probably being ironic, just like everyone else in this threads.
NEETs are mostly normals irl.

>> No.7182277

you got the definitions messed up there bro

>> No.7182282

>You could be a raging normalfag and still be a NEET.

This is what normalfags actually believe.

>> No.7182285

You would think Sunday would be a day that mods would be at home and able to get rid of shit like this.

>> No.7182288

It's called a bump limit.

>> No.7182289

>Also, there is pretty much nobody on /jp/ who is actually a NEET.

>> No.7182293


This is a troll, people. Stop replying.

Yes, that means you, Mr. "i'm only shitposting ironically because i'm bored".

>> No.7182295

I'm pretty sure they are, they just don't give a shit about this board.

>> No.7182296

Mods probably posting in this thread, anon. 300+ posts and nearly 5 hours of pure concentrated lulz right here. Truly, a masterpiece.

>> No.7182297

Let's not argue about semantics. As long as we passed it.

>> No.7182299

This will go down in history as the worst thread on all of 4chan ever.

>> No.7182302


>> No.7182305

not even close

>> No.7182306

At least this thread will actually be over when deleted, I kinda understand eksopl now.

>> No.7182307


You haven't been here too long, have you?

>> No.7182308


Why don't you look it up? It's an acronym for 4 words. That's it. If you meet the criteria, you're NEET.

Trying to argue this point is a bad idea. It's like trying to argue what cheese is. Cheese is cheese. Yes, cheese goes great with crackers and is commonly associated with it, but that doesn't make the crackers cheese.

You retard.

>> No.7182309

/jp/, maybe. I've seen worse even on old /a/, and there are probably multiple on /b/ at this very moment.

>> No.7182311

Not even the worst /jp/ had.

>> No.7182315


I'm pretty sure there've been worse threads on /jp/ this week, as a matter of fact.

>> No.7182319

>a troll is someone that disagrees with me

Is this how /v/ defines it these days?

>> No.7182325

>he thinks the "definition" made by normalfags that don't understand what it means to truly be a NEET is better than the one as explained by NEETs themselves!

Full retard.

>> No.7182326
File: 57 KB, 280x350, arisubeingshitty.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How could this happen to me
I've made my mistakes
got nowhere to run
The night goes on as I’m fading away
I'm sick of this life
I just wanna scream
How could this happen to me

>> No.7182328

Ok well this is up there and I have been here for about a year and a half.

>> No.7182329

Pretty much this. This thread probably wouldn't even score honorable mention in the hall of bad threads.

>> No.7182402


moot is gay

also if you think the 4cham mod "team" is going to do anything to fix /jp/ you are beyond delusional

>> No.7182434
File: 54 KB, 640x480, 1301248900452.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Eksopl on /jp/

>> No.7182438

This place is beyond help now. It was a fun little place that over time as the amount of users increased the board just became total shit with little left of what it once was. I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of original users left. The only reason why I stayed this long is because this place is like my internet home and my home certainly feels invaded. This place has no set rules but the majority around here have always started threads with touhou of course, VNs, figs/dolls, NEET related discussion, cross-dressing, sex toys, and some anime here and there. I can't really think of anything else. Like Moot would probably care anyways, what does he know about this place? Nothing. To know about what this place is like you basically have to be a regular but if you are new at this point you will probably never be able to know with all the spam and other shit.

>> No.7182438,1 [INTERNAL] 

Sounds like he'd fit in with the modern 4chan crowd

>> No.7182438,2 [INTERNAL] 

Weird. I was looking up SA shit on /jp/ earlier today too.

>> No.7182438,3 [INTERNAL] 

Former goon?

>> No.7182438,4 [INTERNAL] 

I posted in this thread. I can safely say I have done absolutely nothing since I submitted that post.

Looks like tonight is going to be the night, going to go get my helium tank and do it for real.

>> No.7182438,5 [INTERNAL] 

You boys remember this?


>> No.7182438,6 [INTERNAL] 


>> No.7182438,7 [INTERNAL] 

you guys remember niggerstomper58

>> No.7182438,8 [INTERNAL] 

im permabanned poster niggerstomper58. i first started reading fyad when i was about 12. by 14 i got really obsessed with the concept of “irony” and tried to channel it constantly, until my thought process got really bizarre and i would repeat things like “nigger balls” and “i love shitting inside nigger assholes” in my head for hours, and i would get really paranoid, start seeing things in the corners of my eyes etc, basically prodromal schizophrenia. im now on antipsychotics. i always wondered what the kind of “ironic” style of fyad humor was all about; i think it’s the unconscious leaking in to the conscious, what jungian theory considered to be the cause of schizophrenic and schizotypal syptoms. i would advise all people who “get” fyad to be careful because that likely means you have a predisposition to a mental illness. peace.

>> No.7182438,9 [INTERNAL] 

feelio when to late to be a goon

>> No.7182438,10 [INTERNAL] 

why would anyone ever want to be a goon

>> No.7182438,11 [INTERNAL] 

They have fun

>> No.7182438,12 [INTERNAL] 

feel when you jsut want to be dead

>> No.7182438,13 [INTERNAL] 

You're not missing out on anything.

>> No.7182438,14 [INTERNAL] 

A lot of other communities do.
And goons seems to be raging most of the time, not having fun.

>> No.7182438,15 [INTERNAL] 

holy shit, so true

>> No.7182438,16 [INTERNAL] 


>> No.7182438,17 [INTERNAL] 

fyad is the only funny on the web

>> No.7182438,18 [INTERNAL] 


>> No.7182438,19 [INTERNAL] 

nah the only thing really funny on the internet anymore is nigger humor like those twitter posts you guys were linking

>> No.7182438,20 [INTERNAL] 

FYAD seems to understand irony more than any chan and it's spin-offs

>> No.7182438,21 [INTERNAL] 

/s4s/ is fucking embarrasing

>> No.7182438,22 [INTERNAL] 

Is the presence of anime on fyad even ironic? Some of the posters even seem like the type to have a waifu

>> No.7182438,23 [INTERNAL] 

no, goons pretend it's ironic to protect their e-creed among their fellow goons

>> No.7182438,24 [INTERNAL] 

if you admit you like anime on SA you get stone like a muslim prostitute on ISIS territory

>> No.7182438,25 [INTERNAL] 

uh every goon is an internet feminist now

>> No.7182438,26 [INTERNAL] 

and they hate anime because of rape culture lol

>> No.7182438,27 [INTERNAL] 


top notch goon humor

>> No.7182438,28 [INTERNAL] 

oh wow hes a chink too ahahaahaha

>> No.7182438,29 [INTERNAL] 


>> No.7182438,30 [INTERNAL] 

I wish moot was just as ridiculously retarded as Lowtax

>> No.7182438,31 [INTERNAL] 

just like lowtax's wife and disgusting mongrel chilren

>> No.7182438,32 [INTERNAL] 


How did this hacker use my words before I even invented them?

>> No.7182438,33 [INTERNAL] 

I wish I spent the early 2000s delving into internet "culture." Instead I spent that time refreshing the same 2 fetish forums and talking to perverts on instant messenger. I didn't expand out of that until 2006 and by then I was already behind and it was too late to become a cool internet guy.

>> No.7182438,34 [INTERNAL] 

Now that's just sad.

>> No.7182438,35 [INTERNAL] 

What fetish forums and why were they talking to you?

>> No.7182438,36 [INTERNAL] 

Really weird shit

They were talking to me because they were really weird too

>> No.7182438,37 [INTERNAL] 

anyone remember hipinion

>> No.7182438,38 [INTERNAL] 

why are you so unoriginal

you're always rolling with the "hottest" 4chan memes too

male attention whores are expected to be content creators

>> No.7182438,39 [INTERNAL] 

>male attention whores are expected to be content creators


>> No.7182438,40 [INTERNAL] 

remember this


>> No.7182438,41 [INTERNAL] 

"well, the years start coming and they don't stop comin"


>> No.7182438,42 [INTERNAL] 

Sometimes I miss 2011 - 2012 /jp/, but then I see shit like this and remember that I was spending most of the day whining about how shit the board was even back then. Fucking hell, it's been four years and I still haven't found a refuge, why am I still here?

>> No.7182438,43 [INTERNAL] 

anyone remember barnacle jim

>> No.7182438,44 [INTERNAL] 


>> No.7182438,45 [INTERNAL] 


>> No.7182438,46 [INTERNAL] 

What could even make you think that male attention whores are expected to produce content?

>> No.7182438,47 [INTERNAL] 

does anyone here like adolf hitler

>> No.7182438,48 [INTERNAL] 

yeah, he's pretty cool

>> No.7182438,49 [INTERNAL] 


>> No.7182438,50 [INTERNAL] 


>> No.7182438,51 [INTERNAL] 

yeah what about kid

>> No.7182438,52 [INTERNAL] 

come back when you'll join ISIS, amateur

>> No.7182438,53 [INTERNAL] 

why the fuck would you join isis, retard

>> No.7182438,54 [INTERNAL] 

why even fuckign live god fuckign damn it

>> No.7182438,55 [INTERNAL] 


>> No.7182438,56 [INTERNAL] 


>> No.7182438,57 [INTERNAL] 


>> No.7182438,58 [INTERNAL] 

none of those are good reasons

>> No.7182438,59 [INTERNAL] 

anime is you bitch

>> No.7182438,60 [INTERNAL] 

anime is boring now

>> No.7182438,61 [INTERNAL] 


>> No.7182438,62 [INTERNAL] 

at some point the feels just got the best of me

>> No.7182438,63 [INTERNAL] 

im not even joking when i say i would beat the fucking shit out of you for that retarded comment if i ever got a hold of you

>> No.7182438,64 [INTERNAL] 

Go the fuck back to ota you retarded freaks.

>> No.7182438,65 [INTERNAL] 

what the hell

>> No.7182438,66 [INTERNAL] 

they're almost universally hated if they don't

and don't think I'm talking about just tripfags or trevors

>> No.7182438,67 [INTERNAL] 

which type am i

>> No.7182438,68 [INTERNAL] 

the fag one lmaaaaooooo

>> No.7182438,69 [INTERNAL] 

you're a nobody

>> No.7182438,70 [INTERNAL] 

ok good

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