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Yukari as depicted in Curiosities of Lotus Asia.

Notice anything different?

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Massive breasts

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Nothing, really.

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Forever 17

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She doesn't look like a little girl in the game.

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You can't know the age or breast size by ZUN art.

Okuu triangles

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Forever 12.

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One of my favourite Yukarin pics.

I need to fuck those feet so bad.

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I actually really like Yukari's portrait and sprite in PCB.

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She doesn't look like a little girl in the fighting games either?

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She doesn't look like a little girl in the fighting games either.

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Yukari is Yukari

She can be a little girl or a mature and busty women at will. She could probably even be both at the same time.

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Well, we at least know that she isn't a mature woman in terms of appearance but just a young girl.
At least Rinnosuke uses a term for girls up to mid-teens when describing her.

While Yukari is one of the taller Touhous she doesn't look older than Reimu either.

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Her waist is broken ?

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Yukari is depicted as an adult everywhere else, though. Touhou is self contradictory as hell.

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Like where? I don't remember ever seeing her as a mature woman (and honestly I don't think it suits her character design, unlike, say, Yuka).

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Everyone is featured as a loli in Curiosities of Lotus Asia. This thread is bad and you should feel bad.

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...are you blind?

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In Three Fairies she's late teens at the most.

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I don't remember anything describing her as matured woman.
I like all Yukari's and I like the thought that she changes appearances every once in a while even more, but ZUN's word is the "highest" canon to me no matter how firmly her BBA image is burned into the fandom.

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Her eyes aren't purple.

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Didn't Zun officially state that the tallest girls have the build of a girl in late teens at most.He used the word for 15+

Someone post that thing again I didn't save it.

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SA interview, Yuyuko and Yuugi confirmed for having breasts, also I think Utsuho.

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>BBA image is burned into the fandom
Hardly, unless the definition used is "not a little girl."

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Years before the 3 fairies doujins... this.

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Maybe. She looked older to me. I just have a hard time thinking of Yukari as 15-16.

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>3 fairies doujins

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We already knew they couldn't be completely flat.
He just stated that Yuugi is about the same size as Yuyuko which is not very much. She is almost on the same level as her loli gardener.

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That's because she's 17.

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That particular work is not canon is it now.
Also, the SaBND series is canon and while they are doujins...they also are not.

Well, Yukari looks the same as in your picture there though. Probably means Zun liked his works and approved of it.

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>She is almost on the same level as her loli gardener.

Why do people STILL believe their uncitated words count as canon? Goddamn I rage when it happens so often.

Why didn't he compare Yuugi to someone flat like Youmu then? Why choose someone who's canonically a tall woman as Yuyuko? Think before you act, the denial in Touhous having breasts is damn clear.

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And your fantasies that they are all D-cups.

Get out, we don't need your kind here


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She isn't that tall nor does she have much breasts.
Did you read any of the canon works?
All depict her with small breasts.

They are all wrong and you're right then?

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What I notice most is that her spine seems to have been snapped. Her waist is turned in an otherwise impossible angle. Aside from that, her knees seem to be purely aesthetic.

Awkward proportioning aside, I also notice that she has those detached sleeves like Reimu. It's gives her something almost like zettai ryouiki for her arm. In a way it seems like she's imposing on Reimu's style, but Yukari does make it look quite elegant.

I also notice that Yukari looks quite pretty, but that's not really anything different.

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If you're talking about Yuyuko, apparently you haven't beat PCB with a good ending. Breasts are hueg.

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Living in Gensokyo as a male must be boring and shitty. No wonder you never hear about them. A land populated by little girls.

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I still prefer a tall Ran. Makes her carrying Yukari around not seem silly.

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>Her eyes aren't purple.
You're right! Her eyes are yellow in this picture.
It must not be Yukari at all, it's just Marisa cosplaying!

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She is almost flat and according to Zun not even fully developed either. Deal with it.

Trying to fool secondaries who didn't manage to beat one of the easiest games doesn't help with that either.

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PCB is one of the hardest, secondary kid.

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So... She controls the border between Loli and Old Hag

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No, you just suck at it.

The only thing that costs me life no matter how much I train are the Prismriver Sisters.