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So /jp/, about 4 years ago I had graduated high school, had no drive for college and completely felt like dropping out to become a hikki/NEET, but then I discovered touhou. It gave renewed interest in life that one day I may be as awesome as zun, so I practiced and practiced and after 6 months finally got my first lunatic 1cc. It felt like I could see forever, giving me new focus in life. Now I am a caltech graduate.

Lets hear some touhou success stories/how touhou has changed your life /jp/

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I used to be some random drunk until I made a game about lolis shooting at each other ^^;.

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No. Remove this shitty blog thread from the board immediately. No one cares about a bunch of faggots who got inspired by a silly little video game.

Reported for trash.

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This feels like a blog thread in disguise (or maybe it isn't in disguise?)

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100% unadulterated blogshit

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I brew sake at home because Touhou.

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Ironic how people like you are what make most threads shitty, how's it feel?

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It's not a blog thread because it mentions Touhou.

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It's incredibly satisfying to see worthless scum trying to justify their anger. Now beat it, trash.

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How touhou changed you for the better/worse is related to touhou/changing otakus' lives which is also otaku culture related. Hataters gonna hatate.

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So, why is Remilia a rapper in that picture?

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>Hataters gonna hatate.
ROFLS u took da meme and made it jp related XD

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That feel when you graze like a God.

Only secondaries dodge bullets, real men graze bullets.

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You're calling me angry? At least I'm not the one who is unable to find decent wording and using low-level offensive words like "trash"

Its quite amusing to watch people feel they are somehow superior to a person they don't know the first thing about...since they might just be very...very...wrong.

Now I must ask you to leave /jp/ and go to where your behavior would be accepted, perhaps /v/, or /b/ if even that's too sophisticated for your sort

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>go on /jp/
>see awesome on topic touhou thread
>angry weebs claiming it's not otaku
>burst into treats

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Don't pretend you're a scoring player just because you know what streaming is.

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I always get the urge to cum on Remi's hands when I see her EoSD sprite.

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muhfuggen bix nood

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Trains brought in alot of haters tonight it would seem.

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>going outside in places with a lot of people.

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Whatever helps you sleep at night

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Normals at their fineSt. Going back to sleep.

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