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Opps. Looks like I took a wrong turn and ended up in /jp/

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And you're colorblind.

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Wow OP, making a thread as if Yukari used a gap to appear on /jp/? This must be what they call genius!

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Stop it, you're making me feel bad for him

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Why, because 4chan can't into transparency correctly?

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As a board-certified true genius eye can vouch for the fact that the OP may indeed have a touch of the genius quality in him.

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her hand looks like a tongue.

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If you act so sceptical all the time you will miss your opportunity to come to Gensokyo when it comes around. No second chances.

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I wouldn't want to go anyway.

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Houtengeki hijack

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But Satan, I'd rather to go to Kenkou Cross's world of sex crazed monster girls.

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Every time I see RP threads I try to be nice to people doing them. Who know maybe one time it will be real Yukari willing to kill me so I be youkai? Just like in Biblical prophecies - be nice/good/helpful because you don't know time.

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which one of all of them?