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What does /jp/ think of Kisume?

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Love her.

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She is one of the best characters in SA cast

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Bucket Ranka.

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the best touhou

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Japan got what they deserved with the earthquake/tsunami.
Last place of all windows touhous. But she gave them a good shake from down there.

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i just remember her as some bucket loli. That's about it.

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>anon giving kisume a friendly pat on the head

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Needs more love.
I mean ACTUAL love, and not rape, pedos.

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Oh, I'd love her so gently...

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They see me rolling...

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Needs watering.

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Cute as fuck but not enough of a character to say I love her or anything.

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Good to see some Kisume love. She's my favourite character in a bucket from the Touhou series.

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I'd have sex with her bucket if you know what I mean.

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one of the better minor characters

she also doesn't seem to get butchered by the fandom as much as other minor chars

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She's only attached to another unpopular character. It's the safest place to be.

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