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Which touhou's feet would you lick, and why?

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>Which touhou's feet would you lick
>, and why?
Because I'm not a feet fetichist, I don't sexualize Touhous, and I don't think it'd taste very good.

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If you could buy your favorite touhous tampons where would you shop?

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...actually, if it's not overly sweaty, a girl foot haven't a really bad smell...also it doesn't really tastes like something, but gives to you a nice touching sensation with the mouth.
...yeah, I'm a feticist.

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Which touhou bleaches her/his ass on a regular basis?

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I have been up many many nights pondering this very question.

The answer I always end up at is Yukarin.

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Ultimately, licking Yukari's feet would be confusing in an erotic way... is she dominating me, or the other way around? lol wakarimasen

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Which ever one wears boots without socks.

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Sanae, obviously.

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Tewi, Cirno and Remilia.

Tewi because she's often depicted as being barefoot - easy access, and because I think she'd be able to get into it.
Cirno for the same easy access reason and because I imagine it'd be like licking popsicles.
Remilia because it would be awesome to be a loli vampire's bitch.

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Enjoy dirty feet.

Enjoy your frozen tongue.

Enjoy your duel with me.

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>loli, loli and loli
at least change some shit man.

for me
cirno because she's mai waifu
meiling because standing all day at a gate, her feet must hurt. she deserves something nice.

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Definitely Remilia.

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This got translated? Going to have to go search google.

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>Enjoy dirty feet.
>implying this is a bad thing

I want Meiling to kick me straight in the face without her shoes on

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And on the eighth day, Yukari invented soap and de-icer.

Why have non-loli when you can have loli? That's like having a cucumber sandwich when there's a massive juicy steak right there in front of you.

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Here you go.

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I wub you. ♥

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I prefer cucumber sandwiches to steak. And mature to loli.

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Takes all kinds, gov. I wish you continued good fortune in your mature cucumber endeavours.

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You really think Tewi would specially wash her feet so you could lick them?
She'd force you to lick them clean. Maybe have you lather them with soap then lick them clean again.

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and hong delivers again.
best tripbro is best

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Well, no, I suppose she wouldn't. I don't know about the soap though, she's more of a trickster than a sadist.

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2 for the price of 1

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Remilia, because it's my fate.

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I want to eat her stockings

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I wonder what they would smell like.

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Why doesn't she have her wings.

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I am fine with any as long as they are nice and sweaty and smelly :3

I would like to lick Yuugi, Kanako, or Yukari's feet though.

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