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Which touhou is the phattest?

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The ones that participated in the Great Fairy Wars.

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Did someone say "phat"?

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I've always wondered why people draw Yuyuko with breasts. She is a little girl, not a 17 year old like Yukari.

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At the risk of being taken as a secondary I'd rather believe in the huge spider legs theory.

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Fatchouli, borderline glamorous.

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>alphes = canon
Err, no.
Also, the one in 6/3 is fanwork.

She is still not a loli though, but not very well endowed she is.

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that doujin, so good~

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/r/ing translation of the SA interview where ZUN says that Yuugi's bust size is at ''Yuyuko level''.

Also Alphes is canon since it's part of the game and ZUN didn't deny it, don't go being like most arrogant people in here and just post words coming out of your ass without backup and claiming they're facts.

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Her child is a bucket, which means that DEM HIPS theory is more likely.

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Where can one acquire and read it? illegally

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OK hang on a minute. There's two translations. One by CGRascal, and a redone one that's much much better. Also it's very NSFW.


This should be the right one.

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Thank you!

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It's no 'Yamame rapes Wriggle', but it's still good.

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I don't know what bugs me more, your doubles or the name&concept of that.

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>Also, the one in 6/3 is fanwork.
There is no 6/3.
Most of the chests in the image with the exception of Yuugi, Sakyua and Meiling, are quite flat.

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Yuyuko isn't flat. Somewhere around B-cup.

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Just wanted to remind you that phat is abbreviation for (p)retty (h)ot (a)nd (t)empting.

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The one next to Komachi for Yuugi.

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You mean the Yuugi drawn by alphes?

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Adorable as the OP picture is, Yuyuko is almost canonically mid-twenties.

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I don't see how that's supposed to change anything regarding the course of this thread.

>canonically mid-twenties

Does not compute. I don't think ZUN has ever relaxed his stance on the subject, which was that they're all teenage girls.

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>Age:Dead/Immortal (Existed for at least 1000 years)
>at least 1000 years
That's a weird way to spell twenty

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>which was that they're all teenage girls.
Remi is 500 and Flan is 495, it's canon.

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Niggers cosplaying as Touhous always make me laugh uncontrolably.

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In body structure, not actual age. Actual age doesn't mean shit in Gensokyo, after all.

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If you mean her body structure, no. She is about the same as Reimu according to Zun.

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[citation needed]

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That's one big hitbox

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How often do I have to post this?

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Is this a body structure/height chart by ZUN?

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Translation please, also source that confirms that ZUN did it/approved it.

Besides, it was already said that ZUN didn't attempt to deny Alphes' depictions, he, like the artists he hires for the mangas, lets him make canon.

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top row: tall
second: kinda tall
third: kinda short
last row: short

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>top row: tall

By Japan's standards? I guess that means around 5'7"-5'9"?

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>(p)retty (h)ot

You're clever.

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Bottom height is 10-year-old (or a girl in her early teens), top is 15+ year-old (or a girl in her later teens).

No, it means the top are the only ones who have fully matured.

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Oh ZUN. A fifteen year old girl is gap haxxing me. Oh joy.

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Well, you don't grow much after 15 though. It means that the top girls bodily structure is of a 15+ girl.
Still, the majority isn't even at that stage...

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What is this CGRascal dude's nationality?
His work on that Yamame doujin was so bad and incomprehensible.

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