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Rename /jp/ to Okuu/General.


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You have been hanging out on /jp/ for long enough to know that this is a fairly common theme.

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Otakuu Culture

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Poor Americans and their fucked up culture.

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I wonder how she got so popular.

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Lovable even without big boobs.

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Rename /jp/ to /jp/ - /jp/ Culture.
A recursive name for a recursive board.

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sticky this shit, Mootles!

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Most Excellent!

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Jp/-Blog Culture.
This is a board for little girls lusting after skinship with other little girls.

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If this shit gets delayed until April 1st just because they bitched and us and efb get fucked over so they can be accommodated, you will be extremely disappointed in me as I'll have cost us the match and given them an easy ride to the finals.

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I thought that her leg was broken.

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That's what I thought at first too, but no, she's very healthy.

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i want to connect my control rod into Okuu's reactor.

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I don't think this would be too much trouble.

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Looking at the thumbnail I didn't see the stocking dangling off her foot and thought she had some bizarre, elongated cripple leg.
Jesus Christ.

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It's hard not to see it, even when enlarged.

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Jesus died for our sins. Jesus Christ super lag in the end.gg.

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Coming onto /jp/ and the first thread you see being about loneliness, maybe this would help make /jp/ feel a little better.

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Do not mind the cat.

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Don't mind the bird/girlfriend/thing.

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There was a time that I found the subject of vulvas quite intimidating.

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I thought it was a real third leg. Just fucked up

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In-game danmaku: Byakuren on Lunatic.

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I could be eating dinner right now but I feel like I should do this instead.

More cat.

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No, here's a better idea.

Request a new board of her own.

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I'm okay with this.

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Not nearly enough fresh Utsuho for this but you guys are used to that, I imagine.

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Does anyone know how often they hold those Reitaisai pixiv contests? Is that not the first time they've done it?

I want to experience what it feels like to get multiple new pages of Okuu fanart every day for nearly two months again. Those were the happiest days of my life.

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I hate the Okuu fanbase on /jp/

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Too hungry to think. Must eat.

Here's Utsuho with a fish in her mouth.

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If you don't save more than 5 images of every touhou, every image posted is new, EVERYTIME!

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Okuu's butt.

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I think you mean sanae or youmu or sakuya.

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Now now you guys, no need to insult Touhous. Each one of them is precious, even the nameless ones.

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But it really is her.. Look.

Also, don't imply things like that. All Touhou's are pure.

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No more cat...

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This is the last new one I have.

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>Pixiv filenames.

And here I thought I was the only one who browsed for her on there.

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I don't know what's so great about her wings

But I cannot deny that they are indeed great

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I never figured it was something that made me special.

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Okuu's wings are so comfy that she even has her own comforter (cape) for them.

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>No huge wings

Boo, hiss

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I am okay with this

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We could do what /vp/ does and always have a General running, only in this case, it'd be Okuu General

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I know... Shame. But sometimes I wonder if she can actually retract them like Aya. I wonder if we'll ever find out from the manga.

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It's just that most people just save time and look for all the real good ones off Danbooru. But I pretty much save anything of her that looks halfway decent or better.

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Don't you mean save space? *booru collections are seriously lacking, roughly 3/4 of good and half of really good stuff never leaves pixiv. They're only useful for non-pixiv art and translations, really.

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Maybe one day I'll actually find the inspiration to upload some of them to Danbooru instead of just share them with /jp/. There are some really good ones too, but I imagine that artist popularity has a lot to do with some of them going under the radar.

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Or you could just post'em here.

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Forgot my image.

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Was planning on doing that anyway.

Here's a derpy but cute looking Okuu.

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All this talk we've been having about Okuu's wings lately has given me a thought.

Wing jobs. What say you, /jp/?

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Saving nuclear waifu from page 13.

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Broken Arrow was averted thanks to your efforts, Anonymous. Good job, son.

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Okuu removes my fear of fiery nuclear death. All caastrophies should be cute girls; people would panic less.

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I am okay with this.

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Raven is cooling down.

Please wait warmly.

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Would be a tad hard to do. Cleanup would be the worst. Probably would feel godly though.

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Just leaving this here...

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This could have been awesome but I hate Mio's facemold.

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I kinda like it, but the hairstyle doesn't really work for her. Her hairstyle is pretty wild, but I'm not sure how it could be pulled off since I don't know much about dolls.

I thought that face looked familiar.

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/jp/ - Deal With it

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I really wouldn't mind this.

It'd get the stigma otaku term out of our name without making too drastic a change. Everyone likes Okuu anyway.

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Orginial size : http://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=15300122

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It's all fun and games until you have a Pinnacle - NUCFLASH on your hands.

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I wouldn't go that far. She's probably just going through a "FOTM" episode. At the very least, she's interesting enough a character to prompt 200+ reply discussions to appear out of nowhere. But at this point, what ISN'T there that hasn't been discussed about Okuu?

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Make that FOTlastsixmonths.

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Good morning sunshine!

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Utsuho is best with huge wings.