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Why do you have so many lives

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How did Chen ever turn into a moe-blob?

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Practice mode, dumbass.

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I thought he was talking about Chen, being a cat and all.

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People actually use practice mode?

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Gotta love these awesome threads.

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You're contributing!

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For level 2?

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You should

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People like cute catgirls.

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People actually go through the game more than once? I just 1CC for the extra unlock. From then on I only play my favorite stages over and over again in practice mode.

EoSD only had stage 4-6 as worth playing. Rest of the stages were pretty meh. PCB only had 3, 6, and extra worth playing. IN 2, 4(powerful), 6 and extra. Phantasmagoria is only good for netplay, MoF was fun all the way through, but the bombing system really kills it. SA only had 4 and 5 as great stages. UFO had the best extra stage level, but the worst extra stage boss fight, with only the ass anchor and nazrin 1st stage and her midstage appearance being any good.

StB and DS were pretty much perfect. Fighters were meh, Fairy wars played like shit.

Just one anon's opinions, I hope I did not offend anyone or their waifu.

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