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It's unfair. Why normal people can do it using some easy method, and I have to torture myself?

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becuz they are hallow bodys uncapable of thinking and they are auto programmed, they are not self aware like animals. but you are one of the lucky 1s that are...it's HELLa hard...being self aware

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Do what, exactly?

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Delete Saten thread.
Leave this shit.

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Because your talent lies somewhere else.

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Wait what?
Expand, I don't understanding what you're trying to say.

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Ban me.
leave this>>7127425 shitposter.

(seriously, satan threads are overused. why not delete them?)

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I doubt anyone have talent to do it. They just have more options to use.

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Well you have other options in different area. every event that happened to them that didn't happen to you signify an event that happened to you but didn't to them. any of those events is wonderful, if you know how to look at it.

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What game is puking girl from though

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True, true. Also, we are all born equal, but we have different experiences. That's what creates the "talents".

I don't know how to ride a bike, some people does, because someone show them how to do it. I need to practice and learn. However, I don't feel inferior for this.

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she is not from a game. she is from the anima 'boku no pico'.

Yume Nikki (dream diary)

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yume nikki

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HELL yea

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Always like that.

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what the HELL? it took me this long to figure out that what you mean is "xD"
glad i'm not autistic!

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So THATS what he meant. I was wondering.

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Damn, that's deep.

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really though what is this thread about? being unable to function in society and be social or something?