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No, go back to your shitty pond.

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What is it about foreigner's touhou webcomics that makes them funnier than domestic ones?

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Who knows. God this Chen face.

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I laugh every time I see this.

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Glad to make a /jp/-er happy.

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The pictures are sometimes good, but the artist needs to stop trying to lock others out of them.

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Has anyone else noticed that Cirno mistakes 96622 for a full house? That is, unless they're playing some obscure poker variation where 9's are wild cards.

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I have never understood why /jp/ disliked this littleshrimp person and I've never bothered to read his stuff, but this made me smile.

Is this a "4-koma that makes you smile" thread now?

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It is now!

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It's a nice boat

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Occasionally it's for the humour, which is understandable. Mostly it's because they hate the artist or because "/jp/" hates it.

That picture you posted is from a short by some other artist. It's good.


I missed that. Too busy noticing that Cirno's lost her clothes.

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Well, that sure was expected of /jp/. Very enlightening.

Well, I never knew that was part of some short. Thank you, this will be an interesting read.

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I don't understand the joke. Doesn't Satori hear that Orin want to play with her?

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You're pretty much asking if anyone got (a part of) the joke. Duh.

The idiot (and possibly some trolls afterwards) used to spam everything he had drawn on /jp/ and then kept being... well, a little bitch when people weren't appreciating his masterpieces.

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We're not on /prog/, fellow ``autist''.

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>Translating xはおやつにはいりますか?as Are we going to have x as a snack

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As far as I can tell Littleshrimp only ever posted on /x/ and occasionally /u/.
I know this because i'm the one who first started repeatedly posting the comics to piss off anti-western purists I knew would pop up if I posted them.

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Oh god Captain Pimp.

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The joke is that neither of them know how to play poker.

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They appear to understand the game. Cirno just can't read cards properly. And every fault is ignored by that boss-as Daiyousei.

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Best thing littleshrimp has ever done.

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